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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shraddha scolding Aditi as she collides with her. She scolds her for breaking her dandiya and insults her. Aditi says you had hit me yesterday. Shraddha is about to slap her. Dhruv comes and holds her hand. He asks her to calm down, and asks Aditi to give 100 Rs and go. Shraddha asks why did you take 100 Rs from her. Dhruv praises her and says you gives punishment according to their status. Shraddha says okay and goes. Preeti acts like Vani and wears glasses. Suman says why did she was born here? Preeti says she is rich, but have no style. Suman tells that her hairs are like neck. Preeti says she should be Vani behenji oberoi. Thapki hears them and come to their room. They stop laughing. Thapki says temple is not called a temple until God is kept inside, and says likewise,


a person is useless if they have a bad heart. She says I heard that you people tease Thapki a lot, and asks them to change for good.

Aditi is opening cola tin. Dhruv offers help and opens tin. The cola spills on his shirt. Aditi asks him to take off his shirt and says she will wash and return his shirt. Dhruv refuses, but agrees later. Shraddha happens to see Aditi insisting Dhruv to take off his shirt and throws cola on her face, says she understands what she is doing. Aditi is shocked and asks what do you mean? Shraddha accuses her. Aditi says she is innocent. Shraddha gives her warning. Aditi cries. Thapki sees her crying and gets teary eyes. Later in the night, Thapki comes to Aditi’s room. She sees her watching stars, and says it looks good and darkness will go away.

Aditi says Thapki used to say the same thing. Thapki says we shall never leave our strength, with the hope of morning everyday. She gives her slippers and asks her to try it. She says I have brought this for me, but it is not of my size. Aditi tries and likes it. Thapki asks her to keep it. She thinks don’t worry Aditi, you are not alone. She says now it is Shraddha’s turn to cry. I will punish her. Bihaan sees thapki coming out from Aditi’s room and thinks she is searching for excuses to meet her sister. He asks her to get ready for tonight drama and asks forgiveness from God.

Preeti and Suman ask Dadi not to do aarti first, else Shraddha and Kosi will take her life. Kosi comes and says I will do aarti. Thapki stops her and says Dadi will do the aarti first. Kosi agrees and asks Dadi to do aarti first. Bihaan welcomes his friends and dancers. Everyone looks on surprisingly. Bihaan says puja is going to start now. Balwinder asks what is all this? Bihaan says this is called M for manoranjan and I will say Wah Wah. Dadi asks have you gone mad and asks Thapki to stop him. She says I know well that you can’t bear insult of God in your house. Bihaan asks dancers to dance. Dancers dance on the song…..Aaj Raat Ka Scene banale……Bihaan and his friends dance with them. Dadi, Thapki and others feel disgusted.

Thapki closes the music system. Dhruv thinks no Thapki, don’t do this, else everyone will know that you are Thapki. Thapki gives money to the dancers for the dance which they have done just now, and gives them more money to dance on the song which she will play now. Bihaan is shocked. She plays bhajan. The dancers dance on the bhajan Main Toh Aarti Utaron Santoshi Mata ki…..Everyone is surprised. Dhruv also smiles. Everyone claps for them. Bihaan looks on tensedly. Thapki thanks the dancers again and says God must have liked the dance. The dancers get happy and says they will dance on bhakti songs during navratri. They return Thapki’s money and tells Bihaan that they will return his advance also. Dadi thinks she is our Thapki only. Bihaan looks on angrily.

Thapki assures Dhruv that Bihaan will never know this truth that I am Thapki. Bihaan hears her and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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