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Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 18}


Hey guys back after a long time … so sry …… I was busy with projects n schools … ok so wishing all of u a HAPPY DIWALI IN ADVANCE ….


Link : episode-17

Recap – (past ) sanlak comes to gm . Lakshya searches for something that can be used against swara . He doesn’t found anything . In frustration , he hitted his hands on photo frame . His stands start bleeding ..


♡Episode 18 ♡

Past …. ( inside the diary )
Gadodiya mansion
Swara’s room

The photo frame fallen down on floor and he was shocked to see AN ENVELOPE behind stick on the wall . He take out that envelope open it and he found some papers . He opened the papers . It was some medical reports . He read those reports . He was shocked to know that SWARA CAN’T BE A MOTHER . but then he smiles evily .
Lakshya (smiles evily ) – wow swara cant be a mother ….. (just then swara comes and he listens – )BINGO !!!!
Swara (confused) – BINGO !!! but why sir ?????
Swalak was standing in such a way that Lakshya was facing the wall and swara was standing BEHIND him and therefore she cannot see that lakshya is having her medical reports . Hope u guys understood the scene .
Lakshya started to sweat . he immediately keeps the paper in the pocket in his pant and composes himself . He turns and now he is facing swara .
Lakshya (sweating but composes himself) – nothing !!!!!! I got a msg that we got a deal ….
Swara (not satisfied with the amswer ) – ok…. plz come fast maa is waiting for u …
Swara leaves making lak to take a breath of relief . Lakshya hangs the photo frame back on the wall and leaves from there .


In the dinning table
Sarmishta was serving dinner to sanskaar .
Sarmishta (while serving ) – beta do u want anything else ????
Sanskaar (smiles ) – no thnx auntie …..
Just then swalak comes there .
Sarmista (to lucky ) – beta … plz come and sit . …
Lak nods yes and goes and sit beside sanskaar . Just then mishti notices wound on lakshya’s hand .
Sarmishta (poiting towards the wound) – beta … this wound …
Swasanlak sees towards the wound .
Lakshya (thinks ) – I think so when I hitted my hand on the frame I got the cut .
lakshya (lies) – actually auntie when I was coming back from washroom I got hit from the door .
Mishti (panics ) – swara go and bring first aid box
Swara nods yes and bring it .
Mishti – u go and do his first – aid .
Swara – but …
Mishti (orders) – I said go ….
Swara (unwillingly ) – ok….
Swara goes and sits beside lakshya .

Now sitting order is like this .
Sanskaar —- lakshya —- swara

She opes the box and start doing his first aid . And ofcourse during doing first aid she had to again and a few ain touch lakshya’s hand . Everytime when swalak’s hand come in contact sanskaar feels that someone had stabbed him . After giving lot of pain to sanskaar’s heart swara finally done the first – aid and closed the box making sanskaar taking a breath of relief .


Present …
At hospital ..
At night …
swara closes the diary and comes out from there.

Outside the ICU
Sujata and rp was sitting sadly . Swara goes to them .
Swara (to sujata ) – auntie …. uncle … u both go back to home and rest I am here ….
Sujata (goes to swara and keeps her right hand on her head and cares her hairs ) – no beta …. u have done so much for us … now u go and rest … u have given the blood also and morever ur parents will be waiting for u …. u should return to ur home .
Swara (takes sujata ‘s one hand in hers) auntie … u should go home … I will inform ma and papa ….
After lot of pressure sujata and rp finallly decided to return home leavinh their son’s responsibility to swara .


Precap – Someone comes and takes out the mask of sanskaar . He started brating heavily . So will swara will be able to save sanskaar ????? Stay stunned for more updates .

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