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Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 37

Hello friends sinin here with the next episode… Guys what happened to my other readers..why the comments are less..aren’t you all liking it anymore…

Sanskar breaks the eye lock…Swara gets up and starts going out of room..suddenly sanskar stops her by holding her wrist..swara stops but stays mum…
Sanskar (cups her face) what happened to your sindur…maybe it got wiped..wait I’ll apply it again.. You love na when I do it..

Sanskar takes sindur from dressing table and goes to swara…swara holds his hand when we brings it closer to fill his forehead…
Sanskar shocks…

Sanskar : swara…
Swara speaks for the first time..usually sanskar feels happy to hear her angelic voice..but what she said…shakes him from the core..

Swara : you have lost the right…
Sanskar : swara..no..don’t do it..please forgive me..
Swara : I have forgive you sanskar…
Sanskar became damm happy..he felt he got a new birth after much suffering in the hell…
Swara : you’re free…forever..!
Sanskar : what…swara
Swara : yes…its your forgiveness and my punishment !
Sanskar : no swara don’t do it…I won’t be able to live without you and our baby..
Swara : no sanskar.. It’s not our…its my only my baby..!
Sanskar : swara..its my blood too…
Swara : from today its not your blood.. You have no right on me or my baby..you’re free sanskar.. No need to act in front of me or world..
Sanskar : no..swara I know you’re angry with me…that’s why you’re saying this..
Swara : noo..sanskar I’m angry.. But not on u..on my destiny..it was my fault to expect happiness from life..
Sanskar : swara..
Swara : go..
Sanskar : what…
Swara : I said go….
Sanskar looked at Swara… Who looked no less than a yagyasiani..those eyes..have something else instead of love..
Sanskar : swara please..

Swara holds his hand and drags him out of the room just the way he did with her after knowing about her education…

Swara closes the door on his face..and falls down crying….
Sanskar to sits bside the door while crying… He thinks how would have she felt when he did the same with her…

Swara cries loudly… Like a kid who has lost its mother..like a women who has lost her existence… She sobs holding her tummy..
Her sobbing echoes in the mansion…

Sanskar : swara..don’t cry..please forgive me..I can’t bear ur tears..

Swara sees her vermilion pot…she sees flashback of her marriage.. Her lovely moments… In the red color….
She throws it in the mirror and it breaks in pieces..the red powder which was more precious than her life is falling on everywhere.. Except her forehead…

Sanskar hears the breaking sound and panics..

Swara point of view

Why sanskar.. Why..you did this to me…what was my fault..loving you blindly..?.. Or trusting u more then anything ?..you never loved me..you just wanted this face..this body..this beauty but not this soul..yes I was an illiterate.. I never went to school..but I learnt it na..I learnt English.. So that you don’t face any embressment….I left my dream for you..but uu never said..that you don’t need all this cause the face is you can’t love me..if you have just said once..indeed how did I thought..does love need perfection…its love which makes everything perfect… But it was not love it was…your lust..this child..which I’m carrying thinking symbol of our love…is a symbol of your lust..you didn’t think of me for once…you had to stay away from your family..you lied one after another..you faked everything.. But never said the truth… Okay.. Sanskar.. Your free from now on…there is no bound to love me…no need of lie or…act..its all over from now…

Swara touches her mangalsutra and snatches it…
Sanskar feels someone is strangulating him…
Swara : I’m sorry ..but I don’t have the right to have you…what have u done sanskar…. I’ll never forgive you….

Sorry for short update…very busy in studies..hope u understand ?

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