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SwaSan OS: Tere Bin (Part 1)


Hey guys. It’s me Shrinjal back with other OS..This one will be written with Swara’s and Sanskar’s POV.


The story opens up at a girl entering a collage..
*** **** ***

Nothing new! Always ragging! What do seniors get while ragging? Hope I enjoy here..I don’t know anyone here..Some seniors saw at me but without paying attention to them I went to my class. I bumped into a guy. I was hell angry on him.

“Can’t you see and walk?” I asked..

When I saw his face. I froze for a moment! He too froze at me..

“Sanskar!” I shouted

“Swara!” He too shouted on his breath.

I was happy on seeing him. But what did he feel?
*** ***** ****

I was so happy on seeing her! The the reality struck us!

“We both are in the same class!” She told me.

“Yes!” I told her smiling at her.

I didn’t knew why I was happy..

“Sanskar. …Will you sit with me?” She asked me.

“Yes..Why not? Come. .” I said.

“We’ll sit in the last bench.” She told me.

I just nodded in agreement.
*** ****** ******

We sat in the last bench. I was surprised as he didn’t asked me why to sit in the last bench, when all the front seats were vacant. Soon, our professor arrived..I didn’t give any attention to what he was saying, I just noted down everything. Soon the day was over, we went in our hostels and we’re again surprised!

“You stay here?” He asked me.

“Yes I do.” I said.

We were neighbours..Wow! Awesome feeling!
*** ***** ****

Next day we both entered the class together and again sat in the last bench, together again! Today we talked a lot! Our professor arrived late. So we were playing pen fighting..We enjoyed a lot! Day by day, I got another feeling when I sat with her..One day..We both were writing what our professor was writing..Suddenly Swara’s pen fell down..Our both head’s collided and we both touched the pen at the same time!

“Sorry!” I said..

“I’m also sorry.” She said.
*** ******* ****

One say he called me and asked me to come to a place with him.

“But why Sanskar?” I asked him.

“How much questions you ask Swara! Just wait and watch.” He said me.

Soon we came to a beautifully decorated place..On the wall was written ‘I love you Swara’. I was shocked. When I looked at him, he was sitting on his knees..

“Swara..When we were in school..I began loving you..I loved you from 8th standard. I thought I loved you from class 5th. But I had a crush on you..Will you marry me? Will you join my name with yours?” He asked me..
***** **** ****

When I opened my eyes..I didn’t found her..I was sad..I began searching her and saw her at the end of the place, near the pond..She was crying hard..Seeing that, I was too feeling like crying..After all, who would like their love crying? I went near her and placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Swara..If you don’t love me..Then it’s fine I will go from……” I didn’t complete my sentence when she hugged me!

“Sanskar…The truth is that I love you too…From class 7th!” She said..

“But no one would accept me after knowing this truth..” She said.

“Which truth?” I asked her.

She loved her hairs backwards and I saw a bitten mark on her neck. I was shocked.

** She is not raped.**

“Swara….I loved you…Love you and will always love you!” I said.

She looked at me with lots of love.. We had a sweet eye-lock!

“Really? will you?” She asked me.

“Yes Swara! I have a gift for you..” I said.

“Which gift?” She asked me..

“Close your eyes” I said..

She did the same..She felt something on her hands and neck..She touched it and opened her eyes..It was a beautiful ring and a necklace written ‘SwaSan’ on it.

Hey guys. .
It’s the part I. I’ll try uploading next part soon..I hope you liked it..And I was not getting any reason so hope you liked it😜😜..
Hope you liked it..

Have a great day ahead!

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