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Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 13) ( Sanskar’s POV)

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This one will b short as m just here to fulfill my promise … Hope u remember ….

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Episode 12
Episode 12

So here we go with the next one ….

Sanskar’s POV

Its been two hours we returned from the party …. However I was much tired after this busy day …but now sleep is far from my eyes from so long m just thinking abt Swara and a number of surprises she gave me today ( which were ultimately shocks ) ….

I never expected her arrival there or shud I say I forgot that uncle (Shekhar) is also a business man ….. When I first saw her their I was just lost in my Swara ….
Oh God wat did I just said my swara ….. ( unknowingly a smile appeared on his lips )

‘No sanskar forget the fact she is urs …. She is not…. U were the one who broke up with her … Now don’t dare to call her urs’

His brain alerted him …. Again she slipped in today evening’s memories…

Today I saw her first time in Sari although it was compulsory in our farewell to wear Sari and she was even too excited for that but at last she showed up so late …. All of us thought that she won’t come but she came and that too not in sari, she was a Frock suit that tym while she gave us the excuse that she got hurt in her leg so she was not comfortable in Sari but I only know that she doesn’t wore sari cause it was bought by us together (hope u all remember that flash back who all don’t so pls refer to 9th Episode I guess A part
.. Even I don’t remember the episode no )

I know she was hurt to the core at that time but I was not at all happy after giving her pain ….. M still cursing myself for giving her so much of pain but I was not having any other choice. …. I know still she doesn’t hate me … She knew the reason of my harsh behavior towards her but still she messaged me every single day since last seven years …. But at reunion party wat I did again broke me …. I know I really hurt her to the core this time but seeing Dhruv’s condition I lost my calm…. just one thing was running in my mind that my friend is suffering due to her betrayal …. Out of anger I slapped her which I least expected from myself …. I never in my worst dreams thought that I could even slap her ……

In spite of knowing her nature….. How could I do that …..

(He stood up from the bed and moved towards his side cabinet… He opened the drawer and took out a photo )

(Then he moved towards the window and sat on the couch placed near it )

(He started talking to the person in that pic )

I m sorry Swara …. Pls if possible forgive me …. I know because of my deed u r not even messaging me …. M not even ur friend now ( a lone tear escaped through his eyes )

Each word that you said today was correct I was the one who left you seven years ago …. And recently I only broke our friendship that was still alive for name sake ….

Now m nothing to u …. M a stranger ….. I know u not only u I have hurt my buddy Kunal also …. I don’t know how could I speak so much if rubbish for u ….. I m want to ask forgiveness from u both for hurting u but …..
Today also when I moved towards u …. I was sure to ask forgiveness not only for slapping u but for accusing u badly… For raising a finger on u … But the thought that u r not mine and someone else’s shattered me again and all I could say was sorry for slapping u ….
( by the time u must have realized that it is Swara’s pic)

I can bear ur taunts whole life but the fact that u consider me a stranger I cannot bear ….

I still remember the worst day of my life when ……

Precap: beginning of teaser …..


M really sorry for this episode …. Please please please avoid mistakes as m really very sleepy nd my mind is not working …. I have not even read it once before posting do tell me how was it ….. And yeah I don’t know what I wrote in this episode …. Hope u like it …. And yeah do comment otherwise I’ll post next chapter veryyyy late …. Not before Monday …..


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