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That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 6)

28th August 2016
Link for the previous chapters: Here

RECAP: Swara’s hatred towards Sanskaar and Sanskaar falling for her!


Today’s Chapter: As the Precap said, Romance is in the air!

Ab tak aapne dekha?-

Chapter 1- Swara is seen crying c’z her parents asked her a question. Sara and Aarav are revealed to be Swara’s best friends. It is further revealed that Aarav likes Swara a lot, and he thinks that he loves her. Sara doesn’t like SwaRav’s bonding much. Swara, Aarav and Sara are part of a band, The SAS. Swara and Aarav are singers, and Sara is the guitarist. Swara is seen weeping real bad, just after singing a sad song.

Chapter 2- It is revealed that Swara always weeps when she listens to or sings a sad song. Aarav is seen going cross over Swara c’z she spoke of her death. Swara writes a short note for Aarav and then storms out of his house. An emotional reconciliation of the three best friends takes place on the Howrah Bridge.

Chapter 3- It was Friendship Day. All the three best friends were seen on the Howrah Bridge, flashing back into their childhood, reminiscing their bonding. Swara and Sara were best friends since when they were in kindergarten, while SwaRav’s friendship bloomed when they were in class 7. It is seen that they have forgotten that it was Friendship Day.

Chapter 4(Mega Chapter)- It is revealed that the song on which the story is based on is Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse. Swara has been singing this song since one month, but she couldn’t decipher the emotions hidden in the song. It is further seen that Swara has her entrance test the next day. When she finally descends down the stairs, her parents ask her the same question which made her cry in the first chapter, that is if she is really sure of pursuing medical as a career. It is because Swara wanted to pursue music as a career, but she wanted to fulfil their aspirations. Swara enquires Ragini about Laksh’s brother’s real name, which is not known to Ragini even. All she answers is that his nickname is Sanky. Swara bumps into a man, whom she falls for in the first sight. All of a sudden, the theme song starts playing in the background, and it is further revealed to be Swara’s ringtone. Swara teases Lucky regarding his brother’s nickname (Sanky), and just then she again bumps into the same man whom she bumped into earlier. And that man is no one, other than Sanskaar.

Chapter 5- Swara-Sanskaar have a lot of nok-jhok. It is revealed that even Sanskaar had fallen a bit for Swara, at the first sight. Sanskaar calls Swara a dracula, not knowing the fact that she was born with a scar on her left cheek. Swara mis-takes his words, and thinks that he called her a drac because of her scar. Aarav rings up on Swara’s mobile to wish her good luck and pacifies her. It is further revealed that Sanskaar follows Aarav on Instagram, and Aarav is seen jealous of Sanky because Swara had almost fallen for him. Sanskaar makes a plan for apologising to Swara.

Ab aage?-
——-Chapter 6——-
That feeling…

Swara’s P.O.V.

“Swara…” he called.
Even after the growing hatred I had towards him, his voice didn’t fail to make me lose my senses. I couldn’t face him. I didn’t want to face him, but I knew he wasn’t pleased at all when I didn’t turn around. I turned around in a jerk, when I felt someone tugging at my sleeve and turning me back. It was Sanskaar!
“What do you want?” I growled.
“You will see.” was his reply.
“I don’t want to see anything.”

But, alas, this backreply of mine came of no help, as he continued dragging me with him. I shouted and shouted, called for help, which resulted in him covering my mouth by his hand. Arghh! He took me to a narrow lane which had been formed between the two walls of the school building and sub-building. The lane was so narrow that we had just a distance of few inches between us. My heartbeats were playing an absolutely different tune. Even after being called a drac by this person, I couldn’t help getting affected by him. Our increasing proximity was making my knees go jelly. What was he upto? His face was coming closer to mine, what was he doing? Would he kii…
Noooo! I pushed him off me, and started screaming, moving towards him, his back hitting the wall.
“What do you want? What do you think of yourself? If you think that your physical strength will work, then just get lost from here!!! Got that? Did you even think once before calling me a dracula? bl**dy idiot!!!”

