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teen ishqbaazon ki kahaani – episode 1 by gangu

hi guys, thanx for all your support and nice comments. so i am not saying more i’m starting my episode .

The story begins when anika was 6 years and soumya 2 years . Anika was studying in the same school which shivaay and om studied . [ so in my story om was only 11 months smaller than shivaay and anika and om was same age but different class division] . so shivaay was studying in 2 nd std and anika and om 1 th std. One day 1 B girls should sit with 1 C boys , the siting- arrangment was like boy and girl should sit together . so 1 B girls went to 1 C class ,anika’s friends decided to in a row. Anika was the third one, near to her there was om. They smiled each other then both of them asked their names . Om asked her that can we be friends she nodded yes then both of then hugged each other,but they were only having a friendly relationship .they talked a lot and became thick friends .Anika started to share her things to om instead of her friends in her class but for his brothers were first and the second was anika ,she reached till in his heart.


One morning
when anika was going to her class om saw her and introduced anika to shivaay.
anika – hi my name is anika . your brother is so sweet and cute, om smiles.

Shivaay- i know that even you are cute.
anika blushes and walks away by saying bye .

shivaay to om – she was so sweet [ that time shivaay was not that rude]om to shivaay – you know she is my best friend .
Shivaay in his mind – even i liked her and prays that hope she would be my gf. When they were children they were so cute and belived in love but shivaay didnt when he grew up.


when anika was promoted into 2nd SHE DIDNT FIND OM AND SHIVAAY instead a new friend priyanka . anika started to treat priyanka like om . one day anika told priyanka about om and shivaay . So she laughed and told that they are my brothers . [ priyanka was 2 years younger than anika ] .anika started jumping in happiness bcoz she can contact om. but you cant meet him bcoz he is in abroud priyanka told .Priyanka suddenly told so you are that anika whom om bhayia used to talk he told me to tell bye to you. Yeh But i know om bhayi’s no i can give you so that you can talk to him . that day itself anika contacted om started their friendship again , shivaay dont know about this. anika – priyanka friendship continued.

precap – leap intro and episode .pinky decides ………………… …………. ishana meets om .

I am sorry guys for the leap in the second episode itself if leap wont be there the story wont continue. anyways hope you all liked my ff plz plz plz do comment .sahil is there in my ff.love you guys bye

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