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SwaSan! you r my life!(season-3)(episode-9)


Swara:haan kavitha i’m coming


Saying thz she leaves from there

After sometime

Sanskar was searching swara in whole MM ..but didn’t find her anywhere …he gets worried and goes towards raglak room….and knocks the door ..laksh opens
Gets suprised to see sanskar

Laksh:(suprised) bhai ..app yahan kuch chahiye tha kya
Sanskar: (tensed)😧 lucky..did u
Saw swara anywhere
Laksh: (confused) no bhai ..(sanskar gets worried) wat happen bhai ..u r looking tensed

Ragini comes there

Sanskar: (tensed) lucky ..wo swara is not looking anywhere and tab se i’m calling her but she isn’t taking the phone also (to ragini) ragini tumne swara ko kahin dekha kya??
Ragini: no jiju …(something strikes her mind ) but haan she got some call …and left from engagement hall …
Sanskar: wat …😡 wat the hell if she left u might have stopped her or would have told me right
Ragini:😞 sorry jiju …I didn’t stopped her thinking tat she is going to room

Just then sanskar gets a call …he looks at the caller I’d

Sanskar: swara …

He gets happy and lifts the call immediately

#at call#

Sanskar: (happy) ☺ swara …
Other side:sir it’s suresh
Sanskar: (confused) suresh ..u ..
Tumhaare pass swara ka mobile
Kaise (worried) & where is Swara
…..and …
Suresh:(interrupts) sir..sir Swara bhabhi is here I.e in s&s mansion and she is alright …but ….
Sanskar:(confused) but ..kya
And y is she there
Suresh:(fears & fumbles) wo sir ..swara bhabhi….wo….
Sanskar: (angry)😡 tell me further damit …
Suresh:(fears) wo sir actually swara bhabhi came to the mansion along with kavitha

Flash back

S&S mansion

There was knock on the door ..suresh opens the door and finds Swara there

Suresh: (smiles) swara bhabhi u came
Swara:(comes inside) haan suresh

Along with Swara ..kavitha also comes inside the mansion …
Suresh gets shocked to see kavitha

Suresh:u here …wt r u doing here (to Swara) swara bhabhi yeh yahan kya karahi hai ..and where is Sanskar sir he is not looking
Swara:suresh ….Sanskar is at MM only and ….
Kavitha: (interrupts) swara talk to him later …and come with me

Kavitha drags her to upstairs and in thz process swara’s mobile falls….and suresh gets confused and immediately calls Sanskar from swara’s mobile

Flash back ends

Sanskar gets angry and cuts the call 😡

Laksh: wat happen bhai

But avoids his questions and leaves from there immediately

Ragini:😢laksh I wasn’t knowing ki …
Laksh: (cuts off & cups her face) shh it’s k sweetheart ..now leave all thz …and come let’s go behind bhai ..he ws looking angry and u know abt his anger ..mainly if it comes abt swara
Ragini nodes
Both leaves from there


Soon Sanskar reaches s&s mansion …with blood shot eyes😡

Sanskar: suresh😡

Suresh comes there

Suresh: yes sir
Sanskar: where r they

Suresh points towards a room at top….Sanskar gets worried and angry

Sanskar: (mind) (worried )oh god in thz room I had captured all the happy moments of mine and swara’s …when she lost her memory coz thoz photos would affect her health …wat if she see’s thoz photos ..her health ….
😡(anger) and wt the hell thz kavitha is playing now

He immediately leaves to the room and opens it …finds swara unconscious
And kavitha trying to wake her

Kavitha: Swara open ..u r eyes Swara …

Sanskar gets worried for Swara ..
He looks towards kavitha and gets furious with reddish eyes
Goes towards her …and gives a tight slap to her ….she looks at him and fears

Kavitha: (fears & fumbles) s…a..n..

