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Recap: Ragini’s conditions to Laksh



Ragini goes to her home. Shekar and Sumi aren’t talking with her. It was one week they talked with her. She looks at them sadly and goes to her room.
“Ragini…” shouts a girl and hugs her.
“Swara..” Ragini amazes.
Swa: yes baby… I’m back…
Ragini feels happy. (they both are best friends from childhood. Swara went to other city for some couching. She is back now.)

Swa: why are you looking sad?? Chalo, I will sing song..

“aaa….aaa aaa…aa..a….”
Ragini closes her ears. Something glass thing falls in hall and breaks. Swara shuts her mouth.
Swa: haha..did you see my voice power?
Rag: ya…destruction power..!
Swara beats her.
Rag says all the kidnap matter. However Swara knows about the marriage cancels.
Swa: ragini… this is not correct.
Rag: why not correct? He did mistake..he has to rectify..! we have suffered a lot because of him. I won’t leave him that easily…

Ragini looks with red eyes. Swara looks on.

Next day,

Swara and Ragini goes to market. That day is feb 14th.
Swa: wow, all market is in red color. See the pairs are so cool…
Rag: I hate these stupid loves. Because of that only my marriage was canceled three times.
Swa: come on da… you have to roam with your hus in future like this only…
Rag: hmmm…?

Then a channel anchor comes near them. She asks Ragini.
Anchor: mam. What’s your opinion on love and valentine’s day…!
Ragini(loudly): I’m against to valentine’s day..!
Everyone in market looks at her.
Ap and Laksh who were at home also watching that show.

Anchor: mam..?
Ragini: yes…! I hate lovers and love stories. Just think, they all cheat their parents and roam on roads like this? Do they have pure love in heart? Just, ‘love’ has become fashion these days.

Ap keeps looking at her amazingly. Laksh just ignores her words.

Ragini continues: for that fake love, they run away cheating parents and breaking other’s hearts. Do lovers have only feeling in this world? Others don’t have?? For their selfishness, they do anything. Even, they are ready to stop marriages and take down the reputations of families.

Laksh: she is talking bakwas…
He is about to change channel but ap stops him. “See, how nicely she is speaking…”

Ragini: that’s why I’m wearing a black dress today…!
She completes her speech. Swara looks at her mouth wide open.

Anchor: so you don’t have any lover?
Ragini: no way..! it is only lazy people work…

Laksh who was drinking juice spits suddenly.

Anchor: do you want to give msg to anyone?
Ragini: yes… hello my dear enemy, come fast soon. Other wise, nice movie will be played in mm theater.

Laksh shocks.
Ap: mm theater? I never listened to it?
Laksh: maa, I’m going bye…

Laksh soon goes near her.

Ragini: hello, I don’t remind you everyday… you have to come…
Laksh: who is she?
Swara: I’m her friend Swara….
Laksh: oh.. nice to meet you…(laksh is about to give shakehand to her. Ragini beats her hand)
Ragini: swara, he is my enemy. That means, your enemy too…
Laksh: enemy??
Swara: of course, she is right..! ragini, I will meet you again. Bye..

Swara goes away. Raglak sits near a table.

Rag: what did you do about matches?
Lak: didn’t search any yet.
Rag: hmm… you have 29 days left still.
Lak: I know, plz don’t remind me..!
Raglak are both busy in talking like that. They ignored the world around.

Ragini: look..! you have to follow the guidelines I say…
Laksh: guide lines??
Ragini: yaa.. I will tell you what kind of husband I want… see, at first he have to be from my community, religion…
Laksh keeps looking at her.

Ragini: why are you looking me? Write down what I say….
He takes a pen and book.

Ragini: should be tall..smart…clever… handsome… well settled… high class…. He must have a car and love a dog…

Ragini is moving her hands while telling like that. Laksh opens his eyes wide with her list.

Ragini: no smoker…non drinker… no girlfriends…loves me a lot… vegetarian, but eggitarian. Singer a dancer… poet and artist…

Laksh throws the pen. She looks at him.
Laksh: do you know what are you asking? Can a boy have these many qualities?

Ragini then takes her mobile and looks at it.

Laksh: what are you seeing?

Ragini: aunty has whatsapp right. So, I’m just sending a comedy video to her.

Laksh: aa…Ragini, please continue the list…

Ragini: he should have moustache and little beard, not white or not black, his nose should be sharp, his eyes should be big, his voice should be sweet…

Laksh: and his hands should be long tummy should be zero right..!

