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Swasan: Was It All Her Fault? (Few Shots ~ Part 1)

Swasan: Was It All Her Fault? (Few Shots)
Part 1

In case if someone missed out on the introduction, here’s the link below:


Swasan: Was It All Her Fault? (Few Shots ~ Introduction)

“Open the door”, I yelled from my study. “Ragini”, I shouted again after a fraction of seconds. “Oh..she went out in the morning nah..”, I thought and walked out of my study. I ran towards the door and hurriedly opened the door.

“I’ve told you not to go out early in the morning”, I complained. Ragini who was standing at the doorstep replied, “Sorry na bhai. Actually, I’d an important article to work upon so, just went to see through it.” “Okay fine. Come in”, I said as a girl peeped from behind her. “Ragini, who’s she?”, I asked. “I’ll tell you. Swara, come in”, she said walking in.

She kept her side bag on the sofa and then turned around to face me. “Bhai, can she stay with us for the next few days?”, she asked as I looked on expressionless. “Ragini!”, I exclaimed. “Hold on. Swara, you go into that room. You freshen up then I’ll talk to you”, she said as Swara nodded her head and went into the guest room.

“She’s pretty I must admit. She looks completely elegant in that Indian outfit. But, why did Ragini bring her here?”, I thought as Ragini shouted, “Bhai, please!” “Ragini”, I shouted widening my eyes as she shouted. “Acha you sit down and don’t shout at me”, she said. I sat down while Ragini sat down beside me. “Why did you bring a stranger home Ragini?”, I asked. “Let me speak”, she replied. I folded my arms across my chest as she said, “Bhai, actually when I was returning after working on that article, I found her near a temple. I walked towards her and found her to be decent enough. I asked her what happened but, she seemed to be too depressed about it and suddenly started crying hugging me. So, I just couldn’t leave her over there alone.” “Ragini?”, I muttered as she held her ears and said, “Sorry na bhai. Let her stay for some days. May be we can even sort out her problem.” I sternly looked at her as she squealed, “Please!” I smiled and patting her cheek said, “I’m proud of you. I didn’t know when my sister became so mature.” She laughed and replied, “I’ll be back soon. I’ll just check on her.” I smiled allowing her as she walked away to the guest room.

“We both have always been best friends rather than siblings. Ragini shared everything with me after maa and paa’s death and I became her guardian since then. We’ve an age gap of almost 9 years and Ragini has been my responsibility after maa’s and paa’s death”, I thought. “Maa, paa, see. Your Ragu has become so mature. I’m so proud of her”, I said standing in front of maa and paa’s picture as a drop of tear flowed down my cheek. “Bhai”, Ragini shouted from downstairs. “Coming Ragini”, I replied and wiping my tears went downstairs.
Hello! First of all, thank you so much for commenting on the introduction and supporting me. I’m really sorry for not replying to all your comments individually as I was really keeping busy because of Dussehra. I apologise for uploading this one late as well.

Anyways, did you all like the start or not? Please drop down your views regarding it. I’d be eagerly waiting to know your views. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill comments.

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