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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shraddha opening chilli powder box and holds it against the fan. All the chilli powder falls in Preeti, Suman and Kosi’s eyes. Suman asks Preeti, how we will see moon now. Thapki sees Shraddha doing this conspiracy. Preeti, Suman and Kosi close their eyes with pain. Thapki takes the water pipe and asks who have put garbage on my car. They clean their eyes and thank Vani. Vani says I was cleaning the car and the pipe turned to you because of high pressure. Shraddha hides the box. Vasu and her husband come to do the puja and asks about the water there. All of them do the puja and break fast seeing their husband. Vasu asks Preeti and Suman, from where did Mirchi come from? Who wanted us not to complete our fast? She says I won’t forgive that person. She sees Shraddha and


goes towards her. She asks you?

Shraddha nods no. Thapki silently picks the chilli powder box and hides under her pallu. Vasu asks what is in your hand? Thapki shows her hand. Vasu says you have ……..she slaps her and says you have done this cheap trick. She says you said right that you can’t be our Thapki as she can’t do this cheap work. She says it is okay if you don’t believe on Karwachauth, but why did you play with our emotions. She says Thapki can’t insult suhagan’s fast, but you have insulted. She says you can’t be Thapki. Kosi asks Vasu to stop it and asks why you are taking out anger on my guest. She apologizes to her on everyone’s behalf and asks her not to cancel the deal. Thapki says deal is still on because of you, and says she has slapped me just because she is having pain in her heart. She says now everyone know that I am not Thapki, but Vani.

Bihaan comes there and looks at Thapki. He goes angrily. Kosi apologizes to Vani. Shraddha says I am extremely sorry Vani ji, you have suffered because of me. She asks why did you save me? Thapki says just because of Kosi ji and asks her not to repeat the mistake again. Thapki tells Dhruv that she has hurt everyone. Dhruv says only you could do this, even I had not this much strength. He shows her papers, and says Shraddha will take signatures of Kosi today. Shradhha is talking to her dad. Dhruv comes and gives her papers saying her name is written on it. He asks her to get Kosi’s sign on it. Shraddha hugs Dhruv happily. Dhruv looks on.

Shraddha comes out and collides with Aditi. The papers fall down from her hand. Aditi sees property papers and helps her pick it. Shraddha scolds her. Dhruv thinks he shall change the papers with the other papers on which Vani’s name is written. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and asks her to take signatures. Shraddha says once I take the sign then we both will rule together. Aditi hears them. Dhruv tells her that he is helping Shraddha. Aditi says atleast you both are trying to unite each other. Dhruv thinks why he is giving explanation to Aditi. Bihaan recalls all the happenings and shouts Thapki.

Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and asks her to leave. Kosi tries to stop her. Bihaan says only my Thapki can stay here and not Vani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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