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Hii, well before reading this part listen me properly if you are so much sensitive like me then ready with tissues and bucket. May be you have to use it, after don’t blame I don’t inform you. I myself was crying while writing whole part.


Ragini : di , we have to go hospital.
Swara places her hand tiny bump and slightly smiled “ baby, did you listen we are going outside. Ya I know hospital bt still we both will able to roam outside “
Ragini sit down and said” baby, tell your mama not to pretend. I am her sister ,I can still see her tears”
She again wipe her tears “ baby, tell your Masi I am not pretending. See I am smiling”
Ragini stood up and bought mirror” di , atleast wipe your kajal na so nobody able to know you were crying. Why are you hiding your tears from us. We are your family na”
Swara : omg rago, you are becoming drama queen . now go and ready I don’t want to listen from anyone my sister is looking like ghost.
She playfully hit her later both hug each others.
After half an hour
Swaragini became ready and leave for hospital.
While whole journey , Swara whole time busy in Sanskar’s thought.
After sometime they reached their destination.
Swara: rago, this hospital is not that one..
Ragini: di, I had to make you meet someone.
Swara: whom?
Ragini: he is just on way.

Nearly after half an hour someone reach there seeing him swara turned his face sadly.
He move toward her and held her hand” why are angry with us?, bhai did that na”
She jerked his hand” Laksh, but you all never try to stop him na. Before him, you were my frnd atleast for frndship sake you should try to stop him.”
Laksh try to make her understand but she remained unaffected.
She began to move, but listening his voice she freeze at that place itself.
“ bhai is in pain, now only you can heal him. He needs you, plz bhabhi save my brother and your husband”
She turned toward him “ what are you saying”
He move toward her” bhabhi, you wanna know answer na”
She nodded in yes
“ then go to xyz room no, your every answer is there”
She held his hand” laksh, plz say it clearly”
He replied” he make me his Swear pls go yourself and take your answer”
She started to find tht room, she finally able to get success with baby steps she entered in room.
Before she could see who is there, she heard someone is blabbering”
“swara, you came. How stupid I am why will you come? Now you hate me you even don’t want to see my face. Pls swara if possible then pls forgive me, I never cheat you. I love you more than anything else in this world”

He still unknown to fact that swara is actually present there, her eyes turned red due to crying.
She touches his forehead, plant kiss on it.
“ then why you separate me from yourself, why you tried to make me hate you”
He open his eyes and see toward her. Seeing her he smiled little but again he covered his smiled with anger.
“ what are you doing here, can’t you understand now I not need you…”
Before he could complete, she placed her lips on his lips. She started to kiss him passionately , he also not able to stop himself he started to respond her. They broke kiss after 10 minutes. Both emotionally sees each others.
Swara touch his forehead with her forehead” see now you wanna say something “
“ swara, you should hate me”
Swara make him sit and take his hand in her hand.
He tried to protest“ what are you trying to do”
She places his hand on her stomach” baby, tell your dad your mom could never hate him. She love him more than herself. He is her life”
For few second he don’t able to understand anything , he sees toward her and ask her” is it true”
“ baby, tell your dad. You want both mom”
He make her sit” swara, are you serious. Is I am going to become dad. Then what are you doing here, you should take rest”
He notice her tiny baby bump” Swara, you can’t believe how much I am happy. I love you both”
She separate from him” no, you don’t love us. If you had love me ever than you don’t try to do that. You know how much I was happy that day, I want to tell you about our not our my baby.”
He held her hand and make her sit near him”baby, say your mumma he is sry for that. He thought if he will separate from her then she will able to move on after he will go from this world”
He see toward her” swara,I have brain tumor. When I came to know about my condition I tried to ignore you so you can hate me. Now I can die peacefully, now you have reason for living you will live for our baby.”
She sees him with teared eyes” baby, say your dad if anything happen to him then mom will die at next moment. He is her life”
She turn her face other side, he again make her turn toward himself” shona , you are my life. Pls never say about dyieng. I will die before actual death…”
She put her finger on his lips” till I am alive nothing will happen to you”
He sees toward her hopeful eyes which is filled with trust on their love , some hope of living also raises in him.
He held her hand and make her touch to her belly” Swara, pls promise if anything happen to me then you will take care of our love and pls marry someone. I want to see you happy….”
She jerk her hand and slap him” how many times I have tell you , you are going to live( she started to move backward) if once more you will talk about death na then I will kill myself in front of you. After that you can peacefully die.”
She started to breathing heavily, he become panick seeing her this condition.
“ swara, calm down I will never repeat it.”
Her eyes started to close, vision become dark she almost going to collapsed on floor but nick of time he held her and carry her in his arm.
He began to shout “ doctor”.
Listening his voice laksh and Ragini also entered there.
Sanskar angrily sees them” Laksh, call doctor”
He nodded in yes, Sanskar make her lie on bed and started to caresses her hair” that’s why I didn’t wish to tell you anything. I knew it you can’t handle, why you love me so much”

