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Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 55 & 56)

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Episode 55 & 56


After few minutes twinkle felt that she was alone on terrace . Usha and mahi was not seen. She became scared .

Twinkle called there name but doesnt hear any respond but just then she heard some ones voice . And with it a spot light fell on twinkle

Voice = hey beautiful looking gorgeous in red gown … ha Will you not turn to see how I am looking

Twinkle = Kunj you really scared me ( without turning bAck)

And she turned with it lights went on . And she was amazed to see the view .

It was a stage covered with red and white balloons and lights adding extra glow to it . And our beautiful moon was also glowing with them … And one more thing . A sweet music but with low sound was played.

Kunj = Twinkle yesterday night when we confessed feelings for each other I doesn’t found it special so thought to make this night special with my proposal.

And he bend down on his knees .

Kunj = will you marry me ?

Twinkle blushes and was amazed to see such romantic behaviour from her love .

But before she can say anything . She listened some voices saying ” say yes ”

Twinkle turned back it was of usha and mahi .

Kunj = Twinkle you are taking so much time …. if you have any doubt then pls tell me i am standing on my knees and it have been started paining

Twinkle = oh ….. ( making pout face ) yes I will marry you …

And she made him stand and hugged him … They hugged eo tightly .

Twinkle ( while hugging ) = when did you tell them .. ?

Kunj = today in evening… I called mom and told a surprise is waiting for u all on terrace so come on terrace and bring with you mahi and twinkle …

Twinkle = andd when did you made this setup ?

Kunj = Don’t think much your brain wil explode …

Twinkle = oh really ha … And she hugged him moree tightly and then started doing TICKLING ( guy I was not knowing it’s english translation )

And then they departed themselves from each other .

Usha = I will be lucky to have you as my daughter in law . ( she blesses them ) you are peffect for my Kunj…. God blesss you and keep you always happy .

Mahi = hey somebody was telling that I have not told about my love to her but now I only got to know about her love from someone else .

Twinkle = you have came to know about our relation from your bro and it’s was his duty to inform you . ( looking proudly to Kunj)

Mahi = anyway congratulations… I will not say you are lucky ( twinj confused and shocked) ….. but i will say my bro is lucky to have you as his life partner …

Kunj frowns and look at mahi .

Kunj = don’t worry mahi … Today I have met your husband … sorry would be husband … and i am telling you twinkle he is going to regret whole life after taking you home …

Mahi = bhai it enough … I will not leave you .( And she started running behind him )


At dinning table

Usha = Kunj you met the boy ?

Kunj nods

Usha = so what’s your opinion ?

Kunj = mum before telling my opinion I wanna ask my cute sister what her opinion

Usha = That you can ask her later but just now tell me you liked the boy ?

Kunj = mahi please do tell me do you like him . Do you want to become his wife ?

Mahi = bhai I will not lie to you . Yes I … ( blushes ) I love him .

All smile .

Twinkle = Some one is blushing right .

Usha = Leave it now what about your opinion Kunj.

Kunj = for this alliance I have no objection .

Usha = so now I have decided something .

Kunj = what ?

Usha = that with mahi’s engagement Your and twinkle engagement should be done . What say ?

Kunj and Twinkle became surprised. And Blushes .

Kunj = but so much early .

Usha = son I I’m just saying to get engaged not to get married . And where it’s early engagement is after 1 month . And I don’t want to loose a diamond like twinkle . Twinkle you tell me you are ready for engagement?

Twinkle nods .

Usha = So got final twinj engagement will be with mahi .

At night .

Twinj was on terrace . And they were sitting holding each other and looking at stars .

Twinkle = I love you .

Kunj = love you too .

Twinkle = don’t you think that it would be better if we got engage after my memory gain .

Kunj = I don’t mind it but I am very much eager to see you entering into my life and becoming always mine .

And they blushed .

Twinkle = kunj we will wear matching coloured clothes on every function …..

Kunj = to symbolise how much we love each other .

And they both smiled at each other

Finally the most awaited moment came Twinj engagement. ( guyz I am in no mood to drag it . So directly landed on their engagement day ) .

Sarna mansion was beautifully decorated. It was looking like the mansion have covered himself wity the most prettiest charm . Well wait wait why my camera can’t find Twinj and even mahi should be in this house . Oh sorry now only I told you that it’s engagement day so obviously they will be in their rooms . Let’s go and see .

In mahi’s room .

Mahi is gerring ready . Make up artist are applying nail paint on her nails . And from her face it’s looking like she is very nervous .

Mahi = what are you doing ? Why are you not applying the nail paint which I chose .

Make up artist = mam actually that nail paint has got finished .

Mahi ( gives him frowning look ) = so what can I do . Well only bottle has been finished . That factory has been not closed . Go and bring new one .

Usha enters and sees all this = mahi beta leave it . Get ready fast otherwise engagement best time will spend in this . I don’t want that my children work is not done in good time .

Mahi smiles and says = okey mom I wI’ll get ready .

Usha = now let me see what your bro is doing .

And now scene shifts to kunj’s room.

Kunj is …. not seen in the bed room . Usha enters and doesn t find him .

But she knows where is Kunj and she started beating door of bathroom .

Usha = I am telling you Kunj come out fast otherwise your twinkle will…. ( before she can speak further )

Kunj came out and = what happen to twinkle .

Usha = nothing . Just get ready andd come down . Atleast help me in attending guest .

Kunj = mom twinkle ….

Usha = keep quite and I am going to check if she is ready or not .

And now usha went to twinkles room .

In twinkle s room .

Twinkle was doing her make up herself .

Usha = twinkle beta I told you na to appoint a make up artist but …

Twinkle = I am almost ready . Don’t worry .

Usha = I know you will be ready on time but I want you to look beautiful today

Twinkle = aunty everyone is beautiful. And today I want to tell your son what actually I am .

Usha = Leave it get ready and go in mahi’s room I will Come there and will take you both down . okey .

And she went.

In hall gets havee started coming . Usha was busy in welcoming them .

Then finally most awaited moment …. family of groom ( mahi’s would be fiance ) has arrived .

Groom was with two ladies . One shows she was his mother and another was his sister . ….

Usha became very happy to see them and she hugged groom’s mother.

Grooms mother = congratulations usha ji

Usha = to u too .

Grooms mother = but you deserve greater as today your son is also going to get engaged . ..

Usha smiles .

Grooms mother = well where are they 3 ?

Usha = I will call mahi as Twinj will be busy in gettinh ready .

They nods and usha bring mahi to the stairs . Mahi was looking breath taking wearing peach colour gown with beautiful hairstyle . She started climbing stairs andd her fiance asked for her hand in middle . Mahi gave her hand . And came down .

Mahi ( to fiance ) = congratulations Mr . Yuvraj Luthra . Finally we are going to become one ( yes the boy is yuvi … mother is Leela … And and sister is chinki )

Yuvi = congratulations to you too. Well meet my mother and sister .

Mahi meets Leela and she blesses her . …

Leela ( in flashback thinks ) = that day when yuvi called me and told me about Twinkle then I decided I will make him remarry . Then in every step I always gave him mine oath ( kasam ) and now he is marrying just because of me .

Yuvi ( thinks in flashback) = that day in Goa I saw a family pic and make was none other but my music teacher Mr. Manohar Sarna. Before I can investigate from him Leela ma told me to go to Delhi and then she made me to meet you . I meet you and your mother and realised that the lady was none other than your mother. So i decided to let the destiny take where it wants now I will get my property my own . And for my own benefit I agreed to marry you .

And then mahi meet chinki .

Chinki = bhabhi come home early as we needs you .

Mahi hugged her.

Leela ( to usha ) = can you please do these rituals early…

Usha nods and = don’t worry I will call Twinj.

And she was about to call Kunj but our cute Twinj came already . They were looking cute together . Twinkle was wearing dark green and cream colour anarkali ankle length suit . And Kunj to combine it wore dark green colour coat with white cream shirt .

Both were looking that they were made 4 each other .

Leela , yuvi and chinki was having back towards them .

Usha = Leela ji hi you wanna meet my son . See he have came .

But before leela yuvi turned and ….. it was like thunderstorm had striked him. His eyes became wst but he saw twinkle was holding kunj’s arm and he realised Twinkle is going to marry him . He caught Leela by shoulder and turned her lightly .

Leela was shocked to see Twinkle ( till now Twinj have climbed stairs and Twinj was going to take blessings from her ) chinki also turns she was equally shocked .

Twinj was about to bend but Leela hold Twinkle and started crying.

Leela = my child where were you . You know how your mother have spend these months . I becane lifeless without you … I knew that you havent died but no one was believing me . Now see yuvi … See chinki my daughter is alive …. My twinkle is alive …. ( and she started crying hard … Twinj became shocked along with mahi and usha )

Twinkle = do you know me ?

Leela at first became confused = Daughter … why are you saying like this … I am your mom..

Twinkle whispered = mom … ( and she looked towards kunj and his family )

Leela saw her watching them = Daughter why are you not recognising me …

Usha = because she have lost her memory …

Leela yuvi and chinki got shocked .

Usha = when we got her she don’t even know her name . We gave her a name . And still she have not gained her memory .

Leela = But ….

Yuvi interrupts = mom we need to talk come outside .

And she nods . And they went outside . Usha Twinj and mahi was left confused .

After few minutes Kunj gets call and he too goes out side .

Three ladies were waiting but now it got half an hour . Guests started emptying hall . Twinkle usha and mahi was not able to understand how to react .

Finally Kunj entered . Twinkle saw him and went to him and hugged him tightly.

Twinkle = kunj where you went … ( holding his wrist and started dragging him ) come let’s complete our engagement .

Kunj was silent . He stopped . Twinkle looked at him and saw he was not moving .

Kunj = This engagement can’t happen …. ( all became shocked )

Mahi = bro … why are you saying like this and where is yuvraj …

Twinkle was in shocked state and was having tears in her eyes . Kunj looked at her and cupped her face .

Kunj = listen Twinkle I know you are brave and you always want to know about your past …. na then I got to know everything about you ….. ( he became silent ) there is something in your past that will not allow us to marry .

Just then yuvi enters . Mahi looked at him and ran to him .

Twinkle = what’s that Kunj

Mahi was about to hug yuvi . Twinkle was crying miserably .

Kunj = you are wife of Yuvraj Luthra .

Mahi became shocked… Twinkle also … She started crying. And Kunj was alos having tears in his eyes .

Mahi fell down with a thud . Usha tried to console her ….

Twinkle = This can’t be true . … Kunj how can you believe him Kunj…. tell me … if it would be true then why God made me fell for you …. when I was already married …. Telll me Kunj… This can’t be true … if it would have been true … then where was he when I met with accident … And where was this lady ( to Leela) who is calling myself as her mother …

Leela ( who is still having tears in her eyes )= Daughter why are you saying like this …

Twinkle = stop it I know it’s a game plan to separate me and my Kunj. ( hugging Kunj) pls say them you will not leave me . ( kunj was also having tears ) kunj tell me you love me na then how can you believe them without any proof .. ( kunj was not able to control his emotions and hugged her back )

Kunj = Twinkle pls … ( before he can say furather he feel twinkle s weight felling on him … And he noticed Twinkle has got unconcious )

Kunj = Twinkle wake up …

And he took up in his arms and went to hospital .


Guys I am going to end it up … soon …. what’s your opinion do tell me

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