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Everyone rushed to the hospital. Sanskar was crying miserably everyone was trying to console him but in vain. His shirt was full of blood. After 4 hours doctor came out of the ICU and all rushed to him
Sanskar: doctor how’s my wife. She is ok na
Doctor: Mr. Sanskar she has lost a lot of blood and we need a lot of blood
Adi: doctor my and her blood group is same. I can donate the blood
Doctor: you can but we need a lot of blood. If 2 people will donate it then it will be ok..
Sanskar: what’s her blood group doctor?
Doctor: it’s O++
Sanskar: even my blood group is same I can donate the blood
Adi and sanskar donated the blood and swara was now out of danger but still unconscious. All went to home only sanskar was there!! He was sitting beside swara holding her hand. He was talking to a unconscious swara when she started taking his name
Swara: s a N s k a rr
Sanskar: swara

Swara slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was SANSKAR, HIS SANSKAR HIS LOVE HIS LIFE
Sanskar hugged her as soon as she opened her eyes!
Sanskar: you know how much sacred I was…. Swara never do that!! To save me you came in between!! If something would have happened to you I wouldn’t be able to live
Swara: and if something happens to u I won’t be able to live.. i’ll die
Just then sanskar shutted her mouth with his hand
Sanskar: never say that
They hugged again!! Sanskar kissed her forehead. Sanskar informed everyone that swara is fine now.. he then talked to the doctor about her discharge. The doctor said that she will be discharged tomorrow
Sanskar came back to swara’s ward and saw that everyone was struggling to make her eat food but she wasn’t ready to do that
Sanskar: what Is this swara have your food
Swara: SANSKAR it’s so yuk.. its tasteless..
Sanskar: swara it’s good for you and you will have to eat this!!!
Swara: no I won’t have that
Sanskar: so you won’t
Swara: no
Sanskar : ok if you will not have this I also will not have my food
Swara: what is this sanskar!!! Huhhh you know very well how to blackmail me!!!
Ragini: now stop talking and eat the food!!
They all had a family time together
The next day it was time for swara’s discharge. Sanskar Adi and ragini went to the hospital to bring her back!!!!
Swara was not able to walk and so sanskar took her in his arms and they reached home. Sanskar took swara to their room and made her lie on the bed
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: haa bolo
Swara: sanskar.. I love you???
Sanskar: I love u too jaan!! You sleep I will be back
Swara slept and sanskar went down to talk with everyone
Guys that’s it for today
I am sorry m late and even the episode is short..
Pls forgive me I am busy as guests are their at home
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