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Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 15)

Hi everyone …. Hope u all r doing gud….
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And this part is specially for u Kakali Di … U first tym asked me to write something according to ur will but at that tym I couldn’t as it was against my story line but Now m including that ….


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Episode 14

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So here we go with the next part ….

Recap: Present- Sanskar’s POV
Past: Dhruv proposing Swara ….


Flashback continues ….

I was not able to listen further so I just left the place without anyone’s notice … Tears were forming in my eyes ….
I locked my self in washroom to calm myself which was nearly impossible r8 now …. I was …..

Flashback ends

Sanskar was disturbed by the sound of alarm and then only he got to know that its 6 in the morning and whole n8 he was awake thinking abt the past …. He put off the alarm and covered himself with the blanket …. And soon dozed off as he was hell tired by now…..


Swara was sitting in her room going through some patient’s file …. She was actually trying to concentrate on work but couldn’t …. She was also engrossed in her thoughts …. Till now she didn’t knew that Laksh is Sanskar’s brother but now when she is aware of that fact she was becoming restless as now she will have to cook up new stories to save the truth from coming out ….

Swara’s POV

Yesterday was really a expensive day for me …. First I met Sanskar there unexpectedly ….. I danced with him…. After so many years we danced together …. In school we use to practice couple dance for just fun …. Laksh and Aditya were praising our chemistry , they thought that we first tym danced together but they don’t know that this bonding is not new but is 11 years strong …. However we never met in last seven years but some things always remains the same …
Yesterday the Swara Sanskar dancing were not the ones who r living now but the Swara Sanskar who used to live seven years ago … Who never needed any practice or rehersal to do something together but their natural chemistry and bond was enough to make any task successful …..

They never needed to say their problems or feelings to each other but their face their eyes were enough to convey messages …

But … Now…. But now everything is changed …. Everything …. The ones who were so close our now separated by a huge wall …. Which will never allow each other’s feelings to penetrate through it ….

(She stood up from her chair of her study table and moved towards her wardrobe )

(She took out a watch from there and started caressing it )

Sansku u said that nothing can change our friendship our care towards each other …. It will always remain the same but now u only messed everything …. U accused me …. U raised ur hand on me …. U doubted mine and Kunal’s relation…. How could u Sanskar. … How could u ….
(By now tears were flowing from her eyes )
U slapped me that was alright , u accused me for Dhruv’s condition that was also okay … As I knew that u were really tensed … U were panicking at that tym … But how could u say anything to Kunal … U know that very well that he is more than a friend to me … He is a brother for me … He understands me more than Megha but then also u …..

What do you think that yesterday I behaved rudely with you cause of my ego … No it was not my ego … But my heart which was stopping me to b nice with u … U have deeply hurt me … And yesterday too u did the same by considering me in some stupid relation with Dhruv ….
Now I have decided that I’ll not forgive u so easily. .. I know this is not the solution of any problem but I can’t tolerate any more heart break ….

(She wiped her tears and went to freshen up )


Swara in her cabin when some one called her. …. She was busy with her patient at that tym … When the patient exited she grabbed her phone to check who called ….
It was a call from unknown number …. She was thinking that who may call her when again that number flashed on screen ….

Mobile conversation …

Os : Dr Swara speaking ?
Swara: Yaa … May I know with whom m I talking ?
Os: Swara this is Aditya …. Aditya singhania …. Yesterday we met at the party … Hope u remember. …
Swara : Yes Mr. Singhania I remember … Actually I forgot to save ur number. .

( Laksh, Ragini and Aditya exchanged their phone numbers … Last day. … So Swara also had to give her number…..)
Aditya: No problem….. Actually I wanted to meet u … Today … If u r free ?
Swara: What happened Mr Singhania all oky ?
Aditya: Ya ya everything is fine …. Actually I wanted to discuss my nephew’s case with u …. U remember one day when we collided with each other…. Outside the hospital …. I came their for him only .
Swara: Oky Mr singhania …. Ummm …. Few more patients r left for checkup … After that m free …. So we can meet after one hr ….
Aditya: Oky Swara …. Will meet u after an hour …. I’ll come their to pick u

Swara: No no Mr singhania … I can manage

Aditya : no Swara it will become late by the tym …
Swara: Oky .. But my car …. It is here only

Aditya: I’ll send my driver there …. He will leave ur car at ur house ….now its fine or any other excuse

Swara: no no it’s fine … Thnk u Mr singhania

After an hour ….

