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TEI: Author Recognition Competition

The Author Recognition Competition

Hello everyone! It’s Ria and Kruti. We’re here with the list of participants. Thank you everyone who participated as well as the ones who supported us. We’re really glad with the response we received.


Well, we’ve privately messaged many of you. The message that we’ve given you is only for the three days we’re conducting this competition, 28th to 30th. Till 27th and from 31st things will be/set back to normal.

So, here’s the names of authors participating..

• Adya
• Affaa
• Angita
• Anushka
• Ayu
• Bulbul
• Chiku
• Fatarajo
• Jasmin
• Kruti
• Laddoo
• Maggi
• Manu
• Meeta
• Monica
• Paavu
• Ria
• Roshni
• Sara
• Sidmin
• Sriya
• Trisha
• Yashasvi
• Zuha

We hope we haven’t missed out on anyone.
Sorry if we did and please let us know your names through your comments below. Anyone else willing to participate can surely join us. Everyone participating please start sending us your story names on our mail ID.

Please, try sending us your stories by 27th so that we can work upon all the articles and then start submitting each of them.

Our mail ID:
[email protected]

Cover pic credits: Laddoo

Best regards,
Ria and Kruti

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