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Thahaan : Separated By Fate and United By Love ( Epi 5 ) ( Maha)

Hey guys … NaiTan here … I’m so sorry for being 1 day late … The reason being my slow internet …????? . But I’m back and this time with a longer episode …. Hope u like it …. And plz comment . Here it goes ……
Morning : Pandey Office : Bauji’s cabin
Bihaan – Bauji plz help me . I want to talk to Thapki …

Bauji- Why u want to meet her ? What do u want to talk ?


Bihaan- I have to say sorry …. And its her birthday Bauji …..

Bauji- You should have trusted her before . Now why u want to say sorry ? ( shows back to Bihaan )

Bihaan- Bauji plz help me .

Bauji- No response …..

Bihaan thinks Bauji won’t help him and starts to leave when Bauji says ….

Bauji – Ruk Bihaan

Bihaan- What happened Bauji ?

Bauji- Thapki is like my daughter …. But u r my son and we can’t see u sad … So I will help u .

Bihaan – ( Asks happily ) Sach Bauji ?

Bauji – Haan ….
Bihaan hugs him and tells him something … ( will be revealed below )

Sid’s house : Same time

Sid would not be well … Thapki enters the room and is shocked ….

Thapki – What happened Bhai ?

Sid – Nothing Thapki …. A little fever ….

Thapki – What do u mean by little ? Keep lying on the bed …. Let me bring the ice packs … ( She gets up from the bed )

Sid- ( stops her by holding her hand ) Thapki can u do one work for me ?

Thapki – Yup … bolo

Sid – You have to go to Pandey Office tmrw to meet …. ( before he completes Thapki interrupts )

Thapki – No need to speak further …. I will not meet Bihaan ….

Sid – But ….

Thapki – But what Bhai ? I don’t want to see him .

Sid – Don’t u love him ?

Thapki – No

Sid- You love him …. Why don’t u go and tell him ?

Thapki – I told him …. That I love him and he doesn’t deserve that love and respect that I gave him till date …

Sid – OK … But Thapki u have to go to office tmrw because …..( again he is interrupted )

Thapki – I said na … I do not want to meet Bihaan …. And u r ill …. Keep lying on the bed … no need to get up …

Sid- O God ( slaps his head ) Will u plz let me complete my sentence

Thapki – OK … bolo

Sid – Huh … Finally ….. I was saying that u have to go to office tmrw because ur Bauji wanted to meet u again . He wanted to give u something … So will u go ?

Thapki – Oh ho …. Why can’t u say that directly …. This was such a useless conversation … Then I will go … Then I will go to office .

Sid- That only I was saying … But u didn’t let me complete ….

Thapki – Why did u bring Bihaan in this conversation ….

Sid – ( folds his hand being completely frustrated ) I’m sorry … It was my fault . Can u bring ice pack now .

Thapki – Oh. .. I forgot … ( she leaves )

Sid takes out a small onion from below the blankets and thinks sorry Thapki for hiding the truth from u . I’m not ill . This drama is for ur betterment . I know ki Bihaan can keep u very happy. I know that . But u … u don’t understand that . Tmrw is ur b’day but I will not wish u before Bihaan wishes .

Thapki comes in just then and sees Sid lost in thoughts …. She keeps her hand in his shoulder and asks
Thapki – What happened .

Sid – Nothing …

He acts to sleep as Thapki comes and keeps the ice pack on his head .

The next day : Thapki’s birthday : Sid’s house

Sid- Thapki ready to go office . ( shouts from living room )

Thapki – ( comes from room ) Yes bhai …Btw , why r u getting ready ? Where r u coming or going ? You r not well .

Sid- Who said I am coming ? I am going out to enjoy . Veer ki b’day party hai shaam ko.

Thapki – So ? You r not going anywhere and who is this Veer ?

Sid – Thapki do not start another useless convo . I will answer all ur questions right now. Let me reveal – I am going to buy a gift . He is my childhood friend . You don’t know him. Now can I go plz ? And I may be late so take these keys .

Thapki- OK … bye

They both leave the house . Thapki takes auto and reaches Pandey office and but that time Sid comes back home . Sid thinks I’m sorry Thapki for misguiding u . I can’t reveal the truth until u and Bihaan patch-up again … He remembers his conversation with Bauji in office .

Flashback : Bauji’s cabin : Sid and Bauji’s convo

Bauji Sid I need ur help .

Sid- For what Bauji ?

Bauji- For saying my son’s life . For Bihaan

Sid- What happened to Bihaan ? Is he fine ?

Bauji- No , he lost his fine , his love , his Thapki .

Sid – Oh Bauji You scared me so much But how can I help u ?

BauJi – Plz send Thapki to office tmrw .

Sid- Its her b’day tmrw .

Bauji- I know … That is the reason … Bihaan wants to celebrate her b’day with her ..

Sid remembers Thapki and says

Sid- OK … I will help u to make Thapki and Bihaan one .

Bauji- Thank u beta .

Sid- Thank u is not needed . ( before leaving says ) Ask Bihaan Tod decorate room properly . Bye

Bauji- Bye beta .

Flashback ends …. Sid says I will tell u the truth once u come back home .

Pandey Office : Bauji’s cabin

Thapki enters Bauji’s cabin and finds it completely dark . She is unable to see anything . She calls out his name

Thapki- Bauji …. Bauji …. Kahan hai aap ?

No response …. And suddenly she hears someone locking the door .

Thapki – ( scared ) who is this ?

And then the lights are switched on . She gets surprised seeing the beautiful decorations and a big board written Happy Birthday Thapki. She remembers its her b’day . She turns and is even more surprised to see Bihaan .

Thapki – Bihaan ?

Bihaan- Shhhh ( puts finger on her lips ) No need to say anything. I know u r surprised I remember ur b’day .

Thapki has tears in her eyes …

Thapki – How do u know ?

Bihaan – Its not important . The only thing that’s imp. Is I love u ….???

Thapki- Bihaan I love u too … Saying this she hugs him happily .

Bihaan hugs her back and says remember Thapki , I told u I will make u confess ur love . I did it …

Thapki- That means u did it for that reason ? That bet ? ( pushes him away )

Bihaan – No Thapki … Don’t think me wrong …. I wanted to spend time with u … (/saying this he pulls her closer )

He caresses her cheek and pulls her even more closer and kisses her cheek .. She is a bit shocked but doesn’t show . He kisses her other cheek and comes closer and is about to kiss her lips … Thapki closes her eyes .. But Bihaan ( not being so romantic ) says I can’t do it . He is about to move back and Thapki pulls him closer and kisses his cheek . Bihaan is shocked . She says this one is for saying I love u . She kisses his other cheek and says this one for completing the bet . Thapki says and this last one for this special surprise b’day party and kisses him passionately . He responds . Now they part ways to breath .

Bihaan – I’m sorry for hurting ur feeling

Thapki- Hmm … Will u trust me ?

Bihaan- Pakka …. More than myself ….

Thapki smiles …. And hugs him ….

Thapki comes home and at first feels shy but then laughs ….

REST CONVO in next episode .

Precap : Not yet decided
So this was the episode Hope u liked it …. Hope u liked the romance ….. And plz comment … Whether u liked it or not …. Bye …. And the next update by Sunday …. Because was per Jr comments I will make the story accordingly … ?????

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