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The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 4

shr opens the shopping bag it contains a long maxi of dark green color and was ammmazing
shr smiles seeing it then remembers : how it came here
he throws it
shr: what the hell is this ye kia h????? what they have given me and what type of clothes they are oh my god this is just because of that girl I think she has done it for her revenge I will go tomorrow in the shop and will talk to the sales man gadha kahin ka

he folds the maxi in wrong manner and places it in the badpg angrily
next morning
he enters priya fashion house with the help of adi car by slow slow driving u know naw guys left right steering hahahah
shr throws the bag on the counter : what is this ????? do u really think I will wear these type of clothes and will do baby doll wala dance????
receptionist laughs
shr: why r u laughing is I m here to joke with u how dare u to change my shopping bag with someone others
suman makes the entry


suman: hey u loud speaker slow down ur volume its a fashion house not ur home
shr turns
suman: tm mmmmmm phir agae
shr: I knew it she changes my dress hey u take or dress shr throws bag towards suman suman hardly catches it
suman: what the hell y I would ????? she throws back
shr catches it: because u r jealous of me
suman: han ho tm tom cruse Jo m tm se jealous hun ge
(tom seriously u r the bestest)
shr: uuuuuuuuu throws bag
suman again catches it and opens it: let me see what u have bought she sees the maxi and smiles hahahah
shr: what hahahahha u have done this
suman packs it again in bag and throws it

suman: I don’t have time to do all that got it????
shr: then u miss receptionist change it
suman: ahm no change no return
shr: who created this rule????
suman: me just now
shr: who r u to create a rule for this fashion house

suman: I m the owner of this fashion house
shr sighpns the receptionist: like seriously????
receptionist nods
shr: ab to mjhe pakka yakin h ye tm ne kia h
suman: take ur bag Mr and leave

shr: don’t u have manners how to talk with the costumer
suman: no I dnt and I dnt think that u should teach me
shr: just take it back dnt give me money bheek de diye WO praise Maine tmhein
shr throws the bag again
suman again throws the bag: ye lo aoni bheek
shr: u r insane
suman: so????
shr: visit the doctor
suman: I m not insane
shr: every mad says that hahaha

suman gives him death glare
shr: kia khana h mjhe u billi
suman: haaaaa u called me billi
shr: yes billi
suman: uuuuuuuu
before suman could say something shr leaves
in hurry he drops his car key on the floor
suman sees it and picks it up : maxi to dilwa di tmhein an dekhti gun ghr kese jate ho Mr MBA
yes maxi was also done by suman
shr comes out side and finds keys in his both pockets: oh fish now where is the key yar
it must be inside

he again enters the fashion house
suman leaves to her cabin
shr to receptionist: I have dropped my car key here have u seen????
recep: no sir
shr: try to remember
recep: mam was picking something from floor
shr fiumes= where us she???
receo; in her cabin
shr: ohk thanks
he leaves towards her cabin and opens the dorr with thud
suman looks towards him
scene splits on shr angry and suman confused face

precap: fight ahead

hey guyssssss so how was the segment I guess short one sooooooo sorry for that
thank u sooooo much for or comments on last part thank u
silent readers plzzzzz don’t be silent plzzzzzzz comment requesting u yar sooooo plzzzz
love u guys

take care
with lots of love

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