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SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 2

I Hate u & I Hate Myself
Because I Still Love U. Episode 2

Hai all this is mariya back with a new episode. A bigggggg thanks to all my readers.

To the story

Swara was walking along the road aimlessly without bothering the way, the time, and the distance she covered. The only thing bothering her was Sanskar & ragini’s hatred for her.

Here in the wedding hall all the guests have been gone. Left was the family & some of Swara& Sanskar’s colleagues. What ever happened just now was beyond their imagination. Their two friends who loved each other more than their own self were now separated, that too just out of some misunderstanding.

Being police officers working in special Branch they acted quickly

Mr. Ramnath Malhotra: (special Branch chief. U can imagine satyajit Sharma from ek Duje ke vaste). To his assistant Arjun(Arjun Rawte from har yug mein ayega ek Arjun) : Arjun come-on quick find Swara. Don’t know where she went. Hope she is safe.

Arjun : yes sir

He was about to go when

Adhil (Adi & Sahil): Arjun we too will come

Arjun nodes

Pankuri: Adi please keep me updated

She was crying badly

Nirmala Ramnath Malhotra (wife of Ramnath, had motherly attachment for Swara) : Pankuri beta control your self. U know na Swara is very strong. She will handle herself. She will be back soon. Don’t worry.

Sharmishta also come near Pankuri and try to console her.

Sharmishta : Pankuri beta please don’t cry Adi & Sahil have gone na they will find her.

Pankuri: I am sorry to say mom but u disappointed me badly. Always u have preferred ragini over Swara but today u have crossed all the limits. Ma how can u doubt on ur own upbringing, why didn’t you support her

Shekar: (at the peak of his voice): bhas stop it Pankuri. I very well know how much Ragini loves Swara & for Sanskar, Swara was his life. Inspite of that they are opposing her. That means she’s at fault.

Pankuri: baba I’m not saying that they are lieing but I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding. U all can’t accuse her like this.

Sanskar: seriously bhabhi do u really think that being the dy. Commissioner in special Branch I won’t have gone through the case file . It was clear that Sahil’s sister was also involved in all. But at the last moment Karan took the crime on himself.And the case was closed.

Ragini: And Laksh, before slipping into coma he has been only taken Swara’s name. I agree he loved her more than I did, but at the point when he thought he was going to die, without thinking about his family & me he was taking Swara’s name. Which means he wanted to show his culprit to the world. But I wanted to confirm that before saying to any one. After what she had done with Uttara I’m sure she was the one behind Lucky’s accident.

Here Adi Sahil & Arjun found Swara sitting in a bustop. Her eyes were swallowed just tear marks or seen, seems that she had stopped crying long before .

Adi ran to her and took her in his embrace.

Adi : thank God that we found u Swara. U know how much tensed we were. Why r u sitting here. Come we will go home.

Swara: Which home bhaya. Baba have already disowned me, Ma have no faith in me. Aur mere behan how was more than a mother for me, she is accusing me of murder. Can u believe it bhai she really thinks that I can kill someone (smirks) and that too Lucky. Bhai he was more than a brother to me and u know what the best part is Di was well aware of this fact. And she always used to say that Lucky & my bonding was more than ours.

Adi Sahil and even Arjun was sad hearing her broken voice. No matter she was mature and serious when it comes the her work, but she was chirppy, bubbly & childish in nature. She was always seen with a smile.

But this Swara was different. There was no emotions on her face. Instead was some determination

Swara: Bhai u want me to come to our house na . I will, but only after proving my innocence

Adi : But Swara till then where will u stay

Sahil : me too have a house , bhai

Swara : No Sahil I can’t come there.

Sahil: but why

Swara was about to say something but was cut buy Arjun

Arjun: guys relax, Sahil & Adi she is right. At this point the most important thing she needs is a change. So for now I’m taking her to our office. I have already informed Ramnath sir. And by morning a flat will be allotted for her. Don’t worry.

Adi Sahil hugs Swara. And bids bye

That’s it. Sorry guys I can’t type more. Please read and do comment.

Precap: present continuation & some past scenes

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