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Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 6

Recap: finally twinj r back to Amritsar after kunjs plastic surgery (sidhant Gupta ) n they have some masti with family n someone calls kunj and caller is not revealed still kunj goes n asks twinkle about their kid twinkle tells him that their son (rishi) was actually murdered kunj was shocked he calls the caller n asks him/ her to return their son but the caller tells him that he has to torture twinkle instead of that……
Episode 6 [kunjs decision]

Twinkle POV
Finally he is back I thought he wont come but he is depressed I know the feeling because I already went through it but I can’t see kunj like this come on kunj talk to me irritate me I can’t see u like this seeing him in this state even I was feeling low but I’m helpless this is not the right time to talk to him what should I do??
“Twinkle will u please sleep on the couch” were the words said by kunj which left me in a deep shock I already lost rishi now I can’t afford loose kunj also that too again this time no one r there to manage me if smthng goes wrong I was thinking all these stuff when kunj quietly without even wishing me gud ni8 slept on the bed leaving me shocked behind in no time my eyes turned glassy its not because he told me to sleep on the couch its because I can’t see my kunj my life in this state pls don’t do this to me kunj I really didn’t know when didnt know when did I sleep….
Kunj POV
She looks so innocent while sleeping but why did she sleep on the ground? (Resting her face on the couch hope u all r able to understand) twinkle I’m sorry I’m really hurt to do all this with u ,u told me that rishi was like ur life when I was away from u I want to return ur life to u twinkle but I can’t even accept her conditions how can I torture u twinkle ur my life n somewhere or the other even I’m responsible for it neither I would have left u n went nor rishi would be with that person today what should I do twinkle why god only us?every time I was silently crying in my heart when I saw twinkle getting up I can’t face her anymore I cant lie to her because she is my twinkle she can catch me easily so I immediately got up n was walking out of the room when twinkle called me noooooo
T: kunj
Kunj reluctantly turned back his eyes were turning moist
T: r u angry with me
He didn’t want to face twinkle so turned back again but here twinkle was hurt to see this
K: no twinkle why would I, I mean for what reason tell me
All the time he was not facing twinkle he wiped his tears n when he turned back twinkle was no where in the room
When kunj turned back n was not facing her twinkle ran to washroom so she didn’t listen to anything what kunj said….


K: I’m so sorry twinkle but I can’t help it neither I’m a good father nor husband saying that he walks out of the room
Twinkle was crying very badly
T: (herself) kunj it was not my mistake kunj why r u punishing me for the mistake which I have not done kunj pls I had enough in these 5 yrs not anymore I’ll get u back to normal kunj its my promise but still I consider myself as the killer of my own son some where this feeling is not leaving my heart anyways……[wiping her tears]U will be back to normal kunj its my promise….
Kunj again calls the caller ….
C: actually I’m having a doubt do u know what is the meaning of torture
K: what do u mean to say

C: I told u to torture twinkle no to tell her softly”pls twinkle sleep on the couch” but if u don’t know then I’ll try some tortures on ur son n send u the video maybe it may help u …
K: nooooo have u losted stop all this for gods sake what r u gonna get by doing all this? Pls nthng is gonna happen u won’t get anything by doing all these pls leave rishi C: oh no no no Mr.kunj ur mistaken I’m gonna get peace by doing all this my revenge will be completed I hate twinkle from the core of my heart
K: r u even realizing who is she
C: oh yes why not she is the one who snatched everything from me everything now I’m also going to do the same with her n I guess ur regretting for making me like this after all u both were the one who thought me all this ?? So u don’t have much time r u gonna torture twinkle or not or shall I take away rishi may be I can even kill him what say

K: no no no OK I’ll do whatever u say pls not even a scratch on rishi plsss
C: oh yeah done ur intelligent not like twinkle
Caller cuts the call n kunj falls on the ground n cries bitterly when he felt something on his shoulder
It was twinkle immediately he rubbed his tears n got up
K: yeah u here
T: what were u doing on the ground ?
K: nothing I have n important work I’ll be back

Screen splits on both of their faces …..
So guys how was the episode this time pucca without writing my 1st ff I won’t write this ff but should I really continue I mean the comments r dropping drastically do tell me about this n also how was the episode today I don’t have a mood to do bak bak soooo leaving early okkkk guys tell me how were the POV’s i mean I never wrote like that sooooo n guess who was the caller I gave sooooo many clues okkkk bye guys do tell me how was the episode n do u all think what kunj did was right??? Tell me suggestions n let me know if u all want any changes n I’m I going good ??? Tell me the answered of all these questions below n sorry for the mistakes!!

Love u all??????

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  1. sidhant ko yeh mera massage dena ki woh bus jasmine ke sath rahe apka unke sath bahut jodi acha lagta hai i like sidhant and jasmine

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