Sanskar was in a cafe with some clients. …

He was busy in some meeting when he saw Swara entering the same cafe with someone … He was not able to see the man …

Here Swara and Aditya had their seats and started their convo

Swara: Hmmmm …. Now say Mr singhania. .. Wat u wanted to talk

Aditya: Swara m I having grey hair ?

Swara : No Mr Singhania …. Y so ?

Aditya : Oh then m I ur business client ?

Swara: no … How can u b my business client m a Doctor

Aditya : Accha then y r u calling me Mr Singhania … Mr Singhania …. Again and again ( imitating her)

By the time Mr Maheshwari ( I mean Sanskar) ended his meeting and came near them ….

Hearing Aditya Swara started laughing

Swara: (while laughing )
Oky Oky Mr singhania ….Ooops Aditya Sry now I will not call u by ur sr. Name

Here Sanskar was burning in jealousy seeing her laughing with Aditya ….

Swaditya started discussing abt Aditya’s nephew but Sanskar was not able to listen anything as he was present at a good distance from them … So all he could do was to listen …

After discussing abt that they started talking abt random stuffs …. Swara started feeling free with him ( C Aditya is not negative but can’t predict abt future😛 )

Sanskar’s jealousy was gradually rising and now it was at its peak cause now Swara was talking freely with him

Sanskar: Y the hell this idiot is sticking to my Swara … I swear I’ll kill him …. Yesterday also he danced with her and now talking

Swaditya were talking when suddenly Someone tapped on her shoulder she turned towards the person and was shocked to c him

She was not reacting as if she has seen a ghost👻 …
Aditya: Are Sanskar u here …. Come come join us
Sanskar: Oh Hello Mr Singhania …. Hi Swara

Swara just gave a fake smile and said hi Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar frowned at her calling him Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar joined them and soon they had their supper … Sanskar and Aditya were talking and Swara was just talking to Aditya …. Or giving one word answers to Sanskar

They finished eating when Aditya received a call
After attending the call
Aditya: Swara I need to leave there is some emergency at my house …
Swara: everything Oky Aditya ….
Aditya: ya Swara just I need to Go … But then how will u manage to go home

Swara: it’s Oky Aditya I can manage…. Don’t worry
Aditya: no no Swara I can’t let u go alone …. Sanskar can u do me a favor
Sanskar: ya Aditya say
Aditya: can u pls drop her home
Swara: no Aditya it’s not needed … I’ll go alone

Aditya: Swara u b quite
Sanskar u tell can u

Sanskar: ya sure Aditya

Swara was not able to deny due to Aditya

Aditya: so I’ll take a leave now… Meet u both again
He stood up and Sanskar and Aditya shared a hug
After Aditya went Sanskar saud
Sanskar: Swara chalein ( Swara can we move)
Swara just nodded

To be continued ….


So completed with this chapter was a longggg one ….. Hope u liked it …. I got 26 comments in the last Episode excluding my replies and other conversations. ….

Kakali Di once u asked me to show Sanskar jealous ….. And make him feel like a dustbin. .. Hehe
Sry don’t know abt dustbin but I tried to show jealousy ….

I know it was a boring chapter and sorry for that but guys do comment …. And sry for not showing whole flashback but will show it soon all in one Episode …. I know u guys want to beat me for that … But I’ll do it soon … Till den enjoy this track ….
Will take a leave ….

Chalo now Shoot ur comments … And take care


Hi everyone I don’t know y telly updates had not posted my ff …. Yesterday I submitted at 6 in the evening but still its not posted …. I wanted to give u all an episode on Sunday but now only when I came back home I saw that it is still not posted ….. Sorry for the inconvenience and here m posting it again …. Thank God I copied it before submitting …

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