Ragini: right… you are clever…
She says and keeps laughing. Laksh looks at her and keeps looking at her. while she is laughing her eyes becoming small, her lips becoming broad, her cheeks blushing, and the way she put her long fingers on her mouth, her beautiful earrings are swinging. He was lost in her smiles.

“Hello…!!!” shouts Swara. Raglak looks at her.

Ragini: swara?? When did you come?

Swara: I came here 10 minutes ago…! You both were in your own world. I have been calling you since then…

Laksh scratches his head. His phone rings and it’s displayed as darling.

Laksh: ya… Kavya darling. Sorry, dear. I’m coming right now.
He cuts the call.

Laksh: Ragini, please leave me for today. Today is Valentine’s Day right. I have to meet Kavya.

Ragini simply nods her head.

Laksh: thank you…

He says and about to go. Just then Kavya comes and hugs him. He kisses on her cheek.

Tears roll in Ragini’s eyes.

Swara: Ragini… I can see a sort of jealousy and sadness when they are close. Did you notice it?

Ragini: what heck? No jealousy…why I will feel jealousy? But I’m just amazed, what they are going to do when they are alone.

Swara smiles: whatever, I feel, you don’t like them to go. So I will sing a song…

“nannare nannare nannare nare re……”

Ragini tries to stop her, but she keeps singing loud.

Kavya and Laksh about to sit in car. Some other car crashes their car. Kavya starts her fight.

Swara: haha… mine is such a destructive weapon.

Rag and swa laugh.

Kavya and Laksh trip plan was flopped.

Meanwhile, in Germany…
Sanskar is looking at a necklace. Sujatha comes.

Sujatha: what is that? You thought to gift it to Ragini right…

Sanskar: yes maa… but, now she was married to Laksh.

Sujatha: so, what? Now give it as her marriage gift.
Sanskar looks at her in tear eyes. She puts hand on his shoulder.

Sujatha: Sanskar..she is married now. you can’t think about her.

Sanskar: I know maa. And my best friend Laksh has married her. I didn’t even see the marriage because, I couldn’t tolerate Ragini marrying other. That’s why, I didn’t even dare to talk to Laksh till now.
(Sanskar is thinking that Raglak are married)

Sujatha: this is very bad. Laksh is your friend. It was one month you didn’t talk with him. Come on, make a phone to him now…

Sanskar takes the phone and calls to Laksh. Laksh sees the phone number. He is at home that time.
Laksh: arey sala.. duffer…idiot… rascal….
Sanskar: lucky…lucky…
Laksh: monkey…donkey..pig….
Sanskar: finished your praising?
Laksh: if you are in front of me I would have beat you to ground.
Sanskar: sorry lucky…vo…

Laksh: what sorry bey? How many times did I call you? How many messages? You didn’t reply even one…! Why??? And you escaped to Germany so suddenly..! why? I wanted to tell you many things…
(Laksh phone will be getting another call and it is Ragini. He ignores that. But, Ragini keeps calling)
Laksh continues: do you know? So many things have happened….

Sanskar: Laksh…
Laksh: ya…
Sanskar: how is Ragini?
Laksh: she is fine and torturing me very well. Hey… you didn’t even ask about me… why are you asking about her?
Sanskar smiles with his words. laksh cell keeps getting interruptions with Ragini’s calls.

Sanskar is about to ask something,
Laksh: sanky, just a sec. miss. Tornado, that Ragini only. Calling me…wait…

Sanskar smiles and cuts the call.
Sanskar: maa, Laksh and Ragini are really happy. They are enjoying their wife and husband relationship. See, if they fight that means love right…
He tells in tear eyes. Sujatha takes him near sadly.

Laksh lifts Ragini’s call.
Laksh: hey…
Ragini: mr.Laksh, I won’t remind you always. And, you shouldn’t ignore my calls. With whom you were talking?
Laksh: Ragini madam, I will do your work. But, it’s night time. Let me sleep…
Laksh is about to cut call…
Ragini: hold on…
Laksh: ya…
Ragini: good night…
Laksh smiles…but soon Ragini says, “because, from tomorrow it’s gonna be dreadful night to you”

Laksh shocks with her statement. Ragini smirks and cuts the call. Laksh beats his head with pillow.

Precap: Ragini shows her talent. Laksh shocked.

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