 I was about to blurt out more when Sanskaar put his finger on my lips, making me quiet. His one touch, and I was out of this universe. Shivers running down my spine, my eyes shut, and I was breathing heavily. He started decreasing the distance between the two of us, while I walked back. I soon realised that I was stuck by the wall. Sanskaar blocked my way, by placing his hands on the wall. My dried throat and tongue didn’t allow me to speak, still I managed to fumble a few words.
“Wh..What are you doing?”

He moved closer to my face. This time I couldn’t push him away. I slowly opened my eyes when I felt his hot breath fanning my face. His lips moved closer and closer to my ears, and then stopped.
“I’m sorry.” he whispered.
I couldn’t help but smile at that. He moved away saying that. And just then I felt a drop of water on my cheeks, then two, then three, and before I could realise, I was already wet. It had suddenly started raining! I started looking hither and thither for shelter, but where was Sanskaar? Where did he suddenly vanish? Was I hallucinating this, all the while? And that was when my eyes caught a glimpse of him, enjoying the rains. He was standing outside the lane, sinking into the happy rains. I couldn’t help but adore him. How like a child did he look! It wasn’t actually his mistake, was it? Maybe it was me who over-reacted. I moved towards him unknowingly, and it wasn’t long before I was standing in front of him. I slowly went closer and closer towards him, and he too, became aware of our closeness.
“Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhu tumhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa…”

I whispered and started walking backwards, but that wasn’t possible. He caught hold of my arm and pulled me towards himself, my hands on his chest. He slowly came closer and closer and closer, and before I could realise it, he kissed my scar. My eyes welled up at that. A tear rolled down my cheeks, which he quickly wiped off, nodding his head in negative.
“I am sorry Shona. If ever I would have known that you have a scar, I would’ve never called you a drac. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, coz it’s inner beauty that defines you. Forgive me, please?”

And knowingly or unknowingly, I blushed at that, and smiled like an idiot. Wait…did he just call me Shona? Ahan! Not bad! Let’s teach him a lesson for this!
“U called me what? Shona? How dare you! No one has the right to call me that except for my close ones!” I provoked.
“Am I not your close one, Swara?”
He said these words huskily, and the way he took my name, I might collapse anytime! What magic does he have?
“Ok. On one condition, I will call you Sanky. Kaho, manzoor?”
“Bulao na, kisne mana kiya hai? Haq hai tumhara bulane ka!”
“Which ‘haq’ are you speaking of?”
“Tumhari kya?” said I, being the impatient one.
“You are my to-be-bhabhi’s sister. Ovio u can call me that!”

I gave a pissed off look to that. Ragu di and Lucky bhai were coming towards us, hand in hand, both drenched completely. But, Oh My God! Why did Ragu di look so angry?
And there I stood, dumbstruck, as to what just happened, with my hand on my cheek. Ragu di slapped me! Why?
“Swara Bose!!! Have you forgotten that you are a tonsils patient? And that if you get wet in the rains, you catch a cold? Grow up, you girl!”
“Diiii, I won’t get a cold, don’t wor……Aanchhu! Aanchhu!”
“Someone was not catching a cold, no?” Sanky said.
“Shut up you San….Aaaaannnchhhhuuu! Di, where is my…aanncchhhuuu….’kerchief?”
“U haven’t brought it along sweetheart!” Di said in a sarcastic way.

And then I returned back home, sneezing all the way, my nose completely red.

Sanskaar’s P.O.V.

