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Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 4

Hi guys here with part 4 hope you like it
Swara was sleeping in sanskaar’s lap and sanskaar was resting his head on headboard
“SANSKAAAR” swara woke up with a jerk sweating badly tears streaming down her cheeks
Sanskaar woke up listening to her scream

Sa: swara kya hua?
Swara seeing sanskaar infront her gave peace to her heart and she immediately embraced him
Sanskaar caressed her hair to make her calm and after a while she stopped sobbing he broke the hug and asked her
Sa: swara what happened why did you scream?
Sw: woh… sanskaar… woh… main…
Sa: swara tum mujhe bejhijak (freely) kuch bhi bata sakti ho
Sw: sanskaar woh woh aa gaya
Sa: kaun?
Sw: s-s-s-SAHIL!
Sanskaar was shocked and couldn’t react
Sw: woh kal raat bhi aya tha aur mere sath badtameezi kar raha tha aur abhi mere sapne mein… and she started crying
Sa: swara shhhhh main hoon na main abhi police station call karke poochhta hoon ke who bahar nikla kaise


Sanskaar talked to the police and found out that someone bailed him
He consoled swara and tried to make her eat medicine
Sa: chalo swara ab dawai le lo
Sw: ok
He broke it into half and fed her then she slept for 3 hours while sanskaar called someone
Sa: I want him behind bars no matter what he made my jaan cry he will pay for this
He looks at swara lovingly and finishes his office work at home
Swara woke up with a pale face
Sa: uthgaya mera bacha 😘
He sits on the bed and touches her forehead to see the fever but the fever did not subside
Sa: main doctor ko bulata hoon
Sw :nahi sanskaar plz mujhe bohat dar lagta hai
Sa: lekin shona main hoon na kuch nahi hoga
Sw: pakka na?
Sa: pakka.

The doctor arrives and swara starts panicking at the sight of him but sanskaar consoles her
Doc: look Mr. Maheshwari apki wife ko panic ki wajah se fever hua hai jo ab injection se theek ho jayega
Sanskaar looks at swara who is crying nodding her head in a no
Sa: swara dekho kuch nahi hoga main hoon na
He hugs her and asks her
Sa: bharosa hai mujh par?
Sw: khud se bhi zyaada
Sa: to phir bharosa rakho aur apna haath do
After much resisting she gives her hand and as doctor inserts the needle she screams in pain
Sw: aah! 😢
Sa: bas bas bas hogaya dekho tum to meri brave princess ho na?
She noddes her head
Soon the doctor leaves and sanskaar gives her a chocolate 🍫 for bravery and sh chuckles
They cuddle and sleep together 😴😴😴

Precap: swasan moments 😘😘 and sahil molests swara 😰😰😰😱😨😨😵😵

Ending here shower with comments bye 😘😘😘

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