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Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 5)

Swara is suprised looking her name on the flowers. Everything she had imagined was wrong. The chocolates were for her only. But who could it be? ( sorry guys but m not going to reveal it so soon coz let it be a secret since he is the secret lover but enjoy reading and go with the flow)
She has shifted here only two days ago. All the questions still playing scramble in her mind until sharmista comes there.
Sharmista: what are you still doing here? Are you not going to freshen up?
Swara: ma see these… I was right ma I had not got those chocolates now see I got some flowers. She shows her.
Sharmista: leave it shona! Why do you care? We will discuss this later. Throw them away.
Swara she looks at them: but ma they look so nice and pretty.
Sharmista: then why are you worried? Either throw them or keep them dont bother.
Swara: ok I’ll keep them. Why had you come?
Sharmista hits her head : I came to ask you did you not do anything?
Swara: what?
Sharmista: as far as I know you , you must have done something too.
Swara tries to ignore:ma I need to freshen up. She tries to go.
Sharmista holds her hand: tell me what did you do?
Swara: I just punctured his bike.She leaves before sharmista says anything.

Sharmista: this girl! Don’t know when she will grow up. Even that guy both of them are so kiddish. She calls swara: shona m going out! I will come in few minutes. I m locking the door from outside.
Swara screams: ok ma..


In the market
Sanskar is pushing his bike in the garage.
Mechanic: what happened sanskar bhai?
Sanskar: just fix my tires. Someone punctured them.
Mechanic: it will take 30 minutes. Will you have something?
Sanskar: no just fix them. I’ll shop and be back to you.
Sanskar comes back in 20 minutes with shopping bag in his hand.
Sanskar: are you done?
Mechanic: yea.. You may take it.
Sanskar sits and comes out and slightly bangs sharmista
Sanskar: shit!
All the bags fall from her hand and people gather there.
Sanskar: are you ok?
Sharmista: a.. Yea
People shout at sanskar
Sharmista: its ok everyone I am fine. Dont shout at him.
People go from there. Sanskar helps her picking up the bags.
Sanskar: I am so sorry , I was in a rush. Are you hurt?
Sharmista: no.. I am ok. No need to say sorry. I should have noticed you.
Sanskar: are you going home? Let me drop you.
Sharmista: its ok I will help myself.
Sanskar insists and sharmista sits on the bike.

On the way
Sanskar: you did not tell me where to drop you?
Sharmista: yea… Just drop me near green woods apartment.
Sanskar: thats my place too. Are you new there?
Sharmista: yea.. Just shifted.
Sanskar: if you need anything just call me. I am always ready to help.
They reach.
Sanskar carries his bags and takes sharmista’s bags too.
Sharmista: let it be beta.. I will manage.
Sanskar: ivalso stay in your wing only… Its no big deal aunty. After all I banged you.
Sharmista: ok fine. By the way what is your name?
Sanskar: sanskar
They reach sharmista’s apartment. Sanskar bids bye and goes up.

In sanskar’s apartment
Sanskar calls ragini
Sanskar: saw today what your bhai did to that swara?
Ragini: no but it was too bad.
Sanskar: you should have seen her face . It was worth looking.
Ragini: don’t you think it was too much?
Sanskar: please ragini .. Dont think that she is a saint. She punctured my tires before going home and I had to push my bike to the market.
Ragini: hahaha.. But how did you know it was her?
Sanskar: she left a note… For insulting me infront of everyone…stoneface
Ragini laughs again: by the way stoneface sounds nice on you.
Sanskar: shut up! And sanki sounds nice on her.
Ragini: did you eat what ma sent for you?
Sanskar: a.. No.. I will just check it out.
Sanskar checks the bag and finds different stuff.
Sanskar: I exchanged my bag.
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: actually I exchanged the bag with the lady I met. I’ll just get it. Ragini I’ll call you back. Bye .
Ragini: bye.

Sanskar rings the bell.
Sharmista: shona just see who is it.
Swara: yea ma .
Sanskar rings the bell continously
Swara: who the hell is ringing the bell like a mad person.
She opens it and finds sanskar.
Swara: you?!! What the hell are you doing here?
Sanskar equally shocked: you?!
Swara: are you following me?
Sanskar: me and follow you! I might not even follow you on instagram. Sanki.
Swara: stoneface!
Sharmista hears them and comes out: shona why are shouting?
Swara: ma he is following me.
Sharmista looks at sanskar
Sanskar: aunty I think I exchanged my bag . Will you please get it?
Sharmista: yea..
Swara: ma you know him?
Sharmista: swara he is our neighbour. He stays upstairs. He is not following you.
Sanskar gives swara a smirk.
Sharmista gives him his bag and takes hers.
Sharmista: how do you know each other?
Swara: he is the same guy who I was telling you about.
Sanskar: yea and she is the same girl responsible for my punctured bike.
Swara: stoneface
Swara: stoneface
Sanskar: sanki
Sharmista gets irritated: stop it both of you. You guys are worse than kids. She takes swara inside.
Thanks for reading guys. Do comment. I know you all want to know who’s the secret lover. But let it be a secret for a while just go with the flow. I hope you liked this one though its a little boring. I might not be able to upload for a week due to exams but will try my best to post atleast 1 or 2 . Please do comment. Thanks a lot💛💚💙✌✌

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