Yayyyy!!!! Wohooohooo!
Phew! Good job Sanky! You did it! You apologised to her!!!
Oh my God! This girl was driving me crazy! Her cologne…! Her smooth silky hair! Her beautiful eyes, I just love them! And when she said those lines in my ears! I would go crazy for her!!! Man! Look at the condition of the room!
If Bhai sees this na, he will kill me! Everything is scattered! My wardrobe was already messed up as I hadn’t arranged it before leaving, the bed isn’t made, and the pillows are flying here and there, and guess what? One pillow is in my hand, and I am dancing with it! Just imagining that the pillow is my Shona! My Shona! But but but!!! What if she falls ill? She got drenched in the rain today…what will happen now? I am so scared…what will happen? Bhabhi said she is a tonsils patient, and she has already caught a cold! But I must say, she looks really cute with a red nose! Chal beta Sanky, get the room ready before your not-so-Lucky Bhai eats you up!

Swara’s P.O.V.

If anyone looks at me, they’ll end up in calling me a cherry, so looks my face. My nose is already red due to continuous sneezing and my cheeks are completely red due to this constant blushing of mine. Every time I think of the kiss, I just can’t help but blush, and after all, if the kiss was at such a sensitive spot like that near the ear, I can’t help but shiver at that. I close my eyes and our proximity flashes before my eyes. I have never been this close to any man except Aarav. It had to be as I have hugged Aarav many a times, but I never felt these shivers. Just then I hear Ragu di entering the room, humming a song.
“Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai…”

I was horrified. Did she witness everything? What did just happen? Why was she singing this song?
“Ragu di, kise kisse pyaar hua?”
“Ahem ahem…nothing nothing..”
“Tell na, please.”
“No, di I don’t love him, what are you saying!”
“I just took the name. Neither did I mention that I was referring to Sanskaar, nor did I mention that you love him. Now blurt it all out, kya khichdi pak rahi hai?”
“N-no-nothing…khichdi se yaad aaya…can you please make me some? I will feel better.”
“Topic diverted! Great! I am going to prepare some for you. And if you ever have feelings like love for anybody, tell me first. I will always support you.”
“Diiiiiiiiiii!!!! You are the best…love you!”

And I pulled her into a tight hug. Really, having a sibling can be the best thing ever!


Hlew guys!!!
Look who’s back? Me!!! Firstly, 26th of September was my birthday, and thank you so much guys for making it such a special one. So many surprises! So many OS’s, so many FF chapters dedicated to me! 13 can be lucky?! So, I am officially 13 now! Teenager!
My exams were all so good. And, and, and, I am sorry for being so late?!
Coming to the chapter, I know I suck at romance! Romance and humour are two things which I am very poor at describing. And I know this was no special romance. Ek hug bhi nahi tha, and I call this romance! I just tried to make it a bit exciting with the proximity, between two almost-strangers.
And yeah, I know you all are thinking that where Aarav is, no? Ahan! See, I caught you!
Well, well, Aarav will be back in the next chapter, I promise you all!
And as for the jealousy, whom do you all want to see getting jealous? Aarav or Sanskaar? I am so confused as to whom should I make as the jealous one?!
Well, that will depend upon what you all want.
Coming to the next chapter, I will try to post on the 6th or 7th, which means Thursday or Friday, as I won’t be able to post on the 9th, that is next Sunday. This is all because Durga Puja is coming!!! And I am so damn excited!!! 9th is Ashtami, so no chances of even reading any FF’s between 7th-10th.
And and and, a serious warning!
My exams have just got over on the 31st, and I am not partying, only because I have to write this FF. If I don’t get at least 25 comments in this chapter, don’t expect me to continue with this FF any longer.
Arshu di, where are you? Two months and we haven’t been in contact with each other. I really miss you. No PM’s, are you okay?
Okay, I guess I spoke too much today. Waapas aane ki khushi, you know!?
And, and, and, dear Mica! Your SwaSan OS on 100 Hugs celebration was too damn awesome. I re-read it 4 times. Please do write another one soon.
And Sally_blr, thankuu so much for writing two SwaSan OS’s specially for me. I never requested you, I just asked you for converting your RagSan one into a SwaSan one, and you did so much for me,  thank you so much!
Jaane ka waqt ho gaya! Hope to see you all soon! Shower all your love through your comments! Love you all!?

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