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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Bihaan takes Sankara to the hall to confess his love with her. Thapki over hears, as he removes the veil off a mirror. Sankara replies to Bihaan that she can see herself, Bihaan asks if she want to know what he is watching. He moves back her, Thapki recalls her proposal. Bihaan says he can see his life, without whom Bihaan is nothing. Thapki cries behind. He asks if she is touched when he is in pain, and goes closer to someone. Thapki recalls her replies. Bihaan questions why, does she love him too? Sankara was shy. Thapki calls from behind, yes she does love him. Bihaan and Sankara look towards him, Thapki was taken aback by her impulsiveness. She and Bihaan walk towards each other, Bihaan says she has finally accepted. Thapki comes towards Sankara and says any girl in this world can’t say a no for such love, Sankara was taking so much time so she said yes from her side. She tells Sankara to go and say a yes to Bihaan. Sankara comes to confess her love, Thapki wipes her tears. Sankara leaves, Bihaan watches Thapki crying in the mirror. He comes to stand behind Thapki and says she know well what he needs. Thapki leaves. She runs inside her room, while Bihaan walks out upset. Thapki cries that she suffocates when he forces her into such situations, she was determined not to tell the truth; she won’t break. Bihaan was determined to make her break.


There, Kosi shows jewels to Sankara. Sankara cheers and swirls with Kosi, and allows Kosi to do anything with her. She narrates Bihaan’s proposal to her. Kosi laughs, and was happy for Sankara. She warns Sankara to be her side, else she can get their marriage broken as well. Sankara leaves. Kosi was happy that this way Bihaan would never call Vani as Thapki again.

Aditi was crying about Shraddha’s accusations. Dhruv comes to her and returns her hundred rupees, he took them for Shraddha. Aditi hands his money and coat back to him, she is only an employer of his company. She doesn’t want to interfere between his and Shraddha’s relation. Shraddha watches her leave and inquires Dhruv what she had been doing. Dhruv says she came to get her money back, but he has clarifies to her about professional relation with him only. Shraddha says she is happy that Dhruv has really changed, else earlier he was always behind Thapki…. Then accuses Aditi to have torn her dress deliberately. She tells Dhruv about scolding her enough. Dhruv promises not to let Aditi close to him, and sends her to sleep. He was curt at Shraddha that Aditi has already be in a lot of pain with Diwakar, he must do something for Aditi.

The next morning, Thapki was coming into the house when Bihaan calls her as Thapki. He then apologizes for not saying Vaani, and says he needs to give her surprise. Thapki says she doesn’t like surprises, Bihaan insists on her to have a look. He calls three young men inside, he says he has been helping her in finding a marriage proposal. They are exactly whom she wants.

PRECAP: Kosi was speaking on phone, Shraddha comes behind her. Kosi scolds her for knocking her door. Shraddha wonders where she has kept her phone. Dhruv shuts the video from behind and was determined to separate Kosi and Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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