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Tashan-e-ishqbaazi (true love never ends) ~ by Sunehri Mehta (episode 1)

Hey friends it me Sunehri back with my new ff Tashan e ishqbaazi (true love never ends ) …….Missed me ?!?! I guess not ???? who will miss my ghatiya ff ?!?! Well that doesn’t matter now

Well today u will be reading the first episode … and this update will be bit short becoz I was busy with my school work …. anyways in introduction many suggested me to change janki (Jasmine bhasin) name as twinkle or Jasmine … but I can’t do anything but what I can do is everyone will call her jaz (I wanted to try something new tho)


Anyways enjoy the episode …. if u like the episode plz do leave ur comments ….if u don’t like the episode also plz do leave ur comments Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomes

It’s evening and the city of Mumbai and Oberoi mansion is shown …….

The house is silent ……

Kalyani Daadi is seen talking to daadaji’s portrait which is garlanded … she starts talking to his pic ..

Daadi : (smiles) 6 months passed …. everything has changed … and many people and their life too changed …..

Rudra comes there with a gulabjamun in a bowl ..

Rudra : Daadi !!!!!!! (Gives the gulabjamun to Daadi)

Daadi : (smiles) Rudra beta (hugs Rudra) gulabjamun ?!?! Usually u don’t eat gulabjamun …

Rudra : Daadi this is not for me but for u

Daadi : oh but Why suddenly ?!?

Rudra : Daadi don’t u remember ?!?!

Daadi : what ?!?!

Rudra : Daadi …. today is shivaye bhaiya’s birthday right …

Daadi : today is billu’s birthday ?!?!? How did I forget ?!?!

Rudra : well anika bhabhi used to make this on shivaye bhaiya’s birthday and all years we all celebrate very well … but now (tears started flowing down from rudra’s eyes but he wipes it) …. really Daadi after that accident everything has changed in our lives mainly that accident affected shivaye bhaiya’s life …..

Daadi : Haan beta ….in the past 6 months no one had breakfast together

Rudra : daadaji took anika bhabhi with him and he didn’t even think about us …. Now I could not see my family together …

Daadi : don’t say like that Rudra …. yeah anika’s death billu and everyone were shattered …… and omkara … now he’s is taking care of the business alone and he’s burdened ….. and rana’s too started supporting us ..

Rudra : but as per records till now they didn’t find the dead body …. that’s the reason bhaiya is not ready to accept that anika bhabhi is no more ….

Daadi : (feels bad)

Rudra : now see Daadi … choti maa (pinky) makes everyone laugh but now … she rarely talks with everyone and she’s worried about shivaye bhaiya … I’m happy at least Sahil (anika’s brother) brings smile in shivaye bhaiya’s face ..

Daadi : yeah he has suppressed his emotions too …. and Rudra u … u started behaving very mature ..

Rudra : everyone including me has changed a lot …. especially shivaye bhaiya changed a lot Daadi ….

Daadi : now where’s billu ?!?!

Rudra : (smirks) don’t know where bhaiya is going these days …. we need to leave him alone Daadi ….. now I have to take Sahil to doctor

Daadi : what happened to Sahil ?!?! Is he alright ?!?!?

Rudra : Daadi he’s alright … he injured his leg in that accident right …so his treatment is going on ..

Daadi : fine … I hope Sahil will get well soon .

Rudra : ok Daadi bye

Daadi : (smiles)

Rudra leaves

The scene shifts to shivaye’s room

The room is dark …

Shivaye is shown seeing the moon at night. Suddenly, he sees broken stars …

He remembers anika ….

Shivaye : why did u leave me anika …. Why did u ?!?! (Soch na sake plays)

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

He smiles remembering their sweet moments


Anika : (sees broken stars and gets excited) Billu ji come here !!!

Shivaye : hey anika don’t call me that !!! Then I’ve call u panics

Anika : I don’t care …. billu ji (laughs)

Shivaye : hey ..

Anika : come with me then ..If we ask for wish when broken stars are there, then it will come true. Let’s ask for a wish together.

Shivaye : u know me I don’t believe in these .. if wishes come true then there wouldn’t be any problems in this world.

Anika : but still plz …

Shivaye : (smiles) fine fine

They wish together

Flashback ends*

Shivaye’s smile faded away,Tears started flowing down from his eyes remembering his beloved anika. He takes anika’s pic

Shivaye : I was alone all my life, then you came and made my life so colorful and enjoyable that I had forget all my sorrows. If you were going to leave me midway, then why did you come in my life? There isn’t any second which have gone by when I haven’t missed you. I have nothing now. The only thing I’m living still is with the hope that you will come back to me one day. I know that you will come back. You will have to! You will have to come back to me, even if destiny doesn’t want us to be together then I will fight with the destiny. All I have now is the memories which are so precious…

Shivaye goes near the window and looks at the broken star

Shivaye : (thinks) I never believed in all these, but if wishes really comes true then please bring back my anika…please…please bring back my life…he bends down on his knees and cries ..

Suddenly he gets call from Siddhant Singh rana (once he was his business rival now they’re friends … I’ve reveal how they became friends in the further episodes)

Shivaye receives the call

Shivaye : (wipes his tears and acts normally) eh hi Siddhant …

Siddhant : hi shivaye … happy birthday ..

Shivaye : eh … thank u .. and is everything fine between u and jaz (his sister janki)

Siddhant : dude we are fine … but how r u ?!?!

Shivaye : (doesn’t reply)

Siddhant : shivaye … see .. I know once we were fighting and we were business rivals but now we are very good and close friends … u can’t hide from me ok ….. I got to know about everything which happened with u ..

Shivaye : Siddhant ……. well u know everything right, then just…. just leave it …. ok I don’t want to ….

Siddhant : no Shivaye this is serious …. how long are u going to be like this ?!?!?Ur first love is dead in that accident and dude u have to move on ur life.

Shivaye : No No !!!!

Siddhant : shivaye …

Shivaye : no Siddhant …. according to me she is still alive somewhere in this world.My Anika is not dead…. plz don’t dare to say she’s dead …. for me She is still alive somewhere in this world waiting for me to come and take her…………

Siddhant : but ….. ok shivaye …. I’ve support u …. I’m with u .. if u don’t mind can we meet tomorrow ?!?!

Shivaye : ok … fine … bye (cuts the call)

Siddhant : bye … (cuts the call)

Shivaye : I know anika … u will come back for me (wipes his tears)

The screen freezes on shivaye’s face ….

Precap : 2 years ago …….


Well friends sorry if it’s damn boring …. and sorry for the short update … next episode I’ve try to update bit longer ….. anyways plz do leave ur comments and feedbacks …

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