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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 25

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Yipeeeeee today my 25th episode  . Thank you all for u support. Special thanks to all who supported me from day 1. Without your support this could have never been possible. Each and every comment will is like a boost or complan to a writer so thank you allllllllll for bearing me this long. This is dedicated to all my lovely readerssssssss. Love you all 


Sorry guys this a little long chappy do forgive me. I did not want to break the emotion.
Swara went away running leaving everyone shocked especially AP.
AP: (was hurt) what happened to her, why did she behave like that. Did I hurt her by any means?
Uttara: convincing tone: Ma, what r u talking, nthng like that. Actually after that incident she was little upset that’s y let’s give her some space.
AP: Buttt afternoon she was not like this suddenly how come.
Uttara: No ma, I think u did not notice, she broke my phone and the way she cried ask to sanhil.

Sanhil: Holds AP from both sides, ya ma Uttara is right, she was looking very upset that’s y we wanted to play ……..
AP: Still not convinced by their answers. Ok let me check her.
Uttara: stops her, nooomaa I will go to her, I can handle her plzzzzzz she need some time ma. We should understand her.
AP becomes upset leave to her room. Kushi follows her. Kavya and Kavitha go their room. Sahil was with sanskar.

Uttar goes near Swara .Swara’s dark lashes brimmed heavy with her tears; her hands holding tightly her shaking fists, she was in a desperate battle against the grief..
Utttara: What the hell Swara, I told you to wait till we get the proof can’t u wait.
Swara lifted her head. Her eyes were swollen and sore waiting for lot of answers. Uttara hugged Swara.

Swara: No Uttara, I believe Manav
Utttara: Shocked to the core, but how can uuuu tell me dammm it.
Swara: During RG bday function, he told the same thing tried his best to prove his part. But we did not believe his words.
Uttara: But u did not tell me abt all this.
Swara: Dadi told not to tell anyone, as it will create problem.
Uttara sat as someone pierced her chest strongly. Mom and dad did all this but Y.
Swara hugged Uttara more tightly.
Uttra: Wipes her tears, u should not cry, I will be there with you, If needed I will go against my family. Both were pouring their heart out. Sanhil were watching them. And yes of course a pair of eyes is also on constant watch.

Sahil gets call from his father. Sanskar watches Swara and takes blanket from cupboard and goes to her.
Uttara: Pleads Swara, but still I have hope Swara, my parents would have not done this plz wait till tmr, dnt tell anyone about this plzzzzzzzz.
Swara: simply nods.
Sanky covers Swara with the blanket. What is happening between you both are you hiding something?
Uttara: Noonoobhai, actually Swara was narrating her fire incident that’s all. It was so scaryyyy.
Sahil: Uttara we should leave, mom is calling us to home,its urgent.
Uttara: But Swara she was about to tell something.
Swara: Noouttara I am fine, you go but come early in the morning plzzzz. I need u. Sahiljust for a day plzzzzzzz.
Sahil: AreeSwara y plznd all, tmr she will be here only on one condition.
Swara puzzled what condition.
Sahil: Both of u giveme a smile. Swaut smiles and they leave.
Sanky sits besideswara holding by her shoulders. Swara rest her head on his shoulders. She sobbed into his chest continuously.
Sanky: Darls, I know is there something bothering you.

Swara: nods
Sanky: I know Swara, whatever happened in the morning was a shock to you, but try to come out soon.Your fear is hurting the people around you. We all are here. You are continuously crying darls, it’s not just water; its feeling in chest and a sadness in brain. Y u r nt sharing.
Swara: You will not leave me na, will you be with me till my death.
Sanky: lifts her head and cups her face, kiss her on her forehead. Promise till my lifelong.Swara hugs him tightly. Plzzzz dnt leave me I have only u now.
Sanky; did u tell anything. She nods and rest in his shoulders, after some time she falls asleep. Sanky lifts her carefully and takes her to room. Both sleep without taking dinner also.

Uttara knocks swasan room. Swasan were fast asleep. After continuous knocking for few minute, Sanky wakes up and opens the door.
Sanky: UUU this early.
Uttara: I was worried for her that’s y. I want to be with her. She slowly goes near her and wakes her. Sanky goes to other room to get ready. Sahil was already in the living room.
Uttara: Swara go and freshen up fast its time.
Swara goes and gets ready. Sanhil are waiting for bf. While Kavish and Kaviya was also there.
After 15 mns Uttara was dragging Swara, while swara was emotionless and completely broken.As much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from her throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping.
Uttara: MR DURGA PRASAD shouts his name.

All are jerked by her tone.
AP and Sanhil what is this, is this way to behave to elders.
Uttara: Holds DP collar, y did u play with her der dignity. Did u think there is no one for her? She is bl**dy orphan and can pull ur cheap tricks on her. I am there for her, I am there.
AP gives a tight slap. Sanky too slaps her. Swara was standing like a statue.
Sanky: Whats wrong with u dnt u dare talk to papa in that tone.
Uttara: Seriously bhai, look shows everyone a video. It was the same person whom RG and DP arranged to save Swara’s dignity.
The video of the person admitting that Swara’s video was not made by him during the wedding. He was the loyal employee of RG so he cannot deny when he asked him to accept for the mistake he never committed. He also admits that he is currently working in DP’s company.

AP and DP looking helplessly since they can’t tell the truth, they did everything was to save Swara.
Sanky: Papa youuuuuu
Sahil holds Swara.

Swara goes near to AP and DP. Y did u do this to me. You could have killed me for this that would have been a better option and I would have been the happiest person to die from ur hand. DP slaps Swara due to which she falls. Sahil runs to her and lifts her.
Sahil: Dnt u dare Mr. Maheswari. Such a cheap act, I am ashamed that my father also involved in this.

Swara: Goes near DP plzzzz tell for once that all this is not true. DP puts his head down. Yes we arranged that person , butttt
Swara plzzz stop plzz bursts her anger, y did u do this. Do you think I am toy that u bought. If u give key I will act accordingly. Yes I am fool to believe you, I thought ur love, affection, care were true, but no everything was fake. Claps her hand kudooos uncle ooo sorry Mr Maheswari you won, you won you acted so naturally, see not even ur son can doubt you. Did u ever think about my emotion, my feeling I would have done anything for you at least once you should have told me.The last painful emotion slammed against her before she lost the feeling of feeling.


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