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Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 13}

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Recap – Shekhar swara conversation. Seara goes to meet sanskaar but he doesn’t came . Later it is revealed that sanskaar met with an accident .


♡Episode 13 ♡

After an hour …
Swara had paid the amount .
Swara and rp and sujju were unpatiently waiting out OT . Doc comes out of OT . Swara immediately goes to doctor.
Swara 《frightened》 – doc … sanskaar is all right na …
Doc – actually we need blood B positive ….. asap … or we will not be able to save him ….
Swa 《folds her hands》- plz save MY sanskaar …. plz …
Sujata and rp are shocked to see swara’s concern towards sanskaar .
Sujata 《thinks 》- why this girl is so tensed about sanskaar. … she is just an collegue of sanskaar … she works in sanskaar’s office …. then why she was so desperate to know about sanskaar’s condition ??? Why she paid the amount ????
Doc – we have to serch for this in blood bank…..
Swara nods yes . She goes and sits on a chair away from rp and sujju .
Sujata tooks out a diarybfrom bag and starts writing .

??? Inside the diary ???

《 past 》

Note : link it with lakshya’s flashback means it happened after lakshya gets to know about his parents .

One week passed …
Swasan became frnds while lakshya was always busy in making plans to destroy gadodiyas . Lakshya forgot that swara is his angel and diverted his mind towards his ” revenge ”. Finally he made a plan《《《 ….A master plan…》》》


Past only …

It was a beautiful morning . Our angel was sleeping with a 1000 $ smile on her face. But her sleep was disturbed by the horrible voice of alarm clock ringing beside her .
Swara moans and gets up and sees the time.
Swa – bcoz of this AUDI MAN and his Pa AUDI MONKEY I have to wake up early and go to office as they give me so much work 《and makes a cute pout》
Swa was about to get up from the bed when he listens ” a beep ” .
She picks her iphone7 kept on side table and slightly smiles seeing the message . It is from his AUDI MAN 《means lakshya 》.
Swa 《smiles 》- this audi man is not so bad ….. I don’t know why suddenly appears on my face when I see him or reads his msg … I know his each and every msg is about work only but don’t know why he is soooo cute …. but swara u not have to melt for any of the boy … 《got teary eyes 》u remember na u got betrayal from sahil … after that I can’t belive in love … I hate u sahil ….

Flashback 《in diary 》
About 1 year ago from the time in diary.
Sanm gadodiya mansion is shown but something is different . It is decorated like a newly married bride . Inside the mansion there is hustle and bustle of crowd . A mandap is situated between the hall . A groom was sitting between the mandap and a pandit ji was sitting on right hand side .
Pandit ji – plz bring bride …. muhrat nikla jaa raha hai ….
The father of BRIDE calls her . He goes in bride’s room .


In bride’s room …..
Bride was ready in her red lehenga . She was looking stunning with bangles in her hand and mangtika on her and ofcourse a 1000$ wali smile . She was looking herself in mirror . Her frnds is making her ready . The face of bride is revealed . She is none other than our gorgeous swara .
Shomi 《to swara 》- meri bachhi ko kisi ki nazar na lage … 《and puts a black tika behind her ears . 》
Shomi gets teary eyes but she was having an unknow fear in her . As she was a mother she wants her daughter to get a happy married life . But his heart was not ready to accept that her daughter is going leaving her today .
Swara – maa…. now no rona dhona … and plz wipe ur tears or ur makeup will wash off and u will look like a ghost …
And laughs .
Shomi smiles and hugs her daughter whole heartedly last time bcoz now she will become SWARA SAHIL SENGUPTA . Just then shekhar comes .
Shekhar -《standing on door and hides his tears which was flowing without a break. 》 Come princess …. pandit ji is calling u …
Swara smiles and goes to shekhar and hugs her dad .
Swa 《fakely smiles》- papa … don’t hide ur tears …. I know u are crying …
Shek 《breaks hug and ignores swara as he don’t want to make her sad 》- sarmishta bring ur daughter down .. I am leaving …
Shekhar leaves and sarmishta brings swara down . But suddenly ….


Precap …. 《past 》- swara – ”I hate love ” . And some funny swasan moments .

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