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Swasan- Love Story in Heaven (prologue)

Hey guys, ridhima here.

Love Story in Heaven

A road is shown on which a crowd is gathered in a circle. I think a accident take place lets go near and check whose accident took place.

Omg!!! The accident of our main leads take place our sanskar and swara. Acc. To me they were going to confess their feelings to eo bt now they are lying lifeless on the stretchers which are carried by few men. Oh god!! I am not able to see this my eyes started to well up. Now us this the end of their story…..???

The sky shines and some light reaches me
A voice came and said no this is jst the strt…
Me- who r u???
Voice- i am a magician who mde all this world. Ur god….
I was extremley happy on listening this as i got to know wat god wants to say. Do u guys undrstand???

On the otherside

A man ws in his car was w8ing outside a huge gate. In his car swasan were placed…..

How was this guys. This was jst the prologue.
This story will focus on swasan’s soul in heaven. They will overcome many hurdles over their.somewhat sounds like fairytale
Indeed a fairy tale of swasan…..

This is going to be a bit unrealistic story with devils, angels, god and all

So how was it guys???
Do u like it??
Wanna me to continue?? Choice is urs.

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