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SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 6

Hai all this is Mariya back with a new episode. A very bigggggg thanks for all my readers.

To the story.


Swara entered her cabin. As she was on leave it took her some time to settle down herself. She was involved in her work when she get a call asking her to reach the interrogation room.

Swara’s POV

When i entered the interrogation room I found a lady sitting in front of the officers. She was crying. Arjun sir saw me entering come towards me.

POV ends

A : Swara she is Mrs. Kumar. She was on her honeymoon. They were attacked by some thieves and they killed her husband. As she is a lady we called u .

S: I understand sir .

Swara moved towards the lady, give her some water and asked her to be calm


Why am I feeling something wrong. The lady sitting in front of us just lost her husband but her face was showing something else. Of course she was crying but it doesn’t have that intensity which I see on Swara’s face yesterday.

POV ends

Swara made some adjustments on the camera fixed to record the interrogation and then come towards the lady.

S: so u r saying that u both were sitting in the beach and suddenly two thieves come and grabbed ur chain and when ur husband tried to protest they killed him. Right

Lady: yes, we were sitting in a lonely place so there was no one to help us.

S : ooh I see

What she did next literally shocked us. She just took off her chain and put it around the lady’s neck and pulled from the back. The lady was struggling for breath. I didn’t know what to do. I was brought back to my sense with the shout off Ramnath sir

R: (pulling Swara) stop it Swara what the hell are u doing.

Swara calmly went to the camera and connect it to the projector and start it from the beginning.

S: sir please compare her neck in the video and now. U will know by yourself.
(Guys if someone grabs our chain from back with an intention to steal, it will leave a red Mark on our neck for some time)

And she turned towards the lady who has now stopped crying and was sweating.Swara went towards the lady with bloodshot eyes.

S: (cold tone) explain (little louder & banging the table) now

L:I am telling the truth

S: (gives her a tight slap) if u have really loved ur husband then your expectations would not be like this. (In a painful voice) This is not the intensity of pain when u lost the person whom u love the most.

Sanskar was shocked to hear that. He felt as if someone has stabbed him from back.

Swara continued interrogation but the lady was too stubborn to admit to the crime

The FIR was registered and Ramnath intentionally paired Swara and Sanskar to investigate the case. With no other option left they both obliged.

Sorry for being late. But yesterday was my check up day. And these doctors they give me 2 injections, can u believe it. I just hate them , and these medicines yakkkk. And with the effect of these medicines I slept for a whole day soooooo chory. Bye take care

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