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In London
A lady wakes up and saw her cute waala husband sleeping peacefully
She kissed his forehead and start moving but man hold her hand from the back…..and murmurs my dear wife don’t go from here…
Lady; my dear pathi dev I have to go
Man; haa I know but I want to tell u something after that u can leave
Lady; ha bolo…..
Man; meri panikaaa and he miles at her..yea the lady I our sweet wala anika
Anika; don’t call me that name
Man; why my panikaa


Ani;plzz billuji early morning itself I don’t want to fight with u
The man is none other than our shivaay singh oberoi and his wife mrs anika singh oberoi
Shi; how cute
Ani; I cant even call u that name u will become more cute and all
A small girl ran towards them
Papa mummy good morning
Shivaay takes her in his hand
Billu;wow my princess good morning
Ani; zera beta good morning and she kissed her cheeks
She is zeraa mr. and mrs. Shivaay singh oberoi kii daughter
Zera; papa I heard u calling mumma her nick name
Bi;ha princess today onwards call mumma by that name
Ani;gets confused
Ani; which name

Shivaay and zera together said
anika gets angry and takes a stick from the corner shivaay saw anika and takes zera and runs from the place
bi;panika u cant chase u
ani; mei thum dono ne chodoge nahe
zeraa; mumma run fast
bi;ur mumma is very slow
zera;ha papa
they too rached in the kitchen… she slips infront of the kitchen shivaay saw this and run towards anika,…..shivaay reached there but anika was sitting in the floor he hold her hand to make her stand straight but she cant bcz she was acting she want zeraa also come there and hold her hand by the time she can catch them zera also came there and start crying
zeraa;mumma what happened
shi; nothing princess mumma juzt slipped
ani; sees pain in her husband eyes and daughter also
ani;laughs at them and stand by holding their hand
ani; I got u now u too failed in this game
shivaay was still in silent
zeraa; mumma this is not fair u cheated us
ani; ohh my princess u too only make me run like a 3 year old kid right
zeraa; haaa she hugs anika….am sorry for calling that name
ani; don’t be sorry dear u r my princess right
zeraa; yea
ani; princess never cries,,if u cried bcz of ur mumma ur bagad billa dad will kill me
zeraa; she smiles and hugged anika tightly
anika looked shivaay he was still in silent….she undertood why the great shivaay oberoi I silent and making angry waala face
ani; sorry billuji….zera come
shi; no anika I dont need ur sorry

ani; hugged shivaay tightly and whispers in his ears am sorry my dear bagad billa I will never do this yeh mera vaada
shivaay melts hearing this words from anika and he reciprocate the hug…why my princess is alone this is a family hug come princess she runs towards them hugged
later hours passed
billu; breakfast is ready come sweeties
ani;ha just a minute billu ji
zera ; mummy where is my craft note pad
ani;I don’t know ask ur dad
zera;dad u saw my notepad
shi;me…… no princess
ani;princess here is ur notepad
zera;mera u r best mumma in the world
shi;what about me
zera;u r best dad in the world
they had their breakfast…shivaay and zera bide bye to go anika
anika was still waiting for something in the front door but they left after some times
zera; dad….we didn’t her thing
shi; what thing princess
zera;our daily thingy mumma will be ssad
shi; remembers and turns his car and reached home
anika still waiting for them….they came and zera kissed her and leave to the car shivaay came closer and kissed her forehead and he is out of the sense
zera;dad stop ur romance am getting late mumma plz leave him
ani and shivaay feels awkard and said yea princes ur dad is coming and shivaay….
Shi;what u call me shivaay
Ani; wo..mein….kuch nahe
Shi; kya wow o mein
Ani; nothing billuji come early home I planned a surprise for u too
Zera;bye mumma lub uuuuu
Ani; lub u too dear
Shi; bye panikaa
Anika smiles at him

Scene 2
In paris
A beautiful house is shown with flowers and all
Isha; om we are late come lets go
Om; haa ishi am coming
Ishi; take ur phone wallet etc
Om; I know babaa
Ishi;now u will say that u took everything but later u will ask ishii were is my phone where is this and that…..
Om; yea I will ask u
Ishi; why om
Om; bcz u r my cute wife u have all the responsibilities
Ishi; ok babbaa come lets go
Om; am ready my dear patni

They too reached art exhibition hall..they are the most awaited couple in the function everyone congrats om and ishaana
Om;ishi am so happy
Ishi; yea om me too
Om; can I ask u something
Ishi; yes zulfi singh oberoi
Om; will u marry me
Ishi shocked hearing this and said what is this om we already married
Om; yea I know that but….
Ishi; no I wont….h gets sad
Suddenly om disappears from the place and some girls came near ishaana
Girl; mam will u plz come inside
Ishi; no I cant
Girl;why mam
Ishi; my husband is not here
A small girl came and give a rose to ishaana and said didii thi is for u
Ishaana kissed the child who gave this dear….girl;wo…wo..uncle
Ishi; who
Girl; come with me I will show u

Ishi; okay cuteyy come
Ishaana enters the hall suddenly lights gets off
Om came near ishaana and he hold her hand tightly
Ishi; om where were u am worried
Om; now don’t talk
Ishi; okay why thi lights off
Om;bcz there is some power cut
Ishi; okay don’t leave my hand am worried
Om; ok my sweety
They entered the stage and om whispers in ishaana’s ears
Om; ishi leave my hand ad stand here
Ishi; no om I cant
Om; no ishi am gere only but now u have to
Ishi; ha
She stands in the middle of the stage and suddenly light came the whole hall is decorated with different beautiful flowers ishaana was too surprised seeing all these and she was smiling at om
He throws rose on her face and knee down and said
Om; hold ishi hand tightly
Ishi;om get up what is this everyone is looking us
Om; no problem ishi
Om;happy 1st anniversary my dear darling….

She cried and kissed his forehead and said I have a big surprise for u
Om; what ishi
Ishi;just wait om
Om; I cant plz tell me
Ishi;ok 5 min
Om; come fast
Ishi; okay here is ur gift
Om; this is just a watch hei
Ishi; ha watch only
Om; I gave u this big surprise but u
Ishi; om just open it and say ur dialogues

He opens but he didn’t saw any watch lekin a small paper is inside he took it and read
Om was super duper happy he didn’t know what to do….he hugged ishaana and kissed her cheeks forehead and asked with a cute tone
Om; ishaana is this true
Ishi; ha om
Om wow we have to go oberoi mansion and share this graet news with everyone
Ishi; ha om I don’t know u will become this much happy
Om; ishi I don’t know how to expres my feeling
Ishi; noo..no ur expressing is too much
Om; haha and hugged her tightly
Ishi; om I booked our tickets
Om;wow merii bheevi is well planned everything
Ishi; yes… am mrs omkara singh oberoi heinaa oberoi always planned everything
guyss should i continue this shot or not plz comment below

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