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After bf all mm men went to office swaragini and all ladies were sitting and talking
Swara: oh no sanskar forgot his tiffin
Ap: no need to worry swara…….do one thing go and give him the tiffin
Swara agreed and reached his office and sanskar’s PA arvina came [hehehe guys that’s me]arvina: swara mam you here
Swara: yaa voh I had some work with sanskar
arvina: mam his cabin is on the 2nd floor you can go
Swara: thanks

She left to his cabin and knocked the door
Sanskar (without looking in a professional tone): come in
Swara came in and sanskar looked at her
Sanskar: jaan you here
Swara: yes I here…….cant I come to my hubby’s office
Sanskar: you can but what was the need to knock the door its you cabin only you don’t need any permission
Swara was numb
Sanskar: hmmm you will be punished for this
Saying this he moved forward and she moved backward and hitted the wall
Sanskar slowly pecked her forehead and then eyes and was leaning towards her lips when laksh came inside and hid his eyes by keeping his hands on his eyes
Laksh: guys first of all its office not your room to romance but still if you want to at least bolt the door
Sanskar: laksh why you always come at wrong time and disturb my romance with my wife
Laksh: bhai I think I should go n yaa take these files and sign it after reading and yaa now first lock the door and then continue

As soon as he went sanskar bolted the door and pulled swara towards him due to which she landed on his chest
They had a cute eyelock which was broken by a phone call
Sanskar : I don’t know what problem people have that they don’t let me kiss my wife
Sanskar angrily lifted the call while swara giggled
Sanskar ended the call and went to swara and held her by her waist and kissed her lips swara too responded with equal passion and soon they parted
Swara: I think now you are satisfied so lets have lunch
Sanskar: for now its ok but at night will see……now come
They both sat on the couch while swara was serving
She made him eat the food and then wiped his face with her dupatta
Sanskar: vese swara I need 12- 15 kids
Swara coughed listening that
Swara: sanskar seriously its too much 12 to 15
Sanskar: so what you want more no problem
Swara: sanskar u r soo shameless and I can imagine for 3 kids how you will make love with me so how will you do that for 12 to 15………..omg

Swara was tensed while sanskar bursted out laughing
Sanskar: jaan I am joking…..look at your face you are so tensed
Swara hit him on his chest playfully and was continuously beating him when he held her wrist and made her lie on the couch and came on top of her and kissed her
Soon they went home together and when it was time for dinner all were sitting on the table
Dp: beta swara sanskar I want to talk to you both
Sanskar: yes bade papa say na
Dp: actually sanskar I am thinking to expand our business and I want you to open a new company which will be managed by you and swara
Swara: but bade papa the household work
Ap: don’t worry beta we are here na
And finally all made her agree
Dp: sanskar I have made an office and employees are also ready so you can go there from tomorrow
Sanskar: ji bade papa

@swasan room
Swara was looking out of the window when sanskar came and hugged her from back and rested his chin on her shoulder
Sanskar: so my dear love be ready from tomorrow
Swara: vese sanskar what will I do there
Sanskar: you will help me and be my PA
Swara: seriously then except of working you will do everything
Sanskar: whatever I will do I will do with my wife
Swara: vese sanskar why bade papa told you only to handle this company and why not aadarsh bhaiya or laksh
Sanskar: I don’t know that we will think later now come lets sleep
He lifted swara in his arms kissed her forehead and made her lie on the bed and came on the other side and slept hugging her

Adarsh came in and banged the door
Adarsh: papa I want you to shift chacha also to another company with sanskar
Dp: beta why him
Adarsh: I just want you to shift him or else I will kill them
Dp: no don’t do that I will shift him soon but it will take time
Adarsh: do it as early as possible bcoz now we are shifting them from office later I will shift them from house
Dp: what are you saying and why do you want to do so
Adarsh: bcoz all the people praise sanskar and chacha not us
He said and left making dp cry all this was seen by ap
She rushed to him and dp explained him everything they both were crying badly

Next day morning
@swasan room
Sanskar woke up and saw swara sleeping in his embrace he smiled and pecked her lips
She opened her eyes and saw him she smiled
Swara: good morning
Sanskar: good morning jaan…….
Swara: chalo get ready today is first day to new company
They got ready and came down to dp’s room

@dp room
Ap and dp were talking about the yesterday incident and were crying……….swasan were standing outside and heard everything
Sanskar: bade papa
Ap and dp were shocked
Sanskar ran and hugged dp
Sanskar: bade papa don’t worry we wont tell to anyone just tell us whats the matter and why adarsh bhaiya told you to separate us
Dp told him everything
Dp: beta sanskar I am so sorry because of us you are getting separated
Sanskar: bade papa why are you saying sorry
Dp: beta don’t tell this to anyone
Swara: don’t worry bade papa we wont tell to anyone
Swasan took there blessing and got ready for office
Swara wore white t-shirt with pink jacket and sanskar wore white t-shirt with black blazer
They left for office after taking everyone’s blessings…….the company was named on swasan- ss company

@ss company office
Sanskar and swara came to sanskar’s office
Swara: so my dear hubby what will I do here
Sanskar: you are my PA and auditor of the company
Swara: and where is my cabin
Sanskar: this is your cabin
Swara: oh then where is your cabin
Sanskar: jaan we are sharing our cabin
Swara: seriously if we will do so you will start romancing instead of working
Sanskar: so what u r my wife I can do anything with you
Just then an employee came
Employee- good morning sir, good morning mam
Sanskar: morning…….so any new deal
Employee: yes sir mr Mehta and company are coming for meeting tomorrow and these are the files and we need to give presentation
Sanskar took the files and the employee left
Sanskar: so swara from now onwards you will give all the presentation and this file you have to read it and then make the presentation
Swara: but I don’t know how to do
Sanskar: wifey you have such a smart husband then why to worry come I will show you
Sanskar and swara went to the desk and sanskar sat down swara was about to sit on another chair when sanskar pulled her and she landed on his lap……..they had a cute eyelock
Sanskar: when no one is seeing us you will sit here
Swara was about to say something when sanskar shutted her mouth with his fingers and started teaching her how to make the presentation……….


So guys that’s it for today……………please do comment…………..

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