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Swasan New FF : part 3

Hey guys,
Sorry for the late but what to do i have written a long chappy but it got deleted and I was disheartened…….as it took nearly 6 hrs to me too write….😢😢So I have written it once again but just one-fourth of the part……
Coming to the story….

It starts with happy faces of everyone in mm…..
Annapurna: Chalo !!Now sleep all of you.. Tomorrow we have to do many preparations as my elder dil is coming….
Here trio children (Sparsh,Samar,Samrat are comfused) as they were not understanding what was going on they went towards sanskar….and ask him..
Sparsh: Papa what’s happening here??Why everyone are this much happy…..
Sanskar: Sparsh you always miss your mother na…..Sparsh nods his head in yes….Sanskar continues….So beta now no need to miss her as she’s coming back to us….
Spasam: Really with an excited voice….
Sanskar assures them but then only reality hit sanskar….. And he thinks……whether swara will accept spasam or not…….but he brushes his thoughts as he thinks she’s that old swara only who loves everyone……so he don’t need to do any tension


Next morning
Here in mm all are being ready to take elder dil of their house and there in Bose house same discussion is going on between swasumi…..
Bose house
Sumi is tensedly walking their and here swara is confused to see her mother this much worried….
Swara: What happened Maa why are you tensed??
Sumi: Nothing shona just thinking that now what is going to happen…..I am sure that Shekhar must have told that Maheshwaris about your arrival……
Swara: Oh this!!don’t worry Maa nothing will happen…..I have a plan…..
And swara tells sumi something….First sumi denies but later agrees…..
After an hour Maheshwari reach Bose house and knock the door….
Sumi opens the door but shocked to see Maheshwari their…..
Sumi(angrily): Why the hell you all came here….

Annapurna (guilty) : Sorry sharmishta Ji whatever happened between us before 6 years but we are still repenting on that plz forgive us…….. we came here with lots of hopes of taking swara and our heirs plz forgive us……..
Sumi(mocking and angrily): Swara?? No you don’t want Swara back you want just a caretaker of kavsan children and my grandchildren emika and nothing else….
Annapurna : No it’s not like that sharmishta Ji we have understood our mistakes plz sharmishta Ji we want our daughter in law back……
Sharmishta(taunting): Daughter in law???? I think I have heared wrong…..How can an illegitimate girl can be “The great maheshwari” daughter in law???
Hearing this mm realised how much they have hurted sharmishta Swara and badmouthed them…..
As Annapurna was pleading to sharmishta……Swara came outside and all became happy to see her after such a long time…..
Sanskar: Swara…by saying her name he goes near her and hugs her bit she doesn’t hug him back which upsets him but soon he brushes it off…..
Sanskar: Swara where were you didn’t you missed me??I was just a lifeless body without you….
Hearing this Swara started laughing making Sanskar and mm confused
Swara(laughing): Really Mr Maheshwari…… As far as I remember from 4 years you were busy with your lovely wife and your kids….and when you come to know the truth of kavita then you divorced her and started searching for me as you need a caretaker for spasam and who can be best then me right as I will be in your service for 24*7 and also free of cost and in return you will act to be their lovable father…….right??

Sanskar: No swara you are taking me wrong……I admit I shouldn’t have betrayed you but I am really sorry swara……plz give me one chance I will rectify my mistakes….plzzzz….
Swara: OK I am giving you one chance…..but I have two conditions….
Sanskar: Don’t worry swara whatever you want I will do but plz come to me…..
Swara tells something….
Sanskar who was happy as he was getting a chance to rectify his mistakes became shocked……not only him whole mm were shocked to listen swara and understood due to them she changed completely…..
Sanskar with heavy heart agrees to her conditions and all were back to mm where the trio kids were waiting for them.. And with them a girl with her husband and daughter……. By seeing them everyone smile vanishes…..

Who is the girl and her family??
What is their relation with swara and Maheshwari??
What are the conditions of swara???
What plan swara told to sumi??
What is swasan’s past??
Who are the grey shaded characters??

Precap: Some flashbacks of past….revealation of the girl and her family

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