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SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 7

Last epi ends with their train part
Today’s epi:
they reached Kashmir
Swaragini n khushi in one room
Sanlak n arnav in one room
N other friends in another room

Sanlak room
Arnav was going out
Laksh – where r u going??(he winks 2 sanskar)
Sanskar – yes v will also go n have fun
Sanksar- lets go
They started coming with arnav n smiling teasingly
Ranav- alr8 m going 2 meet khushi
Lakhs- so say like that na
Arnav holds their hands n plead 2 them 2 let him go , they laugh n tease him n he goes


Swaragini room
Ragini – m tired
Swara- me 2
Swaragini n khushi settle their clothes n sat down on d bed
Khyshi- c snowfall!! I love it ( she smiles )
Ragini – v will call bhai n tell him 2take u out
Swara – sooooo romantic( khushi lost in her thoughts )
Swaragini stitle a laugh …Arnav enters
swara- what a timing jiju
Ragini – yes bhai bhabhi was missing u so much
Arnav comes 2 khushi swaragini do not move arshi looked at them
swara- Ragini let’s leave some1 needs privacy
They came out n start laughing
Ragini ( shoutingly ) enjoy bhai !!
Swara- where 2 go now ??
Ragini -let’s go 2 laksh room
Swara- m seeing some1 is getting attracted 2 someone very much (teasingly)
Ragini- sanskar is also there
Swara- so what ur work of seeing laksh will b done…….don’t hide anything ragu say na I promise I will not say 2 any1
Ragini- swaaaraa stop it ….its nothing as u r thinking
Swara – reaaally
Ragini – reaaally ……now lets go
Swara giggles

Sanlak room l

Swaragini enters without knocking
N sanlak were shirtless ( they were wearing their jeans )
Swaragini were shocked
Swasanraglak- aaaaaahhh
Swaragini immediately turns around
Ragini – what r u all doing ..can’t u locked d door
Laksh – ohhhh hello u came without locking
Swara- u shameless people …dont u have manners ?
Sanskar -after doing the mistake u both r complaining also ….hands off 2 u glrs
Swara – what do u mean ( she turns around shouts n again turn around)
Ragini – wear ur shirts…stupid people

Swaragini goes out sanlak wear their shirts
Swaragini enters thy were a bit embarrassed
Laksh – m getting bored …let’s go out
Swasanrag- yes ,lets go out

Four of them went out

Mall road
Ragini was wearing red top , red sweater , black jeans ,n grey muffler
Swara was wearing black top , white jacket , white jeans
Swara- wow ! Such a beautiful place
Ragini – yes swara, very beautiful
Sanlak was staring at them
Swara clicked her fingers in front if them n they came 2 reality
Swara- where were u lost
Ragini & don’t u wanna do some shopping ?
Sanskar- aaa ..let’s go
Laksh- yes lado let’s go
Ragini- don’t call me by that name it’s only for my family members n swara
Sanskar- come shona v will go
Swara- shut up…n nvr call me by that name ..get that clapear in ur mind
Laksh- laado , laado, laado
Sanskar- shona, shona ,shoan
They ran awatpy n swaragini started running behind them
They stopped n all 4 were breathing heavily
Suddenly all 4 of them starts laughing
Swara- let’s start shopping now
They shopped n den left d place ( sry I could not manage in much details )
Ragini – m feeling hungry
Laksh – sone1 was calling me bhukkad
Ragini glares at him
Then they all went 2 a restaurant
Evry1 had their respective dishes
Then swara as usual took out some dairy milks n gave 2 all of them
Sanskar – y do u always carry dairy milks??
Swara- bcoz I love it n v don’t know when v need to celebrate
Sanskar stares at her

Epi ends
Recap- surprise!

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