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The Beautiful Days Of My Life-segment 7(continued)

shr again goes to bar and sits there drinking soft drink and sees suman
sumannwas talking to someone and was discussing something
when some one came and asked for the dance
suman: no thanks I dnt want to u enjoy
boy: oh come on plzzzzz
suman: told u naw so plzzzz
boy: I wanna have an honour of dancing with some beautiful girl so plz
suman: but
boy: plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz I request u
suman smiles: ohk
she gives him her hand
shr : oh so we will see billi dance now yeah
suman and that boy goes on dance floor and start dancing
suman was lil uncomfortable with him but as she had accepted his request so she had to dance with him
both were doing couple dance
boy starts covering the distance between them
suman hardly manages to keep distance
BT he covers distance and move very close to her
and tries to kiss her
suman pushes him

suman: what r u doing???
boy: I was just kissing u not marrying you
suman: how dare u???
boy: what I did???
suman: what u did like seriously u r asking me what u did u cheapster
boy: hey u miss dnt u dare to ???
suman: ek to hatamezi ki upar se suman rae ho
boy: I know ur type of girls
suman: what do u mean by my type of girl???
suman tries to slap him
but he catches her hand and twist it
suman screams ahhhh
shr was watching all that from bar counter but was just watching
suman frees her hand and tries to move out from dance floor as the music was loud nobody knew what happened
boy tries to hold her which causes her maxi sleeve to get unstitched revealing her body
suman sees it and starts hiding it
shr sees and rushes to the dance floor
shr; hey u what u. did and how dare u
he takes out his coat and handover it to suman


suman wears the coat with the tears in her eyes
shr starts beating the boy due to beating sound music stops
shr: how dare u ??? what do u think of ur self ????
how dare u touch her
he beats him hard
adi reaches at the spot
adi: shr what happened???
he sees suman
ado: miss malik???
suman tells him all story
while shr was busy in beating that man
blood starts coming from shr hands and from boys mouth and nose
adi: shr leave him
shr: aj ye mar jae ga mere hath se
suman: Mr malhotra leave him plzzzz
adi goes and stop him and asks the security to throw that boy out

boy: I will not leave u suman and shr
shr: I will not leave u in that condition
shr starts moving towards him but adi stops him
adi: no shr leave him
adi takes suman and shr to the room
adi: u guys sit here I will be back
shr: and u who told I to dance with him if u were not comfortable
suman: he insisted me
shr: If I had insisted u u have surely said get lost
suman head bends in shame
shr: if someone’s asks u to do suicide will u do???
suman shakes her head
shr: u girls are just out of mind
suman: sorry
shr: y r u saying me sorry???
suman: bssss ………. ur hand is bleeding
shr: I know
suman: I will do the bandage
shr: no thanks adi will do
suman: thank u so much shr for saying me
shr: mention it
suman: han???
shr: yeah mention it ehsan kia h Maine tm par
suman smiles : ohk I will always mention it
shr : gud
adi comes

adi: dekha mjhe m bandage kr dn
shr forwards his hand
adi does the bandage
shr: thanks handsome
adi: ur welcome handsome
both laughs suman also smiles
shr: u go to ur guest we will come
adi: yeah ohk tale care
he leaves
suman: how I would go downstairs now I think I should go home
shr: wait I will be back
he goes and bring a bag and handover it to suman
suman: what’s this???
shr: what u gave to me when I came to ur fashion house
suman opens it ,it was the same maxi which she had changed
suman smiles
shr: u did that naw
suman smiles and nods
shr: opar she hans rae ho batameez
suman= sorry
shr: its ohk u wear it I will be back
suman : wait
shr: what???
suman forwards her hand: will u he my friend Mr malhotra??
shr: amm only friend nothing else

suman makes face
shr: ohk ohk friends
both shales hand with eavjother
shr: ohk u change and come down
shr leaves suman smiles shr comes back
suman: what???
shr: something something
suman: nothing
shr years: something something
suman: nothiinnhhg
and shuts the door
she smiles
shr goes down
suman wears the dress and goes down
shr sees him and says wow
she was looking amazing
shr: u r looking gud
suman handover him his coat: u too
shr thanks
girl comes same girl on the counter
shr: IH shit gae
suman: kia hoa???
girl: hi so u r the lucky one???
suman; lucky one????
girl: ya dnt be shy shr told me
suman looks at shr: what he told u???
girl: that u r his fiancee
suman : what???? ye kab hoa???
girl: oh u r soo shy shr nice choice han
shr : thanks
girl: have a happy life to u guys
shr: thanks
she leaves
suman: what was that???

shr folds his hand: plzzzz save me from her she was becoming Frank with me so to get rid of her I told her u r my fiancee
suman: what??? itne share logon main ma nazar aae the???
shr: sorry samne tm the new plzzzz dnt get angry sorry
suman smiles : ohk but
shr: but???
suman: u have to take me to icecream parlour
shr smiles: ohk deal done
suman: double done
shr: Karl ka din hamari new freindship k nam
suman: ohk
they both enjoy party and leave to their respective houses
segment finished

hey guys many of u asked me to post asap so I posted
hope u guys r gonna like it
tell me via comment
love u
take care

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