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The Beautiful Days Of My Life-segment 9

sharavan enters the car
shr: hey
suman: u r late
shr: seriously????
he looks at his watch
sumu: r u seriously a business man???
shr: yup I m the owner of malhotra industrial yar
suman eyes widen
suman: like seriously u r its owner???
shr smiles: yup
suman: I dnt believe it
shr: didn’t u get my name shr shr malhooooootrrrraaaaaa
suman:;yeah I wonder how a late comer boss handles his office
shr: much better than a nakchirhi boss
suman: u r taunting me???
shr: nope not at all

suman piches shr
shr screams: u billi
suman: haaaa u said me billi???
shr: yup I kept ur nick name r yar she to koi kisi ko kuch b bula skta h( my bro says me billi and says the same like seriously????)
suman: I will also keep ur name Mr Karela malhotra yeah karela ur nick name will b karela
shr: fine with me
suman : seriously???
shr: rules r followed by the people who make them
suman smiles: yeah so let’s go Mr karela
shr: yeah BTW u r looking gud
suman: u too
both smiles and drive off


shraman reach the beach
suman : so let’s go
shr: where???
suman: in the water
shr: no no no I dnt wanna die this much early I hate water
suman: nothing happens life ending doesn’t matter the thing matters is IS IT HAPPY ENDING OR SAD
shr smiles: hmmmm
suman = so let’s go
both go near water

suman: shr touch it
shr : nope no way
suman: I will make u wet otherwise
shr touches it
suman : shr do u know what does water reflects????
shr: what???
shr smiles: wow nice theory han
suman smiles

then suman starts splitting water on shr
shr: u said touch it I touched it then y this cruel treatmen????
suman smiles: oho yar enjoy
shr: ohk wait then
he throws water on suman but less that she don’t get drenched so does suman
suman : bhutta……….(sita ) corn ( I really dnt know what u guys say it we in seraiki say it sitta and but ta in Urdu )
shr: han WO raha
suman: I wanna eat
shr sits on the sand: go take it
suman: haaaa u should go
shr: y ???
suman: u r a boy???
shr: so is that something written in ginnese book of world record
suman: han???
shr: ja le k aa

suman goes and brings corn
Sherman eats it with joy : so u r MBA ???
shr: yeah any doubt???
suman: nope so u were topper ya bs ESE hi
shr: ooooooooo I was the topper ohk???
suman: wah
shr: and u???
suman: I did fashion designing as I like it
shr: hm ur profession suits u
suman: thanks
shr: so how many family me members u have
suman: ammm v r 4 mama papa preeti my sisi and me and u???
shr: ammm my mama my papa my bro push mtlb pushkar r me
suman: wah g wah
shr: thanks
suman: let’s leave yar
shr: y???
suman: mjhe fashion house m much kam h??
shr: then???
suman: then we will go to ice cream parlour
shr: u said we will spend our whole day together no work
suman: if u have ur company here then we would talk about that leave it let’s move
shr: nahhhhh
suman: come on karela
shr: ohk fine
they both sit in car and drive off
segment finishes

precap: ice cream parlor with fashion house

hey guys first of all sorry for the same precap but as I got time so I wrote but the time was not enough to make it complete so its half segment half on other day sorry for that
but guys I posted 4 days before
anyway tell me do u like it or not
via comments
and guys thank u soooo much for the wishes for my health on last chapter
seriously love u guys
I will post soon and ya I m lil better now but not fine so keep praying
take careand ya comments were low:'(

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