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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling everyone that they will play the game. Preeti says she will play first. Bihaan asks her to tell the line Chandu Ke Chacha Ne…..She is stuck while telling the liner. Next Kosi comes, and tells it rightly. Bihaan says next turn is of Vani Oberoi. We want to hear this linen from her. Thapki goes and stands near Bihaan. Bihaan says I am thinking that competition will be difficult as she is a guest. He says that line is Paake Ped Pe Paka Papita….Thapki is shocked. Bihaan asks her to take her time, and says this line is difficult and you will need time to say this. Thapki nods and she gets tensed. Thapki starts saying the line and stops. She then again tries to say and stops. Bihaan asks her to say and says you are doing good. Suman says Vani is taking so much


time and says leave her. Bihaan says we have heard that she never accepted defeat and says let her try. Preeti says she is stammering as Thapki, when she stammer while singing bhajan.

Thapki recalls singing bhajan and stopping in middle. Bihaan gives her strength and asks her to close her eyes and recalls their fights then she will get angry and will tell anything fluently. She recalls Bihaan slapping her and breaking relation with her. She tells the line fluently. Everyone is surprised. Bihaan is shocked. Everyone claps for her. Kosi says she is Vani and not Thapki. She told the line easily. Bihaan thinks how can Thapki say this line easily. Thapki excuses herself and goes. Bihaan follows her and comes to room. He asks how did you do this? Thapki looks on as he holds her closer.

He says you are my Thapki. Thapki says you got a big proof now. Bihaan says you can fool me, but not my heart. He says I am surprised how could you say that. Thapki says because I am not………..Bihaan pats on her shoulder and asks her to say. He says whenever you used to stammer, your Papa used to pat on you with love. He says whenever she used to stuck anywhere, I used to give her strength. Thapki gets teary eyes. Bihaan asks why she is teary eyes? Thapki says she is feeling bad for Thapki and says she wouldn’t have gone far from you when you was with her after her accident. Bihaan says Thapki is not far from me, but near me and you will accept this soon. He leaves. Thapki cries. Lo Maan Liya Humne plays………………..Bihaan is shattered and feels bad. Thapki thinks I will never accept your words. Thapki is lost for forever, from you and myself. I will make you belief and you will accept it.

Next morning, Bihaan asks Surbhi what she is doing? She says she is taking some guys interviews. Kosi says for job. Thapki says no, and says for marriage. Kosi asks whose marriage? Thapki says my marriage. Preeti and Suman are shocked too. Thapki takes interview and tells that she needs man who can do action, he should not be much educated, needs desi man who can speak hindi. She rejects three guys first. Bihaan looks on angry. Surbhi asks 4th guy if he can dance. Thapki asks if he can dance bhangra, naagin etc. The man is shocked. Preeti says she wants puppet who can dance on her tune. Thapki asks Surbhi to make the guy drink wine. Guy says I don’t drink. Thapki rejects everyone. Surbhi says swayamvar is over. Vani says she wants guy of her choice. Sankara tells that Bihaan has all the qualities which Thapki wants, and pray to God to keep Bihaan for her only. Bihaan tells God that whatever he did with Thapki was wrong and now today what he is going to do is also wrong. He apologizes and says today everyone will know that she is my Thapki.

Bihaan brings dancers home while puja is going on and dances with the girls. Dadi asks Thapki to stop Bihaan and says I know you are not Vani, but Thapki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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