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SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 13

Hi guys…. Back with epi 13…

Miss roza. I am angel only.Due to different names u got confused.i had replied u but u didn’t bother to check and without knowing truth started to fill ears.Hope u dnt do it again.


RECAP: swara knows akira’s truth.

Lets mold the last scene


sanskar releases hug.
Sanskar:even I am sorry….i slapped u
He kisses her cheek
Sanskar:my penalty
She hugs him again
Sanskar could feel swara’s warm breath on his neck
He kisses swara’s nape.Swara clutches at his shirt
He picks her in his arms and takes her to bed.swara’s eyes are shut.he bends and kisses her forehead.swara opens her eyes

Sanskar:I dnt want to hurt u
Swara smiles and turns him.she sleeps over his chest and wraps his arms around her surprising him.both sleep in each others embrace

Next morning sanskar smiles to see swara sleeping in his embrace.
He thinks: U r a pure soul swara.i have hurt u a lot.it was my anger.my mistake.i am sorry.i hope u will forgive me.i will try my best not to hurt u.u have many questions in ur mind and u will get answers slowly.I hope u wnt hate me after knowing the truth of my past.
Swara wakes u and smiles
Swara:good morning
Sanskar is surprised as she never greeted him morning
Sanskar:so u r trying to accept this relation
Swara:yes…any problem?
Sanskar:no I like it
Sanskar:u r becoming bold
Swara:because I am sanskar maheshwari’s wife
Sanskar looks at her and comes over her.he look into her eyes and both have eye lock.
Sanskar thinks: Why do I see love in her eyes for me??this shouldn’t happen…
He heads to go but swara pulls him and turns over him.she places her lips on his and sanskar gets shocked!!!

Swara cups his face while kissing.sanskar couldn’t control and holds her waist tightly…
Swara bits his lip and their feet massage each other.sanskar rolls her down himself and breaks the kiss to bite her neck.his hands hold her hands tight and she moans as he leaves marks on her neck.he bites her hard
Swara moans: San…sans … Kar
Sanskar goes crazy due to her sounds but stops himself and stands up immediately…
Swara breathes heavily.sanskar rubs his temples

Sanskar:swara…stop driving me crazy
He gets ready and leaves for office while swara doesn’t understand what to do
Swara thinks: I am trying to accept u.i dnt know if I am falling for u.u did bad with me but I know there is good in u.u took care of me.protected me.u have concern for me.just ur past is the hurdle.i have to find out abt it.but how??

Sanskar enters his cabin and throws away the things in anger when Akira enters
Akira:what the hell r u doing??
Sanskar: Akira!!! She shouldn’t love me
Sanskar:yes…i have seen love and care in her eyes for me
Akira: I like it
Sanskar:u think she can change me??? No never …all girls are same…I am not made to be loved… I am empty person…swara will get only pain by me..stop her
Akira:then who asked u to save her from that man???

Fb shows swara studying in college and a man following her.that guys wants swara.his name is kartik…
Kartik is secret lover of swara and is obsessed for her.he is senior to her.when sanskar wanted to take revenge from swara he asked his man to always keep an eye on swara.sanskar found out that kartik is drug addict and a rapist as well.he uses girls and then sells them.sanskar was shocked as kartik wanted swara as well.when sanskar let go of swara to spend night with him , he got details of kartik.

Akira met him next day after sending swara back to her home safely.Sanskar told abt kartik and Akira advised him to help swara.Before sanskar could blackmail swara she was attacked by kartik in a vacant area where he tried to rape her but a person with mask on his face saved swara and beat kartik red and blue.he got police and made him arrest.swara couldn’t thank him as he left at once and police dropped swara home safely.after that incident swara had to hear society’s taunts abt being alone whole night.it was then when sanskar offered her for marriage but she refused and he knew she is stubborn so he risked ger family and thought to agree her…
In short he did this to save her respect
Fb ends

(what a tough fb)

Sanskar:I saved her so that she couldn’t see society’s bl**dy face which u and I had seen…its painful and breaking
Akira: Still u were rude to her
Sanskar: Firstly I couldn’t control myself seeing her on wedding night as I was drunk.secondly the slap and my insult came to my mind…but now…
Akira:now she is changing u
Sanskar:sort of…. But I know that she is like her only
Akira:she is different
Sanskar laughs
Akira:anyways u r getting best businessman award and party and dinner will be in Mumbai…get ready

He nods and leaves home and asks swara to pack bags.swara gets happy for him and packs bags
Chanda calls them for dinner
Swara:will u do me a favour??
Swara:u misbehaved a lot with kaki..apologize to her plz
Sanskar:apologize??and me??
U want sanskar maheshwari to apologize to his housemaid??
Swara:no…. I want a son to apologize to his mother like care taker
Sanskar is at loss of words
Swara holds his hand

Swara:at least remember the times when she used to hug u at nights.when,she used to tell u stories.when she used to play with u.when she used to feed u with her hands.when she used to kiss ur forehead and bless u…
Have u forgot all the times ??
I know AP maa could never give u much time as she was a working lady.but that love and time had been given to u by Chanda kaki…why r u punishing her??
Sanskar thinks

He stands up and goes to Chanda.he sits in her feet and apologizes shocking her.both hug and he reminisces all the moments…he cries and she kisses him all over his face showing her love for a son…
Sanskar turns to swara and hugs her
Sanskar:thank u…i am feeling so relaxed
Swara smiLes.

After sometime they leave for Mumbai along with Akira.they reach hotel and get fresh.they get ready for function at night.raglak come as well and are still getting ready while Akira talks with swasan
Manager:sir the function will take a little time to start as mr and Mrs sahil have to come yet.
Sanskar fumes to gear their names while Akira keeps hand on his shoulder to calm him.swara gets confused…
A guy comes and asks swara for dance but she refuses.sanskar smiles.
Guy:its just a dance…cant I have this right??
Swara holds sanskar’s hand
Swara:my husband possesses all of my rights
Sanskar smiles proudly while guy smirks and leaves

Two voices echoes in sanskar’s mind
Boy:what was the need to dance with him??he was getting so close to u
Girl:so what??he is rich and handsome
Boy:doesn’t matter…
Girl:why the hell r u over reacting??
Boy:m just concerned…why r u saying this??what do y want from him??
Girl:I want him to want me
Boy is shocked
Fb ends

Swara:sanskar…what r u thinking?
Sanskar:u r really different from her
Swara:from whom?
Swara:who kavita??
Sanskar:my wife

Swara is shocked as if a bomb had been dropped on her….

Enjoyed it????
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To be continued


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