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SwaSan Short Story : Ajab Ghazab Ishq By Goldie & Alekhya (Intro/Prologue)

Hello Guyz..So Here I M Ur Goldie wid Another Short Story wid My Frnd Alekhya.We Came Up with A New Concept…The Prologue will be Lil Confusing but I Guarantee U will Love The Story…

So Here is da Prologue..Hope U will Like The Prologue??.





Scene 1:-

A Business Tycoon is shown working busily in his office…he is a dream boy for girls…many girls drool over over him…and many girls try hard to get a chance to talk with him…his name is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…listening to this name businessman get tensed due to his market value…and girls die for him…

One fine day:-

He was going to attend an important business meeting with other company…there he saw a girl and was shocked….

SANSKAR(monologue):- shona…what is she doing here?? At this time…she is supposed to be in college know…what is my sister doing here I need to know…

On the other side even the girl was shocked seeing him…she did not understand what was happening around her…

SWARA(monologue):- bhai…what is sanky doing here??? I guess he is a college going boy..then how come he is here at this time…what is happening???

Scene 2:-

In college:-

A girl is shown entering college with a bright smile on her face…she was very excited…all the boys were looking at her…she enjoyed this special treatment…as she was going to canteen…a boy saw her and was shocked he was none other than sanky…

Sanky(monologue):- wat the hell!!! Wat is my sister doing here??? I thought she was busy in her office work…did she come here due to some work or did she get some complaint on me???

The girl who was going to canteen noticed that boy…she was equally shocked…for a second she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Shona(monologue):- oh no…what is my bhai doing here??? Did I do any mistake?? Oh no I’m so scared…why is he not in office??? Definitely he would have come for me…I would have done something…God pls save me..


So guys who is Shona???
Who is swara??
Are they both same or different??
Same goes with Sanskar??
Why are they calling each other bro and sis??

???? Guys I know u ppl want to throw tomatoes and eggs if possible even chappal on us..for making swara and Sanskar calling each other bro sis…nd not giving the character sketch also??? but bacho picture Abhi baki hai???

To know more keep waiting for the first part..but for now we are leaving???

And guys in this tension and suspense don’t forget to like and comment..ok I’m Going bye??


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