Ragini come toward them” jiju, I am sry. I blame you without knowing full truth. Jiju pls not leave us na my di will die without you…..”
Listening her talk about swara’s death , he shouted“ ragini, nothing will happen to my swara. Do you understand she will live long “
Doctor came and started to check swara, after check up his face turned serious.
Seeing his changing expression, Sanskar immediately ask doctor my wife is fine na .
Doctor : Mr maheswari, she is not fine. Stress is dangerous for her as well as baby. If she continue to take stress then she may die. Try to keep her happy.
Sanskar nodded in yes.
He started to remember how he had feel when he make her separate from himself.

Tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat deewani
Naa neend gawara.

( one boy sleeping on floor with girl pic near his chest)

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mein basaya hai
Khud toot ke dil mujhko
Iss mod pe laaya hai.

( tears continue flowing from his eyes, he was shivering badly)

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Hai rashq sahara

( this continued every night, daily he used to sleep on floor before sleeping he used to hit his hand badly)

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Na neend gawara

( same boy was talking with girl pic “ how are you , are you fine? What I am asking you must be fine. Do you started to hate me? Pls hate me na you have to move on for my happiness. Don’t you want to see your Sanskar Happy?)

Maine chhode hain baaki saare raaste
Bas aaya hoon, tere waaste
Meri saanson pe tera naam hai,
Pehchaan ve (x2)

( other day, thanks shona for slaps. But why you slap me, ohh I got that you must had misunderstood that situation na. Arre princess I was just helping her. But thanks now you able to hate me)

Maine kiye hazaaron minnatein
Mujhe mili na Rab ki rehmatein
Ik tu hi mera anjaam hai
Yeh maan ve
( other day, how could laksh try to say he will tell you everything. Princess you ate my soul, my life I can’t see you getting hurt)

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mein basaya hai
Khud toot ke dil mujhko
Iss mod pe laaya hai

( same day, princess you know today doctor told me I have 10% chances of survival. I hope I can live, if operation will successful na then I will bring you back in my life)
O tere bin yaara
Berang bahaara
Hai raat begaani
Hai rashq sahara
( same day, now I am going to hospital pls pray for me. I don’t wanna leave you. I want to stay with you , I want to pamper you, I want many children, I want to make you feel like real princess, I want to shower my whole love on you)
O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Na neend gawaara
( last he remember how she became unconscious)

After sometime she gain conscious , seeing his face in front of her she touch it happily. Again her eye became teary remembering his word.
Before tear could came out, he kiss her eyes.
“ swara, I am sry na. Don’t cry now we both will live happily”
She replied” yes Sanskar ji, we both will live happily. You promise me you will never talk about nonsense thing”
He make her sit properly and replied” never, I will fight with death for you and our princess”
Swara smiled at his words” I want prince like you”
Sanskar “ next time , we will try for fulfilling your wish”
Her cheeks turned crimson red, both going to kiss each other but they came in sense raglak fake cough.
Laksh “ bhai, you can romance with her in your room see here is one kid also. What will she think”
Both became embress, Sanskar is also Sanskar . he replied him” she will think how much her jiju love her mad sister”
All started to laugh , forgetting all sorrows.
Swara remember something her face turned pale , Sanskar notice her.
“ Swara, what happen? Should I call doctor?”
All again become silent.
Swara “ Sanskar when is your operation”
He sense her fear , he don’t want to make her sad again.
“ you don’t worry I am not going to leave you so easliy”Swara “ Sanskar answer na”
Sanskar” after six months”
Swara “ that means near my delivery time”
He nodded in yes, and became sad.
Swara” Sanskar don’t worry we will raise our baby together. “
Both trying to convince each other. Both know now all is in destiny hand.
Precap: today you tell , what you want ? Is Sanskar should alive or dead?, is swara should alive or dead? Or both should die?

If you all will not cmnt na I will kill both and keep baby safe with me….
Note: sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for not ending it, I had lost my whole previous written part. I have one bed habit whenever I rewrite na I always try to make it more good, so in trying to make it more awsm I don’t able to give end.
I know you will be not angry, is I am right?
Bye, take care and love you all…

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