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Swasan came from office tired and saw everyone in the dinning table…….they too joined them
Dp: beta how was your day
Sanskar: awesome bade papa……..bade papa I wanted to talk to you…..
Dp: yaa say

Sanskar: bade papa I want papa to join this company as I need his help…….can I
Dp understood that he is shifting ram so that no one blames him
Dp: haa beta why not
All were shocked
After dinner @swasan room
Sanskar: swara I am so lucky I got you as my wife…….because of you no one will blame bade papa
After sanskar taught swara to make presentation
Swara: sanskar what if you ask bade papa to shift papa to this company……..no one will blame him……
Sanskar: swara you are such a genious it’s a brilliant idea……….i will ask him today itself
Swara: sanskar I just told you about this idea because as if we will tell him that we need papa’s help and will shift him neither he will be blamed nor you
All this was heard by ramta
Sujatha: whattt
Swasan became shocked
Ram: what is this sanskar
Just then ap and dp entered the room
Dp: wait ram I will tell you what is
Dp narrated the whole story
Ram: sanskar I am proud of you
Dp: thank you beta………today I am feeling ashamed that my son did this with me and you are not my real son then to you are doing this much
Sanskar: bade papa please don’t say that…..even I am your son
Dp hugged him and said: you are only my real son


Swasan and rp went to office
Swasan had to attend the meeting and swara had to give the presentation and so she was very much nervous which was noticed by sanskar
Sanskar: jaan I know you are nervous but don’t worry I am sure you will give a mind blowing presentation
Swara: sanskar but if because of me you lose the deal then what
Sanskar: swara that wont happen………I am sure!!!!
Swara: but sanskar…..
Sanskar: swara if you wont give the presentation I will not eat anything
Swara: sanskar what is this you will have to eat
Sanskar: if you want me to eat then give the presentation
Swara: ok
It was time for the meeting
Swara took blessings from rp
Sanskar: all the best princess……I am sure you will rock it
Swara: thank you

They attended the meeting and swara gave a mind blowing presentation
The owner of the Mehta company (mr. Mehta) came to swasan
Mr Mehta: mr. sanskar maheshwari I must say your wife gave a mind bllowing presentation and so I have decided to give you the contract
Sanskar: thank you so much mr. Mehta thank you
Sanskar signed the contract and the people who attended the meeting went only swasan were there in the conference hall
Sanskar hugged swara
Sanskar: see I told you na you will rock

Swara: haa…..i am very happy today……come lets give this news to papa
They both went to rp’s cabin and saw him crying
Sanskar: papa what happened to you why are you crying
Rp: nothing beta………who I was just thinking that how will I live without bhaisa
Sanskar: papa even I am sad about that…….but we have to do that
Rp: haa beta
Sanskar: papa I promise you I will do so much hard work that one day I will be ahead of adarsh bhaiya and we will take bade papa with us
Rp blessed him

Ram and dp came from dp’s room and started acting to fight
All came there hearing the voice
Ap: what happened
Dp: ask him what happened………..he is such a grest brother who wants me to separate my son from me
They both again started fighting

Dp: get out of my house with your problem
Ram: who will wish to stay with you
He asked sujuttswasan to pack their bags and they left to sanskar’s farm house
The farm house was bought by sanskar which was named on swara
It was known as SS MANSION
@ss mansion
As soon as they entered rp sat on the sofa and started crying
Swara: papa please don’t cry
Rp: beta I used so many bad words to just act to fight with bhaisa
Sanskar: papa you did all this for him only and I am sure he didn’t felt bad as he knows how much you respect him
Sanskar and swara consoled ramta and made them sleep

@swasan room

Sanskar: I swear swara I will do anything but I will make adarsh bhaiya realise his mistakes
Swara: and in this I am with you
Sanskar: swara we have to make our company so popular that one day we come ahead of adarsh bhaiya and will take bade papa maa lucky and ragini with us
Swara: haa sanskar…….


Guys again it’s a short one but actually I am being lazy today that is why next part will be long and yaa guys I am starting a new ff ‘SWASAN MY CRAZY LOVE’…………do read and tell me should I continue or not

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