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SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 1

Hai all I’m back with my 1st episode. As u all wish I will continue from the intro

The bride was numb for a second. After coming to her sense
Bride: Sanskar what are you saying. Sanskar it’s me ur Swara. How can u behave like this to me. How can u accuse me of killing someone. And about ur brother and sister I even don’t know them


Sanskar: wow Swara now u r saying that you don’t know Uttara .

Swara: Uttara ….. U mean Uttara Maheswary

Sanskar: yes the same Uttara Maheswary how was ur junior @ Bangalore medical college. Whom ur cousin Sahil was obsessed for. And to save ur brother from his so called obsession u hired local goons to kill her and they did

(Sahil was also present there as it was his cousin’s marriage)

Sahil : Stop it Sanskar. you don’t know the whole truth. Please try to understand Swara had nothing to do with this.

Sanskar: ohh is that so. Then tell me why did she called Karan the day before Uttara’s death. The very same Karan who murdered Uttara and is in jail now

Sahil: Sanskar try to understand. Karan is innocent along with me and Swara. He had a brotherly attachment to Swara, Uttara & me. And believe me Sanskar me & Uttara were in a relationship.

Sanskar anger reached its height’s hearing to Sahil. He caught hold of his collar and pushed him with all his forces. And with this sudden action Sahil falls on the floor. Swara runs to him & help him in getting up. Because only she know what was he going through. More than her he was broken.

Swara: what the hell Sanskar. How dare u.

Ragini come forward

Ragini : how can u stoop so low Swara. I’m ashamed of myself for being ur sister. Jo kuch Thumne mere sath Kiya uske bath tho thum behan Kya insan kahlene ke bhi layak nahi rehi.

Swara: Di what r u saying. What did I do

Ragini: tumhe Kya laga, ki thum Kisi ko eisehi apne car se takrake chupchap nikal jayegi, aur kisi ko patha bhi nahi chalega.
Coma mai jane se pehela vo sirf thumara name liya tha

Adi: Vo mathlab kon

Ragini: Laksh, Laksh Maheswary, my husband

Swara: whatttt…. Lucky

Sanskar: yes Lucky mera bhai. Why did you do that Swara

Swara: no sans

She was cut off by ragini

Ragini: because she had come to know about me and Laksh being in a relationship
And she didn’t want to share my love with someone else.

Swara: Di r u out of ur mind. Do you really think that I will even harm someone for this silly reason. And that too Lucky. Di you very well know he was my role model.

Shekar who was listening to all these held Swara by her wrist and turned her to face him

Shekar: do you know Uttara & Laksh

Swara: yes baba Utta

Before completing she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks. Yes shekar had slapped her.
She was about to fall when pankuri come and hold her .

Shekar: then why did u tell early that u don’t know them

Swara ( holding her cheeks) : baba I didn’t knew that Uttara& Lucky are Sanskar’s brother and sister

Shekar: stop it Swara. Aur kitana choot bologe. From Childhood only u were a pampered child. Firstly by Sanskar, when he went away, then ragini & Sahil. And when you get to know that they are in relationship u try to kill their spouse. How can you stoop so low Swara

Swara was almost a lifeless body by then. She just look at her mother for a moral support. But for her shock she found her consoling ragini.

Adi: Baba, what r u saying, how can you even think of her doing something wrong

Shekar. Stop supporting her Adi. At least not now. This time it’s not just something wrong but a crime and she has to bear the punishment

Sanskar: and her punishment is that you lost your trust and have to bear our hatred for the rest of your life

Adi, Pankuri & Sahil comes to Swara and says : we trust you Swara. And we’ll be there for you always no matter what ever the situation may be.

Shekar: Swara u have lost ur right to call me baba, and from now u have no relation with my family. I disown u Swara.

Swara was emotionless by then. She just walked out of the wedding hall

That’s it for now. From next episodes I will give POV’s also. Do comment and please let me know ur opinions. If you don’t like it feel free to tell me. U can give ur suggestions as well, bcz till now I only have rough sketch of the story in my mind. Thank you all for giving me ur precious time for reading and commenting my FF .


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