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Swasan FF: Would You Love Me The Same? (Chapter 9)

Swasan FF: Would You Love Me The Same?
Chapter 9 ~ The Confession

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Outside Maheshwari Mansion
Sanskaar and Laksh were busy loading all the things inside the cars. Kritika came and asked, “All set?” “Yes, you remember na what you have to do Kritika?”, asked Sanskaar. “Ofcourse jiju. You’ve given the work to Ms. Kritika Bose. How can you even think of worrying about it?”, replied Kritika. He pulled her cheeks and smiled at her. Suhasini, Annapurna, Sharmishtha, Shekhar and Durga Prasad came. Suhasini asked, “Where are Swara and Ragini?” Laksh said, “They aren’t yet ready. You all start, we’ll get along. Anyways, you all are going to be in the same car, me and Ragini in one and Sanskaar and Swara in another.” “That’s okay. We’ll start together”, said Durga Prasad. Sanskaar signalled Kritika. Kritika said, “No, we’ll leave. Driver kaka has been waiting for a long time.” “Ya actually, come on”, said Suhasini. They all leave while Ragini and Swara come down talking to each other. “Where is everyone?”, asked Ragini. “Actually you both made it up so quick that they left. Now, Ragini you sit inside. We all need to leave too”, said Laksh. “Only di, not me! How mean jiju!”, said Swara teasingly. “Ya, you’re coming with Sanskaar in the other car na”, said Laksh. “No, I’m not”, replied Swara. Sanskaar gave a ‘what the hell’ look and murmured, “Toh kya padosi ke saath jana hai?” (Then what! You want to go with the neighbour?) She was about to get inside raglak’s car when Laksh said, “Swara, please? Let me spend some quality time with my wife yaar.” Swara giggled listening to this and said, “Okay. Oh yes, tell everyone that I’m not coming.” Laksh asked, “What? Why?” He was about to tell her to come in their car when Sanskaar hit him with his elbow and whispered, “Go, do your own work. Don’t think about my wife.” Laksh giggled listening to this and went to their car. He started the car and drove off. Swara murmured, “How mean!” She went back to the door and was about to open the door when suddenly Sanskaar picked her up in his arms. “What are you doing? Leave me right now”, said Swara. Sanskaar ignored her and went to their car. The door was open. He made Swara sit inside and closed the door. “I don’t want to go with you. Open the door”, said Swara. He opened the other door and got into the car. He started driving. There was complete silence in the car.

Swara (POV)
Look at him. Kaisa pati mila hai yaar! (What type of husband I’ve got!) He’s the one at fault but, look how much attitude he’s showing. He didn’t even try to apologise to me. Let it be. This time I also won’t talk. He can go, talk to his Kavita if he wants to.
Sanskaar suddenly stopped the car in the middle of a road. “Why did you stop the car? I want to reach there quickly”, said Swara. Sanskaar ignored her and went out of the car. Swara came out of the car and followed him. He stood in the middle of the road and spread out his arms. He shouted, “Swara” “Why are you shouting? I’m here only, right next to you”, said Swara. “I LOVE YOU”, he shouted out hard leaving Swara shocked, amazed, happy, surprised and what not! He looked at her and smiled. She hugged him tightly and whispered, “I LOVE YOU TOO SANKI MAHESHWARI!” He hugged her back tightly. They stood over there for about 5 minutes until everyone started staring at them. They separated themselves and got into the car.

They reached the farmhouse at around 1 pm. Everyone had reached there and had gone inside. Swara came out of the car and was about to go in when Sanskaar held her hand and pulled her to himself.
He shifted his hands to her waist and held her tightly. Swara tried to free herself but, it was all waste. “What are you trying to do?”, asked Swara blushing. “What? You don’t know! Okay, I’ll tell you. This is called romance with wife.”, said Sanskaar. Swara started blushing more and said, “I know that. But, someone might come.” “That’s all right. It’s all allowed. After all you’re my legally wedded wife”, said Sanskaar. Swara smiled and said, “Leave me.” “Yes, ofcourse I will. Just a kiss and you’re free”, replied Sanskaar. Swara promptly replied, “NO!” “Okay, we can stay like this then. Anyways, I don’t mind”, said Sanskaar. Swara came close to him and Sanskaar closed his eyes. She kissed him on his left cheek and pushed him back. “I asked for a kiss”, said Sanskaar. “So, what do you think I just did?”, asked Swara blinking her eyes in an innocent manner and went inside. “Where will you run away? You’ve to give me a kiss”, said Sanskaar and followed her inside.