He ws abt to slap her once again but stop hearing ….swara screaming in pain holding her head


Sanskar:(looks at her) swara…

He gets worried and takes her head in his lap …and pats her cheeks

Sanskar:(worried) swara …swara
Open ur eyes …swara

Kavitha: (fumbles) sa..nskar wo

Just then raglak comes there
And was suprised and shocked to see the scenario

Laksh: bhai …wt happen
Sanskar: lucky ..(worried ) wo swara …she is..
Kavitha:(takes a breath & interrupts) Sanskar plzz take her to city hospital
Sanskar:😡 just close ur hell mouth …
Laksh: bhai ..clam down and let’s take Swara to the hospital … We can talk later

Sanskar nodes and lifts swara in his arms …and takes her to city hospital


City hospital

Sanskar was sitting worriedly ..
a drop of tear escapes his eyes ..
He wipes it

Sanskar: (mind) no no nothing will happen to my swara still I’m alive

Laksh and ragini looks on sadly
Kavitha was hiding behind a pillar looking at them

Just then doctor comes there

Doctor: Mr SM

Sanskar looks at him and immediately stands …goes towards him

Sanskar:doctor …how is my wife is she fine right
Doctor: Mr SM …u only go and see

Points towards a room ….sanskar gets confused ..goes to the room
With shivery legs
He enters the room and finds swara with closed eyes …
He looks on and gets worried

Sanskar: swara …

Swara opens her and looks at him with a smile …he gets confused +,suprised

Swara:(lovingly) Sanskar ..come here

He goes towards her with suprised look ..stands before her
….she holds his wrist and makes him sit on the bed beside her
And cups his face and peck his lips lovingly
He gets shocked by her act and looks at her

Swara:(smiles with teary eyes) kya howa apni swara ko hug nahi karoge

At thz he gets more shocked and looks deeply into his eyes …. And got tat she is his swara …who loves him more than anything
For whom he is her life …
Yes She is fine now with memory back …he gets teary eyes and immediately hugs her …nuzzling his face in her neck …tightly
While she smiles and caresses his hairs lovingly
He releases the hug and kisses her all over her face

Sanskar,: (cups her face) Jaan

Swara nodes her head with smile
And hugs him

Raglak looks at them with a smile …
Kavitha was hiding …she has a smile on her face
Swara looks at her …she was abt to go …but Swara releases the hug and stops her

Swara: kavitha …rukhu

Kavitha turns and looks at Swara
…sanskar gets angry seeing kavitha and dails a number
But swara snatches his mobile

Swara:wt r u doing sanskar
Sanskar: Jaan give me mobile
I wanna talk to police to put her behind the bars
Swara:no Sanskar u aren’t doing anything like thz …
Sanskar: swara she harmed u .. 😡 and I won’t tolerate the one who harms u …u know tat right
Swara:arey baba 1st listen to me ..
She didn’t harm me …important thing it is only coz of her u got back ur love ur jaan

Sanskar:(confused) wat???
Swara:haan Sanskar ..actually tat day …


SwaSan room

Kavitha:swara I wanna talk to u abt something which is very important
Swara:haan bolo
Kavitha:swara we know each other but we aren’t friends …
I know u lost ur memory if u wouldn’t have lost ur memory surely u would have slap me
Swara:(confused) wat ..but y would I slap u
Kavitha:coz u hate me …hate me coz (She tells everything played tricks on Sanskar in past …swara gets angry) I know swara u r angry ..and u r not wrong to be tat .(tears)..but u and thz life have already given me the punishment for the thing I have done in past ..but swara Sanskar is nice guy …and (thinks something) swara leave all thz ..
Plzzz if u can ..meet me 2mro

Listening to her talks swara gets angry at 1st but later feels sad seeing her tears

Swara:hmm k ..but y
Kavitha:swara…..My fiancé Nikhil is a very good and nice doctor
I want him to treat u .. He is a best doctor …so…can u meet me
Kavitha:hmm k swara plz don’t frgt wat I told u and plzzz meet me 2mro

Flashback ends

Swara;and after uttara’s marriage I got kavitha’s call …so I left to meet her ….then
Kavitha: (interrupts) Nikhil treated her and asked me to take her and show some memories which has been earsed from her mind …so I took her here
(Sanskar looks on suprised) Sanskar I know u aren’t convinced still but trust me I’m changed ..(tears) its all coz of my dad’s death ….I realized my mistake

“Yes she is she right” a voice comes …all looks at the person … He is non other than doctor who face is covered with mask…
He removes the mask

Nikhil:yes Sanskar …plzz forgave kavitha
Swara:😞 yes Sanskar Nikhil is right …plzzz …

He cuts off her words and hugs her tightly

Sanskar: I missed u jaan.
Swara:me too my cute hero


Precap:last episode
Hi guys thz is tanu …hope u liked thz epi …and thanks. A lot for ur comment in previous epi and plz do comment comment guys …by tc love u bye 😘😘😘😘

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