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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 6)

Episode 6

Sanskar leaves the class in anger while swara follows him.sanskar goes to playground and sits on a bench.


Swara comes and sits beside him.

Sanskar :” it’s enough swara. They have crossed their limits this time.I don’t know Y they joined my name with her. U know swara I don’t like her . I’m just fed up with all this .”.

Swara:” it’s OK sanskar.. “.

Sanskar:” what OK swara .. U tell me swara is it my fault she asked me for her partner? Is it my fault uncle and aunt asked to drop her home. And if I helped her it’s doesn’t mean that .. I love her .. If you were at her I would do the same . I don’t know how to get rid of this nonsense ”

Swara(smiles): ” sanskar…. If u really want to stop this then I have an idea “.
Sanskar (excited+happy)☺:” really ..then please help me swara..plz..plz..plz..plz..”.

Swara:” OK … Whenever they tease u by saying that you like her .. U simply smile and tell them u don’t like her because u love her”.

Sanskar (confused):” what .. Trust me swara I don’t love her “.

Swara:” offo sanskar I trust u .. But first listen me carefully…. Whenever they tease u just say yes’to everything … Don’t lose your temper.. Take it easy soon they thereself stop their nonsense when they found that U r enjoying it.. Now u understand “.

Sanky(happy):” waooooooooooooooooooo swara u R too good ..u solved my problem “. He becomes too happy and hugs swara In excitement .. Swara wides her eyes ?and feels goose bumps on her stomach ” thank you sooo soo soo much swara “.

Swara controls her emotions (in deep voice):” sanskar….”
Sanskar realise his condition and be broke the hug :” sorry ..woh I became over excited “.

Swara(smiles):” it’s OK … I think we should leave for class “.

Sanskar:” ya..”..they leaves for their respective classes

After the school sanskar reaches his home..as soo. As sanskar reaches to home sujata shouts ..

Sujju:” sanskar … Hey Mara RAM ji .. What happened to your head?”.

Sanskar :” mom I’m fine it’s just…”.

Sujju:” Ohoooo now only this is left to see? … you started fighting. RAM ji ..RAM ji come fast!!!!”.

Sanskar: ” mom u r thinking worng ..I was going to school suddenly a something hit my head ..”.
Ram comes (anger)?:” who hit my son ”

Sanskar :” dad .. Actually uncle was pouring water to sun but by mistake the vessel fell down on my head ..then a girl came “.

Sujju:” hawwwwwwww???? girl.. Sanskar .. U r behind that girl and chasing her .. And that’s why her father hits u .. Oh RAM ji see my .. Son lost his way. Now he fall for a girl .. (Cries?) now what society will think about us .. My boy becomes awara “.

Sanskar(?):” mom …enough… “.

Sujju:” what enough now u r going against your mom for that girl .who is that girl? Tell me now I’ll not going to leave her”.

Ram(smiles☺):” cool down sujju dear?”

Sujju :” what cool down … Ram ji this is just starting.. Don’t know what will he do latter “.

Sanskar remembers swara’s words:” yes mom u r right today I fight for her . tomorrow I will marry her..and day after tomorrow u have your grandson in your hand”.

Sujju shocked :” what ????”.

Sanskar:” mom today I’ll bring her to home she wants to meet u “.

Sujju:” stop jocking sanskar “.

Sanskar:” who started? ”

Ram:” sujju he is right stop guessing.. First listen him “.

Sanskar :” mom that girl came to help me… She bandaged me . nothing more than that…”.

Sujju:” oh sorry .. Ram ji I want to something from u for my son”.

Ram:” anything for you dear”?

In swara’s home … As soon swara reaches her home she runs towards her mom and hugs her

Swara(happy):” mom today is best day of my life I’m very happy “☺?

Shona starts dancing… Shomi :” offfo what is especial today .. My shona is so happy “.

Swara :” ma I can’t tell u it’s a secret between me and kisan ji? today I’m going to Temple.. OK “.

Shomi:” OK shona go where u want .. But for now take lunch and take a nap”.

Swara:” OK ma”.

In the evening.. Swara is getting reading for temple ..then someone knock the door ..shomi opens it :” ragini beta come .(she comes inside) “.

