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Why people always questioning swara’s feeling to Sanskar.. they are EQUAL guyz… they have same feeling for each other, that are my few observation about them

1.You blamed swara when she insulted sanskar’s love during fake marriage.
If you were in swara’s shoes, will you accept the person who separated you from your love in short time ? won’t you suspicious about his intention ? but Swara paid it back by proved Sanskar’s innocent. THEY ARE EQUAL…

2.During rashoi, Sanskar called ragini to a room and showed her many CD about her bad deeds, Sanskar had have many proves but didn’t show them in public, wonder why.. he used Swara ? but Swara paid back by used Sanskar to get a rid Laksh from her life. THEY ARE EQUAL…

3.During ragini kidnapped case, sanskar proved his love to Swara, burn the blanket, fasting for her, etc etc still Swara distrusted him, but Swara paid back by got distrusted from Sanskar, she should prove her love by solved his family problem..THEY ARE EQUAL…

4.Swara questioned Sanskar’s feeling during kavita drama, you blamed Swara..
if you put yourself in Swara’s shoes and the facts that:
a. Sanskar ever took revenge for Kavita,(shown how deep his love) she was his target
b. Sanskar ever choose Kavita over her
c. Swara’s first love was snatched, she knew the pain.
(all facts related to Sanskar’s bad deeds)
won’t you questioning him based the facts ?
Swara’s insecurity toward Sanskar was created by Sanskar himself,..THEY ARE EQUAL….

5.Sanskar and Swara had ever have enemies, Urvashi want Swara, Kavita want sanskar
Sanskar tried to protect Swara, Swara almost die many time,,THEY ARE EQUAL…

6.Sanskar tried to save swara by marrying Kavita, swara escaped from jail for sanskar ….THEY ARE EQUAL…

7.Swara played prank by ignoring sanskar, swara got unintentionally slap from Sanskar…THEY ARE EQUAL….

8.Swara got bangle, Sanskar got his first night..THEY ARE EQUAL… *wink

9. Swara almost die and got memory loss for saving Sanskar’s sister, Sanskar suffered swara’s hatred…THEY ARE EQUAL…

10.Sanskar helped Swara in chotu case, Swara ever left his papa for Sanskar family…THEY ARE EQUAL…

11. Sanskar’s white lie by become Kissan, Swara’s white lie to unite sanskar’s family and prove his innocent …THEY ARE EQUAL….

12.Sanskar tried to leave Swara for his ego, now Swara trying to leave Sanskar for her sister…THEY ARE EQUAL….

13. Sanskar threatened Swara about his life, Swara threatened DP for his innocent…THEY ARE EQUAL….

More than that, Many swasan fans said that Sanskar always fulfill Swara’s demand in every way no matter how stupid they were. the reason is Swara is a Master Plan, a smart person, of course sanskar will follow her plans…. and that is swara’s quality which made sanskar proud of her and love her madly…OMG!…
That are my opinion about my Swasan, you can add them or share your opinion….

be frank, i wrote it for my friend Heltej, i promised her an OS but i can’t fulfill it as my story got deleted few days ago (blamed to my carelessness,hiks),
so Heltej Dear, better you enjoy Kakali’s story –DREAM– , Swara become ganda ladki there! huh!

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