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The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 3 ( love u guys)

next day
adi: ya shr now today is Sunday let’s go to roam city
shr; I dnt wanna go left right steering problem issue accident thapar………..
adi: hold on hold on thapar?????
shr comes in senses; nae nae I mean I dnt wanna roam the city
adi; but y???
shr: nothing I told u naw I dnt wanna roam the city
adi: then where u wanna go Mr shr malhotra
shr: when I went to Paris I took 2 or three dresses for meeting now I want more clothes so we can go to some fashion house
adi: ammmm ohk let’s go
shr: BT the fashion house must be of standard
adi: its out standing yar let’s go
shr: ohk let’s go
both leave in room

adi goes to pick up the call
shr starts seeing clothes suman was walikng busy in mobile phone shr tuns and collides with the girl suman mobiles fells down sum without seeing his face
sumu: wht the hell have u dine u and he blind insane
shr: oh oh helo dnt u dare
sum: what the hell she raises her eyes
suman: uuuuuuuuuuuu
shr: yes me
suman: yar h kia kaha tha agli bar samne aae to zor she thapar maron ge
shr: oh a cha try kr k dekho, hath na tor diye to phr kehna
sumu: how dare u???
shr: like the way u dare and dnt u dare u do that again
suman: uuuuu I will not leave u
shr: shr malhotra is not scared of u got that
suman: kitne batmeez ho tm
shr: us din chup tha because I was on mistake now I m not so dnt b over smart with me got that
suman: tm na choron GI nae tmhein
shr: hahha do whatever u wnan do now get aside I wanna go
shr pushes her aside and leaves
suman: what the hell how dare him I wilknt leave him u r gone Mr shr malhotra
suman stabes feet and leave
shr does his shopping and takes shopping bag from the counter and leaves
segment finished my dears


precap: shr : what the hell is this ???? which type of clothes these r???
so guys first of all thank u sooooooooo much my love ones
u guys supported me in my last part I was hell happy
BT plzzzzz be with me till last plzzzzzz
silent readers keep commenting love u guys
and sorry for short one and boring one epi no no no not boring haina???
ohk ihk enough enough
take care my sweeties
love u

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