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SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 4

Hi I am back after a hectic schedule. Thank you all for ur great support and patience. In these days I have tried my best to reply to all ur comments. If I missed someone I’m sorry and big thanks to u too. Also a bigggggg thanks to my silent readers.

Now time for the next chapter. The chapter is of past .


It was the first day of first years. My gang, manik, vihan, Siddharth & randir, were ragging the freshers. I was sitting a little far away from them not being interested at all.

Just then I saw a girl, who was crossing my friends without giving a damn to them . Being a true friend, it hurt my ego. I just walked up to her and blocked her way. When she turned to me

don’t know from were, a cool breeze hit. Her eyes seemed so familiar. I felt like I know her from ages.

Swara’s POV

It was my first day in college. I was soo happy because I am back to India after a long 14 years. Baba & ma were not ready to send me here. But me being stubborn convinced them and di helped me a lot in this.

As I went inside the college I saw a group of seniors were ragging. They called me but I passed them as if I didn’t hear. Just then I saw a hand blocking my way. I was scared . I turned my face to see him.

Don’t know from where a cool breeze hit me. His eyes seemed so familiar . I felt like I know him from ages.

I went from there. Gone to my class. But all I could think was about his hazel eyes. When ever he was around i could feel it. When he is not found I felt so lonely.


From then I started to notice her, it’s like when ever she is around me I could feel it. If she takes a day off I felt too lonely. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

Swara’s POV

Days passed. In these days I made friends, Roshni & Sanyukta were my close friends as we share a room in the hostel. Aarushi & Nandini were staying in their own house. I also got to know that his name was Sanskar.

The day our first semester exams were over me and my friends were having a good time. Then a boy ( Sanskar’s classmate) came and proposed me. I had no interest is I just denied. He gone for there giving me an angry look. I was upset so to change my mood Aarushi brought the idea of gossipping and the topic was our college Beauty, Sasha. I was not interested in that talk but my attention was dragged when I heard her saying that Sasha and Sanskar were in a relationship. I felt hurt.


On that Valentine’s day Sasha, my classmate, proposed me. I politely declined, and she just became hysteric. We argued a lot she asked me the reason for the rejection. And to avoid her I said I love someone else. She asked who. I looked around and saw her, by then I came to know that her name was Swara. I walked up to her, held her hands and dragged her near Sasha and tell that I love Swara.

Sasha left with an angry face and cruising me or was it Swara she was cruising. Any how I escaped. But just then I realized what I did. I turned to Swara , there she was standing shocked rather numb. I felt like stabbing myself seeing her condition.

I took her away from there to our, ground made her sit on a bench offered her some water, she gulped it in a go.

Swara’s POV

Haven’t I heard it right. He loves me. No no it must be a dream. When I was busy in my own thoughts he held my hands and take me to the ground . I was on cloud nine , till when he said a sorry. I was confused.

He gently held my hands and explained himself that whatever he said was not true. He did it just to convince Sasha & that he don’t love her. My heart was broken into pieces. He kept on apologising, and I went from there silently. Before I could reach my class I heard a song. I saw Sanskar standing there holding a mic.

Wait is he trying to convince me. I agree that I was a little upset but I was not angry with him. I was impressed with his way of convincing me.


I saw here smiling as I finished singing. I was revealed. My gang began to tease me, as I was not a guy who ever give any heed to a girl. I don’t know what magic she did on me that I was distributed by her sad face.

Any how that was the start of our friendship

Sorry guys I thought to give u a Maha episode but it’s becoming impossible to type more because of this arthritis. After this marriage preparations and all I’m hell tired too. So again sorry and I promise I will give another episode tomorrow. Thank u. And also a bigggggg sorry if the chapter is boring. Bye.

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