Ragini :” aunty where is shona “.

Shomi :” she is in her room .. U r also going to Temple with her .. . “.

Ragini:” no aunty.. But why she is going to Temple .”.

Shomi :” don’t know beta but since she came from school she is very happy .. She is not telling me the reason “.
Just than swara cames ” hi ragini ”

ragini:” hey swara r u coming tonight for group study at kavya’s place .u forget tomorrow is our class test . hope aunty ji has given u permission “.

Shomi :” oh that’s why u r happy shona.. U guys go have fun .”

Ragini:” shona don’t forget to bring your uniform also as we will study late night to its better to stay there instead of coming home ”

Shomi:” ya swara I’m OK with it. Swara u can go school directly from there “.
Swara(thinks how can I stay there as tomorrow I m going to school with my sanku? ):” no no …mean I didn’t get sleep in anyone home.. So…”

Ragini finds something weird in her behavior..

Ragini :” OK shona a u are going to Temple .then let’s go together “.
They leaves for temple

In the temple… Swara prays” kissan ji .. I m soo so soooo Happy I can’t tell u ..u gave me more than I want . u know what I feel so good when he hold my hand ? when he hugged me ?. When he shared his problem with me ? .. Now slowly slowly my story is getting on track . and sorry I was angry on U. Kissan ji keep your blessings on me ?? ”
Ragini notices that swara is blushing while praying (swara is hiding something from me… I have to find it tonight?).

In the night in kavay’s home

All three of them busy on study … Swara is feeling bored.

Swara :” yarr I’m getting bored .. Let’s listen some music “.
Kavya plays some sad song ..
Swara :” change it”.

Kavya plays hip hop song …

Swara (irritates?):” what is this yarr play some romantic song .”

Kavya plays romantic song .
Swara goes towards Window and opens it .?

Kavya :” close it shona .. Otherwise all mosquitoes come in . that are ready to drink our blood “.

Swara:” chill yarr kavya . feel this cool breeze..?waoo see the weather..? Is soo beautiful.. And u stupid thinking about mosquitoes haha ? “.
Swara takes her chair near Window and sits there:” waoo it’s feel so good romantic song .. Cool breeze? and this moon??”

Ragini:” kavya I want water “. She signals kavya to come out ..

Outside the room …

Ragini :” I told u kavya ..see shona is behaving differently “.

Kavya:” ragini u r right .. I think ragini shona is in love “.
Ragini (shocked?):” what loveee…?.. To whom??”.

Kavya :” I think sahil “.

Ragini:” r u stupid shona doesn’t like her.. On that day when u take his name she became angry “.

Kavya :” offo ragini . stupid this is love na u hide your feelings.. She participated in event with sahil.. And u know what today in recess time she was in sahil class and when she returned she was blushing ”

Ragini:” oh o.O let me find it? ” she says something on kavya’s ear.then they return to room .. They notice that shona shona is still blushing by looking outside the window.

Ragini :” acha shona .. U r feeling bored so let’s plays some rapid fire questions.”

Swara (smiles)?:” okie ?.”

Ragini :” let’s starts .. Your name .”


Ragini: ” pet name.”

Swara :” shona.”

Ragini: ” favorite color .”

Swara:” blue.”

Ragini: ” favorite city .”

Swara:” Kolkata.’

Ragini:” favorite day.”

Swara :” today .”

Ragini: ” favorite person .”

Swara :” SA……..”?

Ragini?:” what. U say ?”.

Swara (tense ?):” wo it’s swara .. ”

Ragini: ” oh really I heard SA… Not SW..?”

Swara :” wo wo .. I’m getting late .bye ” .and she leaves

Kavya :” she was about to say sahil.. I told u na. She loves sahil .”

Ragini :” ya U r right dear .. Now let’s go to sleep ?”.

On the next day ??
Swara is waiting for sanskar as he told her that they will go school together.. Swara thinks ( I’m very happy and excited.. And yesterday’s night oh god I was about to say his name ..thank God . i stopped otherwise they would definitely tease me . leaves all that shona now it’s time to go with my sanku ?. But where is he it’s already 7:10 ?).swara keeps waiting for him it’s 7:15 but still he doesn’t came ….

Precap : swara is upset

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