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Tere Bin 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nandini checks old lady (Vijaya’s teacher’s wife who got operated recently) and says she will not feel much pain now. Vijay enters and stands near door. Old couple’s nok jhok starts. Vijaya and Nandini smile. Old man sees Vijaya and calls her in and introduces her to his wife as his student. Old lady says she is the one he described about. Old man says Vijaya is like her and praises her husband, he is sure she handles her house well like she is handling her nursing home. Nandini gets jealous hearing this.


Vijaya walks way and gets into Akshay’s cabin and cries reminisces all the recent incident. On the other side, Nandini goes and hugs Akshay and cries. Akshay part ways and says he cannot imagine why she is using Neeti to get him, he will never let her

use Neeti from hereon. She asks what…He asks why did she gave icecream to Neeti even after knowing Neeti is diabetic. Nandini says she did not intend to harm Neeti. He warns her.

Vijaya continuing to cry opens Akshay’s drawer subconsciously and is shocked to see Akshay and Nandini’s pics. She finds Akshay’s diary in which he has described about his and Nandini’s relationship and his feeling for her. Later he writes that he thinks he loves Vijaya now. She then reminisces all the recent incidents where she suspects Nandini and Akshay and realizes her doubt was true. Nandini comes in and sees her reading Akshay’s diary and says at last she came to know about her and Akshay’s relationship and should leave Akshay now. Vijaya says Akshay has written he loves her now. Nandini says he has written he might be and is not sure, he loves only me.

Vijaya and Nandini’s confrontation continues. Nandini says Akshay loves only her and he married Vijaya as she was pregnant with Nilesh’s child and to gave his name to child. She continues that Vijaya used Akshay and did not even ask him if he loves someone before trapping him. She says Akshay loves only her and has mentioned how he met her first time, proposing her, etc.. Vijaya shouts so what…. Nandini asks her to get out of Akshay’s life now.

Precap: Vijaya challenges Nandini that if she convinces Akshay to divorce her, she will never interfere between them, but if she fails, she has to get out of Akshay’s life. Nandini accepts challenge.

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