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Swasan trust me intro…

Thankyou so much guys for giving mr coment and liking my story…I will soon Post epi 1 but before then here little intro about the Charakter…n plzzzz if I do any mistake plzzzz tell me it will help me alot to turn a Bad story in good…

Swara gododia sweet cute a bubbly Girl she only knew how to enjoy her life And make other people happy she never wished for her but one incident changed her life totally now she is independent and a very strong Girl….


Shekhar sharmishta parents of swaragini

Ragini gododia swaras twin Sister helped her father in his Business

Maheshwari family

Ap dp parents of adarsh and laksh

Pareenita adarsh wife

Laksh maheshwari doing Business with his father and brother

Rp n sujata maheshwari parents of uttra sanskar but sanskar doesnt live with them

For the family member He is dead but only uttra and sujata Care about him and trying to find him

Sanskar khana ak sanskar maheshwari the great Business Tycoon of India and london people only knew as SK nobody have Seen him in Media He lives with his only 2 best friends They r his life
Arjun and purvi They are orphan Arjun purvi love each other purvi is like Sister to sanskar so He treat her like his Sister only and also have a Bad past

Hope you guys like it…….

Note….this story will be start After 3 years…so there will be also Flashback scene..I hope you will like…

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