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The Beautiful Days Of My Life-segment 8

suman wakes up when sunshine teases her eyes making her to open her big shinny black eyes
she opens her eyes and comes out of her bed
her mud was light

she goes to close the curtain then she sees sun
suman: hey sunny my love of life kese ho ap??? u know naw’i love u but u really don’t that’s y y u always destroy my sleep making me woke up acha tell me where is ur brother??? chanda mamu yar he is soo cute dnt get jealous u r also very cute convey my msg to ur brother that I m hell angry with him he always run away without meeting me bta do ge naw gud love u acha bye bye getting late u know
she close the curtains and sits on the bed what to wear miss malik???
she takes out baby pink top and black jeans should I wear it???


she thinks then she drops it on the bed : nawwww something else
it was her honpbby she always takes thirty minute in selecting her dress
she picks up Herr mobile phonethere was a msg from unknown numberr: gud morning
suman: whose this??? she ends msg; who???
reply; ur friend

suman: which friend???
reply: hawwww u forgot me how rude of u I m not gonna talk u??
suman: hey u Mr drama do u have some name except of being my friend
reply: yeah I do have I m shr ,shr ,alhotra
suman hits her head : oh no how could I not recognize him
suman: opps sorry I didn’t expected u how did u get my number
shr: from ur card
suman: smart huh…

shr: any doubt??
suman smiles: nope
shr: oh so we decided do spend our day together so remember??
suman: yup remember
shr: ohk get ready and then pick me
suman: I should come to pick u??
shr: yeah u know naw left right steoring

suman: hahahah yeah I do
shr: then coming???
suman: yup
shr: ohk bye then
suman: bye
suman gets ready in black top and Whits jeans and rushes to her car to pick shr
she reaches mehra mansion and horns
shr co,yes out wearing black jeans and white T-shirt and was looking amazing
both look each other and pget mesmerized
scene splits on their face

precap: Sherman in fashion house ,on the beach,on the ice cream parlour
hey guys I m really bpvery sorry for the short update but guys actually I m very ill yesterday I took bath at evening with the cold water which is not suitable for my health so I got fever chill and flu furthermore my brother is coming from the hostel to spend some quality time with us

so I might not b able to post till coming Tuesday
sorry I might won’t reply to u or comment on anyone’s ff sorry in advance
now don’t bash me plzzzzzzzz
love u guys

take care
will b back soon

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