Swara and Sanskaar entered and found the hall completely empty. They wondered what happened when Kritika came and said, “Everyone is in their room. They’re freshening up. You all also go.” “But,..”, Swara was about to say when Sanskaar interrupted, “Ya, I am also very tired after driving this long. Let’s go Swara.” Swara said, “You go. I’ll come after sometime. Anyways, there’s only one washroom so, you freshen up then I’ll go.” “No, I need to talk to you. Come with me”, saying this he dragged Swara to the room. Kritika giggled looking at them.

Kritika (POV)
Thank you Thakur (God)! Thank you so much. I’m so happy that everything is sorted out between di and jiju.
Swasan room
Sanskaar and Swara entered the room. Sanskaar locked the door. “Why are you locking the door?”, asked Swara. “You won’t understand. By the way my kiss Swara!”, replied Sanskaar. Swara started blushing and said, “I gave na. What do you want again?” “You very well know what I asked for and what you gave me is not the same”, replied Sanskaar. “No, I don’t”, said Swara blushing. “Okay, why are you blushing then?”, asked Sanskaar. “Me and blushing? No, no, not at all”, replied Swara trying to control herself but she started blushing even more. “How much ever you try, you won’t be able to control so, just give me what I asked for”, said Sanskaar. Swara turned around and started taking her clothes from the suitcase. Sanskaar came and hugged her from back sending shivers down Swara’s body. “Okay fine. We’ll think about that later. Let’s freshen up”, said Sanskaar. Swara replied, “Ya, I’ll go. You wait for 15 minutes then you can go.” “Why to wait! We’ll go together”, said Sanskaar. Swara widened her eyes and said, “No, stop being shameless.” She pushed Sanskaar and quickly went to the washroom leaving Sanskaar smiling endlessly.

Everyone came to the hall after freshening up. Suhasini said, “You four reached quite early. Otherwise the way you all planned one car for each couple, I thought it would take the entire day.” Sanskaar murmured, “Lag jata toh acha hi hota. Aj hi pyaar ka izhaar kiya aur biwi ke saath waqt bitaane ki fursat tak nahi.” (I wish it did. Today itself I confessed my love and I don’t even get the chance to spend time with my wife.) Swara said, “Suhu Bua, I’ll make pasta for lunch right now. We’ll think about dinner later. We’ll order it.” “Okay beta, tell us if you need any help”, replied Annapurna.

Kitchen (after lunch)
Swara was cleaning the kitchen when Sanskaar came and hugged her from back resting his chin on her shoulder. “Hi pretty”, said Sanskaar. “Leave me Sanskaar. Someone will come”, replied Swara. “I promise I’ll leave you. Just fulfill my wish”, said Sanskaar. “Sanskaar, I told you na your wish is fulfilled now, leave me”, replied Swara. “I also told what you gave and what I asked for is different”, said Sanskaar. “Ragini di”, exclaimed Swara. Sanskaar quickly left her and moved away. He looked at the door and found no one. Swara turned around, showed her tongue to Sanskaar and walked out of the kitchen. She came back to the doorstep and said, “Better luck next time patidev! (husband!)” and went running to the hall.

Sanskaar (POV)
Kab tak bhaagogi Swara! Kiss toh main leke rahunga woh bhi aj ke aj chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye. Main bhi dekhta hoon meri Chuhiya Maheshwari kitne bahane banati hai.
(Till when will you run Swara! You’ll kiss me today whatever happens. I’ll also see how many excuses my Chuhiya Maheshwari can make.)
Hello, I’m back! Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m so sorry for not replying to your comments individually as well as for uploading this late. I’m keeping a bit busy because of exams. Hope you all would understand and cooperate.

Anyways, do drop down your views on this chapter below. I’d be eagerly waiting to read them. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome but, please no abbusive language.

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