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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with kids coming to Pandey nivas. Kosi asks who called them here. Thapki tells that she called kids here. Kosi says you have done good and says she doesn’t know this. Thapki says it seems you don’t have faith on such pujas. She says I called these girls here, as I want to do puja here. Balwinder says they used to do puja before, but since Thapki left, they have stopped puja. Thapki tells that they roots should be strengthen and they shall not be afraid of anything. Sankara tells Thapki that she wants to be with her when she does any puja, as she wants to learn from her. She says you are a guest here and will go, but I am to be bahu of the house and shall learn all this. Kosi asks what is this? Thapki says she got this coffee and tea machine here, as prasad is made


in the kitchen. Kosi says yes. She asks Aditi to make arrangements for puja. Thapki asks the men to come. Man explains to Thapki about usage of coffee and tea machine. Suman tells Preeti that they shall teach a lesson to Shraddha, and says we will make this machine hot and Shraddha will get burns. Preeti likes her idea.

Aditi is in kitchen and tries to get a bowl. Dhruv comes and helps her get the bowl. Aditi is uncomfortable and asks him to stay far from her. Dhruv says her sorry and says he will make sure that nothing wrong happens with her. He says I respect you just as I respect Thapki. They cheer the coffee mugs. Dhruv leaves. Aditi gets impressed with him. Thapki is teary eyes and washes girl’s feet with her hand. She recalls reading her pregnancy report and then meeting with an accident. She wipes her tears. Sankara asks what to do next. Aditi says now puja needs to be done. She gives thaali to Thapki. Thapki says kids masti have started, just as puja began. The kids asks Thapki and Bihaan to play with them. Both of them refuse.

Kids insist and convince them. Thapki agrees. Kids asks Bihaan and Thapki to stand together and make them lose. They start pulling the rope. Thapki loses balance and falls on Bihaan. Kids laugh saying Didi has fallen. Ranjhana plays……………..Bihaan looks at Thapki. Sankara gets tensed. Thapki asks kids to stop mischief now. Bihaan tries to make coffee and thinks if it is not working. Thapki comes and says he shall use brain to make coffee. Bihaan says machine is not working. Thapki says she will make coffee now. She makes coffee and serves him. She asks him to switch off the machine after he has done coffee making. Bihaan thinks anger means love and says turn to me….palat palat. Thapki turns and looks at him. Bihaan smiles happily. He switches off switch after he takes coffee.

Suman comes and switches on the switch again. Preeti tells Shraddha that Kosi asked her to bring coffee. Shraddha thinks she is treating her as servant. She comes near the machine, bulb gets hot. Dhruv calls Shraddha and she goes. Thapki asks where is the 8th girl. She sees girl going towards the coffee machine, and is shocked to see the switch on. Girl is about to take coffee from the machine, Thapki asks her to stop, but in vain. Someone comes and holds the girl at right time and also switches off the machine. Thapki thanks the woman and asks who are you. The woman turns and Thapki is shocked to see Vasu. Preeti and Suman ask badi sasumaa you are here. Vasu scolds them and asks who had let the machine switched on. Thapki recalls asking Bihaan to switch it off. She holds his collar and asks why did you do this? She scolds him for playing with someone’s baby and tells that she has felt the pain of losing a child. Everyone looks on shockingly. Thapki realizes what she has just said.

Bihaan pours water on Thapki’s dead and asks why she is blaming him when he told her that he had switched off the machine. He says I don’t know who had switched it on later. He says don’t know what happened to my Thapki that she became so stone hearted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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