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The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 2 ( disappointed)


next day
shr: adi give me or car key come on I wanna roam the city
adi; u lufar lafange roam the city I m not gonna allow u that u have no license
shr: oh oh helo u lofar give me key that’s it
adi: tomorrow is Sunday we will go together
shr: no g I will go today bs
adi: what bus ,bus is on bus station got that I m not gonna allow u
shr snatches car key from adi hand
adi: fhat the wauk shr
shr: shr is going bye bye
adi: dafa ho
shr: same to u
shr starts car and starts driving
shr during driving starts whistling
shr: oh fish why it has steering on other side how I will drive safely
actuaaly in London steering is on left side while in India steering is on right side
shr: chalo koi nae let’s enjoy

he starts driving
shr: aabra ka daabra choo abraa ka dabraa choo
he again starts whistling
while turning the car on a blind turn shr clashes with a white car
shr: oh bete ki shr u r finished he comes out of car

on the other hand girl comes out of car
it is the same girl who was in CEO office MATLAB suman malik
sumu: what the hell r u blind can’t u see and drive
shr: WO WO left steering right steoring………
sumu: what ???? if u dnt knew how to drive than y dnt u drive
shr: ghaaa if u dnt know speak than y dnt u remain silent
sumu: haaaa ek to gari mar di upar se sunna rae ho batmeez insan
shr: u batameez how dare u I m telling u naw left right steering
suman: shut up u illiterate what left right???
shr: oh oh helo I m MBA
suman: axha to????
shr: ohk fine sorry
suman stables her foot: hell with us sorry
shr: what???
suman holds his collar: aj choir rae hn ainda samne aae to ESA thapar maron ge yar rakho ge bewaquf
she. leaves in her car

shr: batmeez women I m not gonna leave her insane
he also drives off and I stead of roaming city he goes back to afdi hhome and sleeps
segment finishes

ghelooooooo guys 4 just 4 comments
guys I think I should stop this ff
or convert it into ishqbaaz
so what do u say
reply plzzzzz
till than take care

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