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SWASAN’S PARADISE (last part by Kakali)

Hellooo!Guyss !!M back with my last part of my story…thnk u all for ur support… hope u all like it…

Soo here we goo –


Flashback continues :::

She turned around to ask Ragini …but to her surprise Ragini was not there n d view she witnessed make her frooze..

at some distance Sanskar was standing with a guitar in his hand…their eyes meet ,, had a cutee n painful eyelock..without removing his eye he started to sing

(Enjoy the song ;-*)

Pehli nazar mai kaisa jaadu kar diya
Tera ban baitha hai mera jiyaa,,
Jaane kya hooga, kya hooga kya pataa,
Iss pal ko milke aa jee lein zara..

(He remembers their first meet)

Main hoon yahan, Tu hai yaahan
Meri bahoon mai aa, aa bhi jaa
O jaan-e jaa, dono jahaan,
Meri baahon mai aa,, bhool jaa. . .aa
O jaan-e jaa, dono jahan,
Meri bahoon mai aa,, bhool jaa. . . . Aa

(He remembers their first HUG,,)

BABY I LOVE U soo….(finally)

(He is taking steeps slowly towards her,,n swara was just standing there with tear in her eyes.)

Har duwa mai shamil tera pyar hai ,
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai,,
Dhadkano ko tujhse hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai raahtai, tujhse hai chaahatai,,
Tu joo mila ek din mujhe mai kahi hoo gaya laapata..
O jaan-e- jaa dono jahaan meri bahhon mai aa bhul jaa(2)

Finishing his song he kneel down in front of her,, n said lovingly “”SWAARRA””(awwwww,,guys m having butterflies)

He took out a teddy bear n chocolate with rose n extended this to her n said
Swara i know u must be shock with this sudden proposal…but now i cant suppress my feelings anymore..i just want to take my heart out to u…one thing i want to tell u from long Swara

“Taking a deep breath”

You know what life counts all d roads we travel,, some are smooth some r rough, some would rather forget.. But there is one road, i won’t regret..The road where we met n become friends.

Swara i wanna travel with u in all d roads. i want u in my life…i wanna be with u till d last breath of my life…wanna die in ur embrace..
Will u accompany me?
Will u be with me?
Will u be mine for forever?
Will u be my princess?

He extends his hand…
Swara stands like a statue but suddenly
Bends down n gave him a bone crushing HUG…happiness,pain,love,care all d emotions were in that hug… they both hug as tight as they could..like their whole life depends on the hug..

Both broke their hug n joined their forehead ..Swara whispers “”I LOVE U TOO my prince…Love is our true Destiny… i cant find the meaning of life by myself alone…i can find it with u.,i wanna be with u ,,together forever…””

Sanskar again hugs her tightly..
both stayed there for some time but came into sence hearing claping sounds..

So many people were around them.. witnessing the start of a heavenly couple’s endless love…

Some were praying for their future,,some were blessing them,, all adored them..

it was just a start of their new love…new life n new journey.

They both went to chocolate shop n then ice cream shop following cotton candy shop…whole day both enjoyed n cherish their old moments…thinking about the beautiful future with each other…(but we don’t know na what destiny has planned for them ).

Flashback ends :::

Back to present:::

Swara- Kiddo,,now it’s been 2 years we r together..u know with time his love,care,respect towards me is only increasing (blushed)… I m blessed to have him as mine… I can’t even imagine my single day without him.

Tomorrow m going back to my home.. i don’t know how will i live? M gonna miss him badly (sobbing)..

But nevermind.. m going to talk to papa about him n our relation(as her mother already knows about Sanskar).
Hope papa understands me n accept us..

But i don’t know why,why m feeling restless, as if something is going to happen..God ji i hope nothing goes wrong n our relation got compl…. (interrupted)

One of her friends- Swara,, come sleep it’s too late . Morning u need to wake up fast..

I shrugged my thoughts aside close my diary n sleep thinking about tomorrow’s blissful morning with each other where will b only Swara n Sanskar..

Next day Swara bid bye to everyone..except Ragini n Sanskar..

She was searching her life,,suddenly she sees him under a tree resting his head n closed eyes like he was in deep thoughts..

Swara-(slowly) –“” Saanskkar””

Sanskar doesn’t say anything n pull her into a breath taking hug.. after departing he captured her lips showing his love ,care n tension to loose her.. Swara also repocrated d kiss with equal passion.. when they were out of breath,,broke the kiss n join there forhead…

Sanskar was feeling restless as he is going to loose something precious..he again hugs her,

Sanskar- Shona plzzz don’t goo .. i’ll miss u…
Swara- i also don’t want to go Sanskar.. but it’s a matter of few days.. i’ll be back to be with u forever.. then this distance will also not b able to separate us.. (Both were crying silently ,, showing how much they gonna miss each other)

Soon they broke the hug n stare each other lovingly…

Now it’s time for bid bye to her sister, her best friend her soul mate Ragini..
Both were weeping,, words are not coming out from throat… they hug n cried their heart out.. between sobbing they both said together..
“” TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF””(smiled a little)(BG music Swaragini plays)

Swara finally bid bye to everyone n went to station with Sanskar…

Here Sanskar was feeling strange to let her go alone so he also decided to go with her …

Swara- Sanskar what’s this? R u also coming with me?*innocent face..

Sanskar- yes, my princess m also coming with u.. afterall our destination is one .. rit..(peaked her cheeks)..

Swara- Waise !! tell me r u scared thinking that something bad will happen with me rit?

Sanskar- Swaraaa(angry)!! (Tightening his grip on her shoulder..)
Never say all this !! Don’t dare too utter all this nonsense.
Nothing bad can happen to u, till m with u… even death also can’t touch u .. if it comes he has to face me first… Understand !!! (he left her shoulder)

Swara felt immense happiness by his words..she back huged him n said “SORRY”.. she peaked his cheeks ..

Swara- I know u r with me Sanskar.. i don’t have any fear when u r with me not even death.. n if the death comes i would love die in ur embrace..

Their half journey has passed.. just few minutes left to get their destination.. both were happy n Swara was talking with her mom…

suddenly they heard a sound “”BBHHOOMM”” n everything went black..

After sometime Sanskar gained consciousness n looked around..his heart stopped beating looking hundreds of dead bodies.

Suddenly he saw his life lying on d ground , breathing heavily n calling his name…

He gets up with immense pain in his body n walk towards her difficultly…

He takes her in embrace,she slowly opens her eyes.. both asked
“Aar..ee u.uu fin..ee??”…
Both nodes(but they know they r not)
Sanskar kissed her forehead…

Swara started breathing more havily..

Swara- s.aa.ns.kar i cca..nt se.e ann..th..ing… so..mee o.nne i..ss is.ss call..ingg me.
Wi.ll wil..ll uu c.oome w.ithh me.. I i .can..t li.vee wi.thout uu..(ahhhh)

Sanskar also started havily n said ” Princ..ess i all.soo c.an see th.e o.ther wor.ld..wh.ere u n me for.ever.. awayy f.rom all d re..lat.ions.

Saying thus both kissed each other for d last time..shut their eyes n their heart finally stopped beating..

They died..they died in each other embrace.. 1st Sanskar n then Swara… fulfilling their promises to be with each other till d last breath.


They r no more in d earth,,, but heaven made them again together forever where no fear if death,, no fear of loosing each other..
They r in paradise in””SWASAN’S PARADISE””

There r winds of Destiny that blow when we least expect them…Sometimes they gust with d fury of a hurricane,,sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek..But d winds can’t be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore..


Thnk u soo